Dieter Muniz
Oct 9, 2011

I fell down
when you said,
"drop dead"
and didn't make a sound.

Dec 17, 2013

there is a burn hole where you bear-hugged me
and the cherry from my cigarette fell onto my favorite shirt.

i was angry then.

i wear it now.

loves me but it hurts
fucking fuck FUCKER sits on my couch//on my feet—
toes gently tucked under his jeaned thigh.s.—
tells me he loves me.

love is not a mistake but mistakes are made up of love.
tiny hearted patchworks attempting domination//
makes a home out of my arms.
tears falling down me him my his face.s.
stretches me open like bubble gum /little princess/brat/toy.
fantasies in our heads. little secrets. sweet taste from his lips.

opens up my mouth. stretches it wide. pushes his fingers through. as if the inside of my gums held the secrets he has been trying to reach in my head. pushes them far back. almost gag. mine mine be mine be mine mine mine be mine. i hear it. he keeps quiet but i hear it. silent pleas.

wild. sweet daddy darling. wild. i am wild. i belong to no one.
fuck me/take me/own me for a little while. fulfill those needs. sate yourself and me.
i am no product to be placed on a shelf.

whispers it in my ear in between faces staring.
hearing it makes it more real. analysis. how many fingers was that? how did your tongue do that? can you do it again? can i try?

why.?. do you love me. why.?.

this will be better for you i will not call text contact you
why are you crying
no i don’t want this stay
you don’t love me just the idea
of me
no stay please i need you you make me happier than i have been in so long
this is bullshit
i know
this is bullshit
i know

Nov 12, 2013

Call me
and tell me


                                                                                                                      there are some nights

if I crawled into
                                                                                            not                      c
                                                                                          come                  i
                                                                                            out                 t
                                                             and the floor                         n
                                                                                    is                 g
                                                                                        less      a

Jul 14, 2013

my heart
told me to
my tears
at me


"Stop thief" I yelled out chasing her,
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Dec 16, 2012      Dec 17, 2012

"Stop thief" I yelled out chasing her,
            she stopped, hugged and kissed me deep-
                                                   consummating her theft.

I yelled but felt nothing--
Archetypes Anonymous

as it barreled toward us
in brilliant white elegance
I yelled but felt nothing--
I couldn't help but think

I am okay with dying

He yelled sober thoughts when he drank.
Wedyan AlMadani
Wedyan AlMadani
Jan 14, 2013      Jan 15, 2013

He yelled sober thoughts when he drank.
Inked honest words when he wrote.
And if I had one wish,
I'd bring Bukowski back!

you yelled

you drank
didn’t we all?

you yelled
didn’t we all?

you hated
didn’t we all?

but you did it to us
because your tormentor wasn’t one person

but thanks to you.
ours was.

i yelled your name in the hallways today

i yelled your name in the hallways today
and still you didn't turn

so i whispered your name laying in bed today
and hoped you felt it too

i still really miss you it fucking hurts
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