biscuits and gravy
Maw Maw Sez

early morning sun
your Maw Maws love on a plate
biscuits and gravy

for Haiku Hank
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Four shortbread biscuits, sans gluten.
Kaylee Ireland
Kaylee Ireland
Nov 8, 2015

Water, boiled.
Two mugs, filled and steaming.
Earl Grey tea, steeped for five minutes.
Mugs placed eight inches apart.
Four shortbread biscuits, sans gluten.
Two teaspoons of raspberry jam, two teaspoons of lemon curd.
One raspberry-topped biscuit and one lemon-topped beside my mug.
The remaining two next to yours.

I burnt my tongue taking the first sip.
The biscuits were buttery and sweet, tart and delicious.
Your tea grew cold
And your biscuits grew stale.

House made of my favourite biscuits
Prathipa Nair

A dream when I was a kid
House made of my favourite biscuits
Like a normal brick house
There was a door and windows
Can have one when I wish
Filling the gap with another one
Only me, the owner can have
The innumerable biscuits of my wish
Hot coffee, the best friend of biscuits
Was given permission to
Join me in my biscuit house
Sitting on a chair with a plate of biscuits
Dipping one by one in my cup of coffee
Admiring my biscuit house with a twinkle !

I used to dream when I was a kid but now I hate biscuits :-)
e button too tight, so I didn’t eat the biscuits.
Mai H
Jan 15, 2012

You used to tease me about my fat-pants.
One button too tight, so I didn’t eat the biscuits.

I don’t eat the biscuits anymore.

Because they remind me of the taste in my mouth,
When I heard about you
And the crash
And the fact that you’re gone.

As biscuits and gravory.
Sep 18, 2014

Breakfast, lunch and dinner
I will never grow thinner
Eating something so savory
As biscuits and gravory.

I woke with a craving.
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Jan 17, 2015

You're the coffee; I'm just the biscuit on the side.

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You've got nice biscuits in.
Gj Hart
Gj Hart
Sep 28, 2015

Kicked around,
From dawn to dusk.
All taken on the chin.
But look how different
things now seem
You've got nice biscuits in.

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I sat proudly with a biscuit,

To dunk into my tea,

But I seemed to lose my touch,

It fell in, disgustingly.

Mar 27, 2010

Heaven is plain my choc biscuit
deceived me again with its bullshit
but it’s never enough
this addiction is tough
come away with me now and we’ll risk it

© wormwood / lmc 2010
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