Mine soul sink's, drown's as I die.
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Aug 22, 2015

When mine Queen's tear's cometh down
I feeleth the rain, pouring from the cloud's;
When mine queen seeketh not to be alive
Mine soul sink's, drown's as I die.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication

To die is an art
Mila Berlioz
Mila Berlioz
Jan 25, 2016

To die is an art
How your heart stops beating
How your organs stop working,
You disappear.

To die,
Many people wish they were dead,
Yet they do nothing about it.
I believe dying is a beautiful art.

I, I wish I were dead, yet I don't do a thing about it,
Just committing masochism,
What should I do?

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that i am going to die someday,
Jun 10, 2014

the thought of dying
someday, it's a good
enough reason to live,
i can live with that fact
that i am going to die someday,
to leave earth and finally
go to hell and meet
my satan.

#hell   #dying   #death   #die   #dead   #leave   #earth   #my   #finally   #satan  
Aug 19, 2014

I tell myself I'm not afraid of dying.
But in truth,
the closer I get to perishing,
the more fearful I become of death.
I'll do almost anything to resist it.
In doing so, living life
becomes unbearable.
Never still, cuz death
is right around the corner.

#dying   #want   #death   #die   #to   #dont  
please let this part of me die
megan catcher
megan catcher
Mar 27, 2015

smoking cigarettes on an empty stomach never was my thing

looking for scars and cuts on other peoples wrists or arms never was my thing, even though I found them

honey why do you keep doing this to yourself?

something is not right and I fight with myself till the end of the night

please let this part of me die
because this is the last time that I try please die, please die

#die   #fight   #night   #trying   #sick   #selfharm   #cuts   #ohwell   #thatswhatyouget  
Ashes to Ashley
Ashes to Ashley
May 24, 2016

We're all dying kid so let go of what is killing you and hold tight to what gives you something worth dying for.

Joshua Ryan Stewart

#dying   #kill  

AN IMPOSSIBLE THREAT: Shut up or I'll drive a truck up your ass! A more-detailed, impossible threat: Shut up or I'll drive a Mexican truck up your ass!

If I die
Babylyn Berina
Feb 16, 2016

If I die
turned hard and cold
not given a chance to grow so old
Bury me not
six feet down the ground
For I won't hear
no susurrus
no sound

If I die
pale and lifeless,
no more failing
on life's test
Burn me not to ashes,
I'll leave no trace
Keep me in mind
not in a vase

If I die
lying in my coffin
a candle lit night
a lot of people staring,
cry for me
but not for long
Be firm as my body
Be that strong

If I die
and years have passed
forget me not
please not that fast.
my name
and who I've been
Let me die
but not forgotten.

#dying   #death   #die  
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