Lee Shetzline
Lee Shetzline
Jan 10, 2013

Sailors to
Stalked full of
Second only to
Sex itself;
Sad for
Syphilis will

Aug 5, 2014

In between
Compared to

think I'm seasick
Greg Berlin
Greg Berlin
Jan 22, 2013

what was it like
becoming infinite
on that couch
at her parents house
what was her name

lost at sea
look out
behind the aft
is that sixteen?
almost off the horizon now
but this ship don't turn around
no no no
here comes twenty
on track to forever
rough waves and storm
can't remember the calm
no sign of shore

here comes twenty
think I'm seasick
throw me overboard
seasick and sorry
wish it would
slow the fuck down
just for a second
look at sixteen
what was it like

ift move and I am spinning, sputtering, seasick from your lack of loving.
Jan 11, 2013

My heart and my every breath are entwined in your motions.
One swift move and I am spinning, sputtering, seasick from your lack of loving.
You flicked me like a smoldering cigarette butt, now I'm drowning in my vomit.

Plunging me into seasick momentum.
Lynn Greyling
Lynn Greyling
Dec 12, 2014      Dec 13, 2014

Breakers in a misty grey sea-storm,
Spray-foam rising and tossing,
Plunging me into seasick momentum.

I thrust out white stretched palms
And throw back my head,
The salt air stings my throat.

It burns within my chest
While hanging feetless
In the storm driven billows.

I fix my eyes on the
pearly black cloudless night
and beg the stars to anchor me.

I'm seasick for warm sunshine
Nov 10, 2012      Nov 11, 2012

I'm homesick for warm sunshine
here come the spins
and the feeling of a face going pale
tired of staying in

I'm seasick for warm sunshine
don't rock the boat
there is a chance that I'll go overboard
cold without a coat

I'm homesick for warm sunshine
Seen the sea,
swore the snow to flee
and saw what it has done to me

I’m sure they’re getting seasick
Styles Blackwell
Styles Blackwell
Dec 6, 2014

The times here, mind clear
removed fear, mind fully-aware
they can’t calculate my circumference
they try-angle-hate to encompass
i’m too persistent
consistently consistent
my philosophy brilliant
they’re mindfully malignant
plots thicken and spots pigment
perfect gentlemen, acting indecent
handed them knowledge, didn't keep it
then peep game, telling secrets
I’m sure they’re getting seasick
its been written, still going off the top
the deep-end, the stuck on the plot

#rap   #verses   #flow  
But maybe I can survive without getting seasick,
April Yvonne Larson
April Yvonne Larson
Jul 14, 2013      Jul 16, 2013

I find peace in storms,
The waves tell me otherwise,
Violent coils grazing me with the
last bit of sanity that's left,
But maybe I can survive without getting seasick,
While the sun comes out,
A clamorous sound wakes me from the dream,
Of hitting my place,
You can't touch me here,
You can't phase me here,
So I am not afraid of storms,
For, I am learning to sail my ship.


and it makes me seasick.
Olivia Thatcher
Olivia Thatcher
Apr 22, 2014

You stood awkwardly in my doorway to say Hello,
hiding in shadows
and my mouth formed shapes made from the stunted conversation
of strangers,
while my fingers fumbled with the light switch.

I've loved you since we were children
and now a rift the size of oceans separates us,
filled with small talk and broken ships,
and it makes me seasick.

Chimera melons
Mar 25, 2010

Huddled flocks pecking around
seasick seasick seasick
Stor-it-all ransacked for tax reforms
jupiter pinetrees form less pyramids a month plus shipping
Monoatomic white gold texas teatree oil of bullfight storefronts
coronas eject breast milk of magnessium sulphate under the table
dealers lower deck slips tips into his cup o soup for 99 cents
landsick landsick rot cod rot cod
dot dash doctor ankh eyes windup toys half price
sentences complete fusion conagra foods lose stock market value
Judgement night of the living end time shared ethical treatments
and other plastic surgeries
hydra lost all the fifties movie stars heads and robots grew back so quickly to take their places everyone pay it forward
ships mast ripping into the ocean spray on tans
compass spun bankrupt Say Jack E onasis
chaste chasis mer ka bah light bringer fire eater
danse macabre four pillars swatch at Sacs on fifth avenue
avec mon couer le chat screams cheshire teeth porcupine all over my new
dress shirt,  that stain is not going to come out
and playground beef factory farmed like high school mindgames
seasick seasick see it see
i see

She really was real in reality where I was too real in your past

It past us by with no pillowfights , mutual loss of trustfunds
we never had
, purposefully failed attempts to make little beastly humans grow in her stomach and burst out like aliens happen in her car on long trips.

lost art of making art artfully with out chiclet teeth blank eyes and jumping breaking stuffand hitchhiker guy twisting wills
by throwing green boxes into the dark on bike trails

or inviting things to watch booze fountains ,
endlessly cutting out pictures
, orange ice cream menthol cigarettes and choco pyramids ,
fake friends find you when you run away from yourself
so don't play hide and go seek or you might be gone forever until the devil finds you and takes you to jailbird

jacobs ladder rung 9  times and I answered my phone
"Hello ?"  
It was the silence of God on the line.
The cosmic vibration of pure being.
I didn't listen for long enough and ran out of minutes.

All right copyrighted in glorious technicolor
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