Hear the sweet notes drift out of your saxophone
Lindsey Nicole Isbell

I love to watch you play
Hear the sweet notes drift out of your saxophone
A lovely melody

You don't always see me
I listen all the same
Such lovely skill
escaping in the form of sound
coming out
of that wonderful saxophone

Maybe it's not the sound
That enchants me so
But the handsome player
Whom I get to call my own

My gorgeous love  
Smart and talented to the end

I love my saxophone playing boyfriend, It's nice to date fellow musicians, even if the instruments vary.
Oh saxophone
Sadistic Souls

Oh saxophone
Sweet saxophone
Let your music flow
Oh saxophone
Oh saxophone
Play that rhythm
Play it well
Let the notes fall
From the bell
Sweet saxophone
Play a little jazz
Oh saxaphone
Play a little jazz.

I play saxophone, and I decided to write a poem about it. More upbeat than most of my poems.
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I can't play no saxophone
Paul S Eifert
Paul S Eifert
Jan 26, 2013

I can't play no saxophone
but I can hear it played.
Sometimes it's a lady sighin;
sometimes it's a workin man.
But when it is an orphan cryin
I wish I could hold that child
and play.

I can't hold that child
in these dirty hands of mine.
I can't stop his cryin.
I can hear it way down here
on the sidewalks of the streets he's a child of.
Why, Lord, can I hear that saxophone
but never play?

Josiah Wilson
Josiah Wilson
Mar 23, 2014

Under the shining lights
Horns and trumpets blare
Take in all of the sights
This city has come alive

People stroll down the street
Rain splashes on the sidewalk
Tap your foot to the beat
As the music fills the night

Get on the floor and dance
The sax man does his thing
This could be your chance
The swing band's letting loose

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Jul 24, 2014

when I die
bury me in a cemetery in New Orleans
let the marching bands serenade this holy soil with beautiful trumpets and saxophones
let the sound flow into the earth so in the afterlife
I will have something to dance to,
Kiss those who weep
for they are in need of human and sometimes we forget that,
Offer yourself up to the sun
bask in that hot heat till sweat grazes your temple
stay there till the day is done and watch the moon sweep across the sky,
all the stars dance in the same rhythm.

#life   #death   #hope   #thoughts   #konr  
With her golden saxophone ..
Omar Abo Shama
Omar Abo Shama
May 28, 2013

The concert was about to finish ..

And now it's her turn ..

With her instrument ..

With her golden saxophone ..

The lights were diminished ..

And she started playing her favorite musical note ..

With her heart that is full of feelings ..

And her closed eyes ..

In her special world ..

The air goes out from her lungs softly like tears ..

And the great audience feels every tone ..

She doesn’t see them ..

She doesn’t hear their clap ..

Only his soul that is around ..

And Only his voice that is heard ..

Then his beautiful smile ..

With tears in his eyes , He said ''You're the best''

Then she looked at her saxophone ..

And remembered years ago ..

At one of their nights ..

During one of their phone calls ..

- You know babe , I adore the Saxophone ..

- Really ?

- Yeah , it's my favorite instrument ..

- Hold on ..

- What's this noise around you ?

- Nothing just my family ..

- Hmmm , didn't they sleep ?

- No , gonna call you after sometime ..

- Ok no problem ..

And after sometime he called her back ..

- Now tell me what will you do when you get a saxophone ..

- Haha , I really don't know but I've never thought about having one before ..

As they used to do , He started telling her a story before sleeping ..

She doesn't care about any stories ..

She just loves listening to his voice ..

She stays silent ..

To listen and feel ..

Every single word ..

And while listening , The call was over ..

She did a call again and again ..

No answer ..

She called his home ..

No answer ..

Again and again ..

No answer ..

The phone was ringing away from his sleeping house ..

Without his family noise that didn't exist ..

Among a lot of people ..

In his crushed car ..

Between his dead body ..


That New Golden Saxophone

hannah way
hannah way
Jun 15, 2014

To wake up happily you
must wake up to jazz
bumping twisting turning hips
an unending flow
of sunshine
every mistake is a new idea of
beauty and creativity
jazz accepts and forgets
move carlessly
feel like you haven't felt before
and wake up
like it's the first time you've
seen a sunrise
jazz makes your view outside
the cracked window
absolutey magnificent
and starts your day with
208 beats of satisfaction and simplicity

h.w. I love playing jazz early
Jo Fo
Jo Fo
Aug 8, 2013

I saw you there
And the neon signs and your tears
Reflected in your irises
Made you more beautiful
And the alcoholic haze made me believe
If just one night could work
You could come with me
We could have our happy ending
We could leave this life and place
And your dress bloody from engineers schemes
And I love that forgotten woman
More than the orange trees and John
But for our child she gave her life
And I still love her
That Vietnam Bride

Apr 12, 2014

l'm like Venice,
every night ,
full of cheerful lanterns that boatmen carry.
l'm like Venice.
you're like the water that every midnight,
when all  the boatmen are asleep,
is awake and talks to me.

Apr 12, 2014

in the shade of a thick leaf,
the black bug
has its dream :
a large white dream
with a dark purple tint
at its bottom:
a flower of magnolia.

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