based on their morals.
Geoff Sheasby
Geoff Sheasby
Aug 19, 2013

Man in the subway
do you have a purpose
is it to make music
or to make others sing
the song of the subway as
the trains screech by

ignores you completely
throwing money proportionally
into your jar based
on their income and
more importantly
based on their morals.

ian s
ian s
Feb 25

the higher you go the better the view
the lower you go well that's between the devil and you

Sari Sups
Sari Sups
Nov 6, 2013

I look into the mirror to find
I should be seeing my pale skin
and brown eyes,
but I find betrayal,

I see sin.
I see sin.

Jan 24, 2012

Since when was it OK to take the power of judgement
away from God and place it into the hands of mortal man?

I'm aware of life's issues - at least I seem to think so.
I'm aware you can't ever seem to erase
deadly mistakes.
Even so there's always room for more.

In all, without morals, the concept of happiness would be indi
Oct 19, 2011

In all, without morals, the concept of happiness would be indifference of stale misery.  Spinning all in the concept of life in circle, for morals go in a straight line and never need to recount the same point of what you already know of happiness. For you have all the time in search for more.

Paula Swanson
Paula Swanson
Jun 14, 2010

Lying, cheating, thievery
Were his devils trident
Piercing through an Angel's wings
Leaving her spirit spent

"I know that she could not leave me"
Blinded by self content
Refused to see his hands in things
Never would he repent

Yet Angels heal and then see
Past pretty ornaments
To a future that would always sting
At the point of his trident

Now alone, trident and he
Without love heaven sent
Bemoaning how fate pulled the strings
Blinded by his own contempt

This is a re-post.
Pradip Chattopadhyay
Pradip Chattopadhyay
Nov 23, 2013      Nov 24, 2013

Why I walk the street in a cobbler’s shoe?
What’s new, you may ask, that we all do!
But nay, this one, I had to borrow from him
Still one furlong my shoes ran out of steam!

The cobbler was visibly aghast
Doubtful looks on me he cast
Then he said in a garbled groan
I sell shoes not give on loan!

I cursed myself and the shoes I wore
Brought months back from a big shoe store
Price was high for the branded trust
A mere few months and the pair went bust!

So here I’m at the cobbler’s door
Walk I must a furlong more
Begging for an old worn shoe
My humble feet with that can do!

The guy though felt ill at ease
Seeing the misery bowed to my wish
Brought out for me a dirt stained one
Going barefoot could not be fun!

I tell you friends a story that’s true
The cobbler loaned me a pair of shoe
I could only give him good wish
Before I hurried on my way to office!

If you ever beg love of her
This small story you must remember
She hasn’t a way but make you her own
Can either sale love or give it on loan!

Rena  Julleitta
Rena Julleitta
Oct 15, 2012

The scent of salmon is on my lips,

I'm as guilty as the hipsters behind me.
As lost as the Ghetto boys dancing on the metro.

Mar 22

If bright beauty reigns  .  .  .
Why is this world made ugly
  .  .  .  With homeless encamped?

the subject. But doses of religion and morals of society prohibit us from doing that.
Rune amergin
Jun 6, 2010

what the hell is love anyway? why is there this supposed special connection to someone. And why do we fret so much when it goes away? what makes it different than a friendship? is it the extra doses of horomones you get from kissing? (wich, lets face it, is oly a trigger to the brain to think of sexual contact) why must humans search and find this ONE person the propose impossible promises to? Most animals just let their sexual need envelope them when they choose and dont think too much on the subject. But doses of religion and morals of society prohibit us from doing that. Are those morals the things telling us to seek out this unreasonable aspect of love? are those morals the secret to these pain-inflicting circumstances? becasue, all feelings are are certain levels and mixtures of horomones in the brain, so love is nothing more than a science. The thing that seperates the link between enjoing someone as a friend and as a suitor is sex. and the eason people get heartbroken and cry over losers who hurt them are merely the fault of morals

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