I know that insecurity isn't pretty,
heather leather
heather leather
Jul 12, 2014      Jul 13, 2014

I know that insecurity isn't pretty,
which is how I also know that I'm not beautiful

I don't even know. I saw a poem on how a lot of girls fake insecurity to ask for attention and I agree that it's wrong; but then I thought what about the girls who are actually insecure? So...yeah. Am I explaining myself right? No? Oh well, I almost never do.
Heather Valvano
Heather Valvano
Aug 2, 2014

I don't let flowers bloom because I'm scared of weeds.

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Insecurity isn't an attention seeking excuse.
Abi Moss
Aug 2, 2014      Aug 4, 2014

Insecurity isn't an attention seeking excuse.
Its something we do without noticing and other people get concerned..
I don't understand.

Everyone takes insecurity the wrong way. And it bugs me.
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Apr 27      Apr 28

You used to course
through my veins before I knew it.
Seeping into every part of me.
I knew only to succumb....
Like a drug taking over against all will.

Now you have found a way to become
an entity that sits before me.
Staring me down in hopes of success.
Oh what a joy to be able to
stare back and simply walk away.

Aug 16

And in everything that they do

      In the mirror
      And in everything that I do

Because i do everything wrong and my entire existence is a mess that needs to disappear
Gabriel J Arsante
Gabriel J Arsante
May 11, 2014      May 12, 2014

All of you were my whole existence
My life line – my sanity
You didn't know my inner world
I may have spoken of dancing
Wanting to stand on mountain tops
You put me high on a golden pedestal
“You can do anything!” you said with admiration
I wasn't the one you believed me to be
I wasn't your savior or your superhero
Inside my fears were magnifying
Like a bubble that would burst
A ticking time bomb
Nothing to hold on to
Rolling down hill
Faster and faster
Scratches, cuts and bruises
Black and blue
Broken bones
Inside and out
I was never coming back
but I am still here
...terrified you won’t like me anymore...

Ok, so all of my (bad) poetry is based on my life... feelings I've had or have... this is just one of them
Jackeline Chacon
Jackeline Chacon
Aug 10, 2014

You say you love me

But I know you like her

And you still wonder why

I live so deeply insecure

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