Apr 28, 2015

We all die alone
when the time comes
We will all be far from home
the sticks and stones,
didnt brake our bones
yet still I die,

#death   #breath   #last   #now   #forever  
I have become death eater of words
Jul 29, 2015

I have become death eater of words
I have become death, destroyer of books
I have become death, Savager of pages
I have become death
neglect at my side
And with no pride
Destroying all that once aided man kind
bringing suffering to all that was written in lines
and hummed in rhymes
and sung in time
knowledge ignored is knowledge consumed in dust
so sit with me and watch the world turn to rust

and they told me ignorance is bliss
#life   #death   #destroy   #knowledge  
Apr 21, 2015

A poet dies not when he looses the will to live
But when he looses the will to write

#short   #truth   #verse  
A Poet of Anonymity

time of life

from out

from out

Vicious Cycle
#life   #death   #spring   #growth  
Death is the act of becoming.
Matanyahu Ben Zion
Matanyahu Ben Zion
Jul 25, 2016

Death is the act of becoming.
Death is the act of birthing.
Death is all that is, creation;;;
And destruction.

Death is love.  
Death is hate.
Death is neutrality.
Death is chaos.

Death is order.
Death is truth.
Death is real.

Only death is real.  

Death, death, death.

Only death is real.

Death is life.
Death is gateways.
Death is magick.
Death is G-D.
The Lord is life,
Thus, The Lord is death.  

Death is endlessness.
Death is the spiral.
Death is forever.  
Spiral. Spiral.  Spiral.
Death is deathless.
Death is holy.
Death is Shiva.
Death is Allah
Death is Swastika.
Death is Om.
Death is Jesus.
Death is Roman Empires fallen.
Death is the earth fallen.
Death is trees fallen.

Only death is real.
Only The Lord is real.
The Lord is death.

Death. Death. Death.
Only death is real.

Life is illusion.
A testing dream for death.
Death is a gateway to Divinity.

Only death is real.

#god   #death   #theology   #aghori  
life is death
Rosalyn Rane Adqui
Rosalyn Rane Adqui
Sep 15, 2016

life is death
death is life
you turn left
find a knife
take it to your neck
hope it doesn't hurt
it'll feel like a peck
you have been burnt

finally alive
with the devil
you will strive
because you are now a spirit level

#life   #death   #me   #deppresing  
Mar 22, 2016

I watch you spy their futures
Scooping dreams with sillky fingers
Far too frail to dig,
Fear not,
The sweat from my brow will bring us life.
Sustaining and sweet
Care not,
Though you can not see them.
The huming birds sing

#short   #future   #goal   #us   #plans   #verse   #brightside  
Some of us greatly live in death      &nbs
Mohammad Skati
Jan 26, 2015

Some of us greatly live in death                                                                              While they're alive ,                                                                                                 Some of us are greatly are dead                                                                             In their souls .....                                                                                                        Some other people don't know                                                                               If they're alive or if they're dead ,and                                                                     The rest of us are in-between ....                                                                             It's painful not to know your situation anytime ..............

#life   #death   #in   #and  
awaiting death's
Death for breakfast

Cold hands
Dr. calls it Raynaud's
overhead fan
fucking purple digits
size 9 1/2 shuffle
house is dark and
except for me
always me
awaiting death's

#death   #silence   #buzzing  
Feb 24, 2015

i'll never stop thinking about you
and probably i'll never stop wanting you
for most of the times
i will forgive myself
for wanting to be so close to you
but why is it a bad thing?
why can't I be with you?
the fact that I love you and I want to be with you
doesn't mean that I hate life
they've told us
they've told us
i know we would be together
sooner if they've let me
but its a fact
i'll be dead

and probably happier than now

#love   #suicide   #sad   #life   #hate   #sadness   #death   #dead   #silence  
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