I do not know how to reconcile with state
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

I do not know how to reconcile with state
Things are written already in book of fate
I know that I am just like particle to rotate
But because of my soul I always correlate

I am a person right from beautiful heaven
I traveled from skies like a beam, a beacon
I do not know how I managed from curtain
I came with specific aim and clear mission

God travels with me like tinkling of heart
I am on earth to stay and my stay so short
Even if I am a part but I am still poles apart
It is love at start it is love to stay and depart

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

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Sometimes you have to reconcile love
Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox
Apr 10, 2012

Sometimes you have to reconcile love
To really love yourself
To truly know yourself
To let go of your preconceptions
Of what love might be
And find yourself again

This is the metaphor that I adopted. Isn't it cute. I just took it home with me today. :)
Light House
Light House
Mar 6, 2016

Like a confession,
I am absolved tonight.

Eric Pon
Eric Pon
7 days ago

please never cease to lift
that heavy head and heart
in darkness one might go a-drift;
so back to light you'll dart

Katlego Tladi
Katlego Tladi
Jun 24, 2014

If you take a minute
To watch the seconds
You'll realise
These hours
Aren't ours
They're stolen
We ought to be careful
The hands of time
Hold our futures

acant smile,       took far too long to reconcile.
Julie Slonecki
Apr 2, 2014

When you left my head
to reckon on its own,
it parted from this world to be alone.
Nothing laughed and all I saw was grey,
all the things I loved seemed to float away.
I was moving around,
but not seeing a thing,
Kept my head empty to keep from thinking of you.
And so I walked with a vacant smile,       took far too long to reconcile.
Everything has a time - hearts will stop and people cry.
But clocks will tick away until the good comes around again...
Living, waiting.

How do you reconcile this?
Michael Humbert
Michael Humbert
Nov 19, 2014

What if I ran when you told me to?
What if I hadn’t said no?
What if I had left you the way you left me?

And what if you weren’t the first girl?
Would I have loved you the same?
Would I still be bound and chained by this addiction?

I grew closer to you than anyone,
I sang to you on the phone before your surgery,
I straightened your hair when you couldn’t lift your shoulder

How do you reconcile this?
How do you rationalize it?
Or discard it?

I couldn’t always be there for you,
But I always tried,
Despite the distance,
I always tried

Oct 3, 2016

i'm so bad at falling asleep

love isn't a destiny, it's a disease
festering deep inside of me
manifesting in every part of everything
taking over the blood of my weak being

love isn't the beauty of a stolen lover's kiss
it's the reconciling of the moments eternally gone amiss
stuck in the the past life, true lover's heartbroken kiss
what did i do to deserve this?

Hey-o. I came up with this when I thought of the line "love isn't a destiny, it's a disease // festering deep inside of me" and then the rest just to me after that. I like to focus on the way words go together, and how they flow together. I hope that makes sense.
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