joe perez
joe perez
Nov 14, 2014

Within creased paper lie binded souls
Firmly held within my clutch ,
Ideology hemorrhaging as non-opposables only bend so much.
Thirsty i reached for a swig of your cup 
Open palmed 
This vessel mishandled 
the contents soaked through bedrock
Its remains a drink for the decrepit.

Morality's a painting residing inside a social or religious frame.


It is not enough that we live as brothers and sisters.
Personally, I don't like my siblings.

Racheal McKnight
Racheal McKnight
Aug 30, 2015

You can't just write a poem,
With no meaning behind its lines.
It can be about your happiness,
Or what goes on during your troubled times.

I personally can't write about a tree,
Without there being a story.
Such as me climbing up one,
Or an animal that lives in the tree.

A poem is nothing without morales,
And that is how it is.
There always must be meaning,
And I don't mean this as a dis.

You and your morals
Natalie Neo
Natalie Neo
Oct 14, 2014

You and your morals
get to me.

I thought maybe you would be softened
by my secretly seductive scent,
the way I work my curves,
how I voice your name.

I was wishing
your will might switch off that little song
which is telling you this is all wrong.

I hope that you fall back on me.
Just let yourself go,
Immerse in my sweet nothings,
as our noses rubbed gently.

Let me do everything to you
and leave regrets to tomorrow
leave guilt to old age.

But no.
you're Moral.

And that's what I love about you.

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Let me explain how real morals are made
Jan 8, 2015

The rush of blood the face we placed
On every corner on every space
We raced to come to terms with life
With morality a facade for strife
Pointing to the pain as a promise for more
Pointing to old books that might restore
Dignity and respect for the living
While other possibilities are destroyed
And the destroyers are forgiven
Sweaty palms stomach ulcerated
And for the sake of the soon to be liberated
Let me explain how real morals are made
Not through musty scriptures
Not through verses that are immature
But through learning and coming to terms with
How everyone feels and experiences life different

Alexandra Emmalie
Alexandra Emmalie
Oct 27, 2014

Every stranger on the street
has sunk deep into the night at least once,
or twice
, and I'd wager
that at times their thoughts have unfurled
into black dishrags soaking up
the insignificant amounts
of vivacity-
pouring pride into the sewer,
praying desperately to recover.

Eventually, time pries a crack
into the soul, and peels back
the skin of morality until the lines
no longer meet and the mind
reels- searching for the baseline
of sanity- save me, someone
save me

Watching politics, don't forget that while everyone may not experience the fine-focus lens of media, we are equally deceiving.

Utilitarianism determines morality on the basis of the greatest good for the greatest number. The Catch-22 is we must at times offend the greatest number of people for progressive ideas to emerge that will eventually serve our greatest good.
Utopias fail not because of their flawed philosophy but because of our childish impatience and refusal to be offended in the name of progress.
Despite our refusal, progress can explain why 70% of all Americans today are obese.
So, as I see it, if you're going to wind up fat anyway, you might as well live in an Utopia that distributes free snacks.

O Lord, how I appreciate having my character,
free from the carnal lust of mammon; for I,
don’t have to be concerned with avarice, greed
or the presence of possessions… that I can eye!

I’m truly thankful for my current circumstance,
knowing that You have promised to never fail me;
therefore, I’ll trust Your continued support-
since I’ve been grafted into… The Living Tree!

Having been comforted and encouraged, with boldness
and confidence, I claim: Christ is my Benefactor!
My spirit won’t be gripped by any dread or fears;
I’m ignoring the silly nonsense of all detractors.

Forged within Life’s, daily crucible of Faith,
inner steel and moral disposition were developed.
From Salvation through Christ, my soul was saved,
and my life by His Grace has been… fully enveloped.
Author Notes

Inspired by:
Heb 3:5-6; Rev 2:7

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.

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