You are a thought terrorist.
Alissa Rogers
Alissa Rogers
Mar 21, 2012

You are a thought terrorist.
I can't go on a walk
or lay in my own bed
or have a conversation
without you there. You have
hijacked my eyelids and
you linger in my mind
-its maddening! Maybe
with these words
I can cut you from my head
and trap you in paper.
You can not become
my background music or
the rhythm of my soul
-its MINE! Yet still, I think of you.
Why do I do this to myself?
If you are the terrorist I hope
I am not the plane going down.

MUSLIM TERRORIST by kemurl fofanah Rookie - 255 Points

MUSLIM TERRORIST by kemurl fofanah Rookie - 255 Points
Dear my beloved brother
I just want to let you that i've become a terrorists

MUSLIM TERRORIST by kemurl fofanah Rookie - 255 Points
Dear my beloved brother
I just want to let you that i've become a terrorists
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It's a wonder to me why
Those most passionate
About good and evil
Have no compunction
About the murder of
Innocents in the pursuit
Of their goals.


Become more evil
Than the evil
They aim to fight.

fuck you, terrorist
wolf spirit aka quinfinn

fuck you, terrorist
you are evil
you are hell spawn and you are a filthy coward
if you catch me you can behead me
but if i catch you first
i am going to tie you to a split rail fence and let the
feral hogs eat your testicles
while you scream in pain and beg for mercy
but no one will hear you
not even your allah
because the words of murderers fall on deaf ears
and garner no sympathy
no, you insignificant little punk
i do not fear you
it is you who should fear me
because i have no mercy for child murderers
and minions of evil
and i will laugh as you beg for your worthless life
as i prolong your torture for weeks.....
by keeping you alive
just to inflict further pain...
how ya like me now,

I'm poetic terrorist, I speak rhymes of madness in dark tone

I'm poetic terrorist, I speak rhymes of madness in dark tone.
I'm commit poetic terrorism on the world with my poems.
The world going to burn with me on the top, Watching from my throne in Rome.
Madness is the tool and anarchy the agenda.
Let end world with a poetic verse.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross

Roses are red
Violets are purple
I want to stab you
Until you all dead

TV Terrorist.
Ottis Blades
Ottis Blades
May 1, 2013      May 2, 2013

-The best way to fight the fear of terrorism
is by turning off your TV screens.-

TV Terrorist.

Ladies hide your burkas!
the 1st amendment ain’t gonna protect ya
because for as little as an ignorant comment...

-YOU can be a TV Terrorist too!

Racist slurs, misinformation and greed
are 1/2 the price of what they used to be
ACT NOW so they can see!

-YOU can be a TV Terrorist too!

Don’t let the sirens of the fashion police disturb ya
we’ll wiretap your mosque from the city to suburbia
just grow that beard Osama style!

-And YOU can be a TV Terrorist too!

After your Morning Joe just head over to CNN
they’re about to have some Baklawa at Fox & Friends
let’s keep feeding more hate speech to the talking heads.

-So YOU can be a TV Terrorist too!

Replace your Quran with the National Enquirer
so you can be as American as they are
Muhammed is not a match for Uncle Sam.

-Just wear that robe the way Jesus did
and YOU can be TV Terrorist too!

You see, turban rhymes with Taliban
therefore you’re all the same so pump our gas
brown skin clashes with the red, white & blue of our flag.

-Just make sure to look angry!
And YOU can be a TV Terrorist too!

Sensationalism in the media is worth more than your beliefs
your good morals and spirituality is not for us to say
as long as that red dot across your forehead turns into an infrared.

-Look up Hassan! And YOU can be a TV Terrorist too!

From the cities of Iraq to the caves Afghanistan
ride your camel and dignity right through an EZ Pass
watch the drones drop and the ratings soar!

-And YOU can be a TV Terrorist too!

Simon Clark
Simon Clark
Aug 28, 2012

The threatening shadow looms over us all,
As the bombs tumble down and the buildings fall,
A silence appears from the heart of a scream,
Where all we see are the tatters of a dream,
The sunshine is blocked by the raising flags,
And our friends are carried in blue body bags,
The birdsong has stopped having died its death,
The world has uttered the words “Macbeth!”

written in 2009
The Terrorist
Joseph Childress
Joseph Childress
Oct 4, 2011

The Terrorist

Do you know
What terror is?
Terror rising
Like the threat level
News televising
Different views
Christian or Hindu
Muslim or Jew
How many Satanist
Crashed planes in
Places containing
Murders of a martyr
Muttering under his breath
Not before a jump
From a building
But before
Walking through its doors
Trench coat
Drenched in sweat
No words spoken
But the name
Of a God
à la God
A last breath
And a final moment
Gives a button
A fast press
Cold as the
Look he gave
Before he left
On his quest
Like a crusader
Crusading a nonbeliever
Then crucify
If you try
To stay true to self
Well, take me
As I am
And know
I never claim to know
I worship nothing
That creates war,
Whether real
Or not.

--Love terrorist
alexandra parish
Dec 5, 2011

It ended
He is gone
My heart was broken
And now I sit, band-aid encrusted heart
Tender, aching, lonely heart
But no tear will flow from my eyes
Not anymore.

Because he is gone.
He was not worthy of my full heart
Of my fierce love
If only my—stupid—heart
Had known that

Had know that he’d leave me
Known that he could not—would not—protect my
Heart I had so readily given
He left with it
And now—now I must piece together the
Smoking remnants of my bloody blasted heart
And I do this with my head held high
Because no tear will flow from my eyes
Not anymore.

I still look at our pictures
I still recall your laugh
I still ponder the how and why
Of our relationship
How—could I have loved you, who were so wrong for me?
Why—did I trust you not to break me like so many others before?
We had fun, we loved (or so I thought), but
Deep down, we both knew this couldn’t work.
You are not a man---not a man who can love and be loved.
You are a selfish boy who uses love as
Your Weapon of mass destruction
--Love terrorist—
And many will laugh at me, and shake their heads, smirking at my words on this page
Because I believed in you.
Believed I could be the one to make you the man I saw that you could one day be
But you weren’t meant to be with me
Nor I you.
You made me realize the bitterness of love but also the
Beautiful chemistry of BEING in love.
That is why I still look at our pictures
Why I can recall your laugh. Because you
Taught me what love is not

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