joe perez
joe perez
Nov 14, 2014

Within creased paper lie binded souls
Firmly held within my clutch ,
Ideology hemorrhaging as non-opposables only bend so much.
Thirsty i reached for a swig of your cup 
Open palmed 
This vessel mishandled 
the contents soaked through bedrock
Its remains a drink for the decrepit.

ian s
ian s
Feb 25, 2014

the higher you go the better the view
the lower you go well that's between the devil and you

Sari Sups
Sari Sups
Nov 6, 2013

I look into the mirror to find
I should be seeing my pale skin
and brown eyes,
but I find betrayal,

I see sin.
I see sin.

based on their morals.
Geoff Sheasby
Geoff Sheasby
Aug 19, 2013

Man in the subway
do you have a purpose
is it to make music
or to make others sing
the song of the subway as
the trains screech by

ignores you completely
throwing money proportionally
into your jar based
on their income and
more importantly
based on their morals.

Aug 16, 2014

Caught in-between
Lines blurring to grey
What's right and what's wrong
Is there another way

'Don't think, just do'
I heard you say
The day before what was left
Fall away

Paula Sullaj
Paula Sullaj
Aug 23, 2014

It is simple as this:
I act, you react.
You impose your ideas,
I become empathetic,
You feel triumphant,
I apologize to make you feel better,
You feel better,
I did what I "was asked" to do.

And considering the logic of how things work
I may be a sociopath or crazy
For I don't feel words anymore
I spill them out to please others
When in me resides an empty peace.
What  are the morals  of today?
Jul 3, 2014

What  are the morals  of today?

This morning I woke, and my mum told me that in my sleep I asked, "what are the morals of today"
I wonder what  I meant by that.
In your morals, but you
Delaney Sanders

My love is not controversial.
You are not permitted to
Define it, or make light of it.
It is not my choice to love.
I didn’t pick and choose.

You call yourself so righteous
In your morals, but you
Judge us
Which your dear
Religion told you so often
Not to. don’t call my love fake,
Do not make slander.

Don’t pretend that you’re better than us
Do not protest at our events,
It will only make you seem more
Ignorant to the truth.

Your closed-minded morals disgust me.
Just think how many connections,
Friends and acquaintances you could have.
I’m sorry you judge us so easily,
But I can’t care about it
Any longer.

#gay   #lgbt   #lesbian  
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