Hear the sweet notes drift out of your saxophone
Lindsey Nicole Isbell

I love to watch you play
Hear the sweet notes drift out of your saxophone
A lovely melody

You don't always see me
I listen all the same
Such lovely skill
escaping in the form of sound
coming out
of that wonderful saxophone

Maybe it's not the sound
That enchants me so
But the handsome player
Whom I get to call my own

My gorgeous love  
Smart and talented to the end

I love my saxophone playing boyfriend, It's nice to date fellow musicians, even if the instruments vary.
Oh saxophone
Ethan Lima
Ethan Lima
Jan 28, 2016

Oh saxophone
Sweet saxophone
Let your music flow
Oh saxophone
Oh saxophone
Play that rhythm
Play it well
Let the notes fall
From the bell
Sweet saxophone
Play a little jazz
Oh saxaphone
Play a little jazz.

I play saxophone, and I decided to write a poem about it. More upbeat than most of my poems.
#music   #jazz   #saxophone  
I heard the only saxophone
Dana Skorvankova
Dana Skorvankova
Jun 23, 2016

The muted state of this world
Keeps disturbing
The shivering noise of my thoughts

..Then I close my eyes..


I heard them saxophones
In the air

I heard the only saxophone
In this whole world
With its tunes

I once heard the song of a saxophonist
Who died in the gutter,

Something about painting the open seas
is so refreshing.

#world   #of   #the   #saxophones  
The saxophone
Ram B
Ram B
Oct 17, 2016

The music plays
The piano
The saxophone
You dance
Piano and saxophone
You and motion
This moment
and my emotion
as one.

#love   #dance   #music   #lover   #grace   #joy   #piano   #harmony   #saxophone   #poise  
Aug 2, 2016

Elegant, fragile
Captivating, enticing, comforting
Cleansing your soul, intensify your spine
Alluring, controlling, compelling
Powerful, sophisticated

I wanted to create something different, so I decided to give a diamante poem a try. Perhaps not the best, but it sure was a lot of fun.
I play both flute and saxophone, so I thought it was a great idea to "compare" them, in this kind of poem.
like breathy saxophone
Lou Vaughn
Lou Vaughn
Apr 19, 2016

voice in whispered tone
like breathy saxophone
I hold a longing moan

fingers through my strands
ruin all my plans
the way your calloused hands
grip skin

lips that taste like truth
of gin and dry vermouth
pierced by sinking tooth
and sin

I memorize your face
as I fade from this place
forgetting all that time and space
has been

#sin   #truth   #time   #hands   #space   #lips   #skin   #voice   #oblivion   #saxophone  
I can't play no saxophone
Paul S Eifert
Paul S Eifert
Jan 26, 2013

I can't play no saxophone
but I can hear it played.
Sometimes it's a lady sighin;
sometimes it's a workin man.
But when it is an orphan cryin
I wish I could hold that child
and play.

I can't hold that child
in these dirty hands of mine.
I can't stop his cryin.
I can hear it way down here
on the sidewalks of the streets he's a child of.
Why, Lord, can I hear that saxophone
but never play?

on the blue saxophone
Feb 24, 2016

Out over the bay
I can hear the moon
in his black beret
playing a dark tune
on the blue saxophone
of the wind as the rain
cries down my window.

In honor of james' black beret.

Olivia Frederick
Oct 4, 2016

one two three with fire
heavy with your memory
thick silhouettes peer
the sax next door sings
you, blown away by fusion
of my tongue to you

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