I hate when I’m trying to be handsome,
Jul 7, 2014

I hate when I’m trying to be handsome,
and a more handsome man stands next to me and handsomes harder than I can.

''Surely you can handsome somewhere else,'' I say in a handsome passion, to the man dressed in ridiculously good fashion.

But he just stands there, handsoming harder than I could dare.
Even if I were wearing some Prada underwear.

So I turn up my nose and ''hmmph'' out aloud,
then handsome off to a less handsomeable crowd.

''Oh, what a success I've found,'' I say in a handsome murmer,
before handsoming away to be handsome further.

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Death looks very handsome today
Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell
Jan 25, 2016

Death looks very handsome today
Wonder if he'll dance my way
Hold me in his arms as we sway
To the rhythm of the dance
Maybe just by chance
At me today he'll take a glance
It would be a fine romance

Maybe today he'll give me a date
Save me from this wretched state
I patiently wait at his gate
I'm hoping he will take my hand
Lead me into his land
Where he stops times sand

Never to be sold
Never to grow old
Never to be cold

Death is looking very handsome today
I hope this is the day he takes me away

with the handsome devils
Jun 12, 2014

I have missed
out on the thrills
of being a soft place
between a rock
and a hard place
which is a bad boy

I was afraid
of becoming a toy
a welcome mat,
stepped on repeatedly
covered in dirt
and worthlessness

because of fear
I found myself
held hostage to boring love
with good guys
who in the end
only proved
to be ugly lies

which led
to my beautiful cries
in the end,
I should have taken my chances
with the handsome devils
who were at least good at dancing!

Never would have believed good guys could break hearts. Guess they were never good from the very start.
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I'm feeling so handsome.
Trevon Haywood
Trevon Haywood
Oct 28, 2015

I'm feeling so handsome.
Like everybody else does.
Love is always everywhere.
Except for my friends and family in Springfield.


Handsome is not your dancing eyes
Sharina Saad
Sharina Saad
Oct 2, 2014

Handsome is not your dancing eyes
when you smiles
Handsome is not your sunny face
or your well built muscle
I have never been wrong..
in defining handsome
handsome is not your flesh
not your looks
but a little bit lower than your abdomen
Look down...
Its your fat wallet
in your pocket...
Thats handsome...

handsome as it is
Aula Tullius Sulla
Aula Tullius Sulla
Oct 30, 2016

He wears a cloak of
water that hides his rough skin,
handsome as it is

You handsome idiot,
Annie Cynthia
Annie Cynthia
Nov 10, 2016

I erupt into the night sky and land on the moon,
with just one look into your eyes.
You handsome idiot,
keep your charm away from me,
It's poisoning my heart...

#love   #lust   #cute   #handsome   #attraction  
Happy birthday handsome
Gabrielle Erin Cochrun

Happy birthday handsome
I hope you know I'm here.
I know you can get through this.
I want to be here for you.
You never respond with enthusiasm anymore.
You are so alone but you fake a smile.
You are simply waiting for another ball to drop.
Everything will be okay.
You aren't alone as long as I'm around.
Just smile and watch.
Happy birthday handsome

#alone   #sweet   #handsome   #libra   #october  
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