Come. And. Reconcile.
Tife Ibinaiye
Tife Ibinaiye
Mar 15      Mar 15

A new day arrived again today, there are new desires again.
There is a renewed love in the remote corners of the heart.
Hidden desires, many of them in many hearts.
What happened and why?

The heart seems to be as quite as a shrine.
May the blessings shower on us again
May the blessings give a sign again
May the blessings make this heaven again

Look at how lonesome I seem without you today
Just like a moment. Lost in the sea of time
Come. And. Reconcile.
Come and cheer me up

I won't be able to live in such sadness
The memories Ask me every single moment...
... Why are there tears in your eyes?

acant smile,       took far too long to reconcile.

When you left my head
to reckon on its own,
it parted from this world to be alone.
Nothing laughed and all I saw was grey,
all the things I loved seemed to float away.
I was moving around,
but not seeing a thing,
Kept my head empty to keep from thinking of you.
And so I walked with a vacant smile,       took far too long to reconcile.
Everything has a time - hearts will stop and people cry.
But clocks will tick away until the good comes around again...
Living, waiting.

Sometimes you have to reconcile love
Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox
Apr 10, 2012

Sometimes you have to reconcile love
To really love yourself
To truly know yourself
To let go of your preconceptions
Of what love might be
And find yourself again

This is the metaphor that I adopted. Isn't it cute. I just took it home with me today. :)
Frank Corbett
Frank Corbett
Dec 25, 2012

An irrefutable dream,
fulfilled tenfold in the illusion
made imperfect by dreamers' oblivion,
sought by the delver of selves.
Rejection of messengers,
the hive of deluded apathy
that saturates the air thick with the droning of silent hesitation
hexagonal compartmentalization,
sundering your cedar carapace,
which cancerous excess shatters,
and only cracks remain;
the afterthoughts of paradise
and undiscovered paths of depression,
an anxious exodus of life-force.
Part thine red sea,
lest plate tectonics make waves,
that cause molecules of hemoglobin to disperse in light,
the crimson tears of a soul,
sweeter than the lips coveted.

you reconcile the tatters of the pages
Merrick McTaggard
Feb 18, 2013

you reconcile the tatters of the pages
to set alight with the ashes of your cigarette.
you've saved a word in your scrapbook,
torn from the book with his hands
a memory of the chapter.

playing around with metaphors, trying to become a better poet. written in the space of 10 minutes.
I cannot seem to reconcile
Roma Beryl Dajay
Aug 11, 2012

I cannot seem to reconcile
the two minds
that you have.
You can’t live with two sides.
Only one can survive.
Only one will survive.

reconcile please say it
Nicholas Snow
Nicholas Snow
Oct 14, 2012

can i pluck the stars
weave them in your hair
vapid locks my dear
my fingers harrow drifting
reconcile please say it

Is harder to reconcile
M Gordon Meier
M Gordon Meier
May 6, 2013

I wish I could wander

Break from the bondage of daily life

Because its about that time for me

To reevaluate the life choices I’ve made

And this time

I’m finding that

That time

Is harder to reconcile

My moments arrived to release myself

Let me break these chains

And find the man I’m yet to become

in an attempt to reconcile
Moon Baby
Moon Baby
Mar 27, 2013

I hold tears of foreign seas
whilst I cast my sails to your sand
partnership is vital
in a series of unfortunate events
barter my history of demented
in an attempt to reconcile
in love again, with your eyes
reflecting the Devil's smile.

Do not attempt to reconcile.
Thomas Key
Thomas Key
May 15, 2013

I am a man of my word.
Although, some things can not be upheld.
For now it sounds absurd.
Seeing now, it will weld.

Though due time, if persistence is key.
Do not attempt to reconcile.
For all that has will not be.

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