Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
Jul 1, 2015

I'm looking for terrorists
In jeans, clean-shaven,
But with a bulging mid-riff.
Will he have a back-pack,
Carry a brown paper lunch
With a portmanteau.
I just gave the valet my keys,
And I didn't check his shoes
And certainly not his under-armour.
I live ten thousand miles away,
Just down the street;
So why hurt me.
We cheer for the Bo-Sox
Side by side,
He's familiar to my eyes.
I believe he was changing my oil
When I saw the sideways glance,
But I can't be sure,
When I don't know
What to look for.

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You are a thought terrorist.
Alissa Rogers
Alissa Rogers
Mar 21, 2012

You are a thought terrorist.
I can't go on a walk
or lay in my own bed
or have a conversation
without you there. You have
hijacked my eyelids and
you linger in my mind
-its maddening! Maybe
with these words
I can cut you from my head
and trap you in paper.
You can not become
my background music or
the rhythm of my soul
-its MINE! Yet still, I think of you.
Why do I do this to myself?
If you are the terrorist I hope
I am not the plane going down.

anxiety is a terrorist
Aug 30, 2016

anxiety is a terrorist
who holds me at gun point
and hijacks the plane that
i should be flying.
i don't know where we're headed
or what i'm going to do.

i am not safe on my own.

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it takes networks of terrorists
to point out the networks of terrorists.

Thank God our terrorists
wear suits and weaponize propaganda
using cameras, microphones, and satellites.

we might look just as bad
as we make others out to be.

Oh, wait...

Gavin Barnard
Gavin Barnard
Sep 13, 2016

I find that the biggest hypocrites
Are people with the might is right
Philosophy towards animals,
Calling animal’s liberators terrorists.

We all know
Who the real terrorists are.

I'll fight my own war on terrorism, thank you very much Marine Corps. But only just the small things for now.
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