You are a thought terrorist.
Alissa Rogers
Alissa Rogers
Mar 21, 2012

You are a thought terrorist.
I can't go on a walk
or lay in my own bed
or have a conversation
without you there. You have
hijacked my eyelids and
you linger in my mind
-its maddening! Maybe
with these words
I can cut you from my head
and trap you in paper.
You can not become
my background music or
the rhythm of my soul
-its MINE! Yet still, I think of you.
Why do I do this to myself?
If you are the terrorist I hope
I am not the plane going down.

A one-ended stick waving a two-sided sword at a falafel.

Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food, commonly served in a pita to the Hamas with a side of hummus.

"If you want to glimpse how dark I really am,
Place me beside the brilliant words of our Holy Qur'an."

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made sure no terrorist came along to attack him
Ghizlane Z

he woke up at the rise of the sun

heard calls a KKK member feared to be apart of

he inspected his surroundings

made sure no terrorist came along to attack him

performed his morning ablution

simple movements allowing the water to purify his truth

looked up to the sky and heard boom, BOOM

Laila where's Laila , he ran back home searching for the innocent life he opens to

smokey roads smelling like phosphorous and American hate

he speculates

says his prayer searches through blood baths

never looking back

the man who throw they attack throws his daughter in his face

says is this the terrorist you've been raising to be everyday


eyes filled with fire hating devil connecting lies


that's what they called him

after loosing the only  love he had

his hate became symbolic


they lied to him and deceived him

made him believe this was all for his freedom

they treated him like an agent

although he deserved to be a victim


he was just a man who believed in nothing but his faith

he had a family he was once ok

now he walks down the streets where once his family played

and celebrated religious holidays

he searches for what he believes is his enemy

grabs the hand of his worst friend and says

please lets stop the violence

lets pretend as if this wasn't a plan to serve the elite class

please i am only a man i am in grieve

please lets love each other lets not bleed

smacked in the face

exaggerated hate

die you terrorist there's no peace between you and me


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They plant their bombs,

On paths that lead the way,

destroying anything or anyone,

who stops them ruling the day.

Telling the young they will be heroes,

If they throw their lives away,

Yet they hide behind closed doors,

Never participating in what they say.

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fuck you, terrorist
wolf spirit poetry
wolf spirit poetry
Dec 18, 2014

fuck you, terrorist
you are evil
you are hell spawn and you are a filthy coward
if you catch me you can behead me
but if i catch you first
i am going to tie you to a split rail fence and let the
feral hogs eat your testicles
while you scream in pain and beg for mercy
but no one will hear you
not even your allah
because the words of murderers fall on deaf ears
and garner no sympathy
no, you insignificant little punk
i do not fear you
it is you who should fear me
because i have no mercy for child murderers
and minions of evil
and i will laugh as you beg for your worthless life
as i prolong your torture for weeks.....
by keeping you alive
just to inflict further pain...
how ya like me now,

Ian Beckett
Ian Beckett
Oct 27, 2014

It's a wonder to me why
Those most passionate
About good and evil
Have no compunction
About the murder of
Innocents in the pursuit
Of their goals.


Become more evil
Than the evil
They aim to fight.

Roses are red
Violets are purple
I want to stab you
Until you all dead

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