to my beautiful vagina
Jan 24, 2015

I used to be
afraid of my pussy,
thought it looked loose
and unusually mushy.

I thought my first time
having sex
would be lights off
in an insecure mess.

I'd been told
"they're all unique"
but I'd look at mine, teary eyed
and couldn't even speak.

It wasn't until I went
lights on with a girl
and I still thought she was
the most beautiful thing in the world

that I realized how
she felt the same
and we only put
our own bodies to shame.

So I want to write an ode
to my beautiful vagina
and give her the love
she deserves.

(p.s. I named her Carolina)

To Carolina. I'm sorry for all the tears I cried over you. You are absolutely beautiful.
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Aug 5, 2016

Her name is Sarah
And between her legs
A flower.
A Begonia
Lush, Desirable, and Sweet

Her name is Olivia
And between her legs
A flower.
A Bird of Paradise
Exotic & Captivating, Deep

Her name Tanya
And between her legs
A flower.
A Calla Lilly
Intuitive, Dreamy, Refined

Her name is Sumi
And between her legs
A flower.
A Dahlia
Grace, Strength, & Valued

Her name is Diana
And between her legs
A flower.
A Moonflower
Delicate & Feminine

My name is Hannah
And between my legs
A flower.
An Azalea
Fragile, Sweet, & Tender

Used this site for Symbolism:
But the vagina has such allure
Stripper Thoughts
Stripper Thoughts
Aug 29, 2014

Vaginas are all shapes & sizes
Not many vary from the fold
there are very few surprises
Seems nature's gone & set it's mould

But the vagina has such allure
A pull on man to lesbian alike
A calling so strong and pure
Enough to turn a straight girl dyke

Is it the promise of warmth & touch
A memory of a time inside
The scent of our matriarch's crotch
Draws us to those legs held wide?

It was nature's way of ensuring
The human race continues on
So that our presence here's enduring
Never ceasing. On & on

Instinct has been subject to a ploy
To harbour this hypnotic power
Sell it back, a high class toy
Put to work this delicate flower

Control the basic urge of man
The essential need to drink & eat
Once you create the ultimate fan
Then the surplus you do deplete

Until it feels that a simple look
Purchased, from a few feet away
Is as good as one hard fuck
Copulation they do delay

And so vaginas became a mystery
Sold back to all who do desire
Remember to look back in history
The vaginas are for more than hire

if life were more about,
trading baseball cards,
riding roller coasters,
staying out past

we would be
friends for

But life
is more about

you became someones
to me, because of no ones
important to either
one now

so just like
marbles and hardwood floors,
the right thing to say at the time,

Sex is a powerful thing
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The power a vagina can hold
Trey Evans
Trey Evans
Nov 14, 2014

The problem with falling for a woman
Questioning her strength to catch you
Or maybe you fall on purpose
To catch a glance under her dress

Either thin, tall and lean
Thick, short and curvy
Any shape, any size
The female gender can make you insane

The very thought of a nude goddess
Brings the mightiest of men to their knees
This briefly entails without question
The power a vagina can hold

Simple like exotic dancers
Complex like business CEOs
No matter the background she withholds
You can never figure a woman out

A tale as old as time
A riddle still not solved
But yet how could Adam have made it
Without Eve?

written 12/5/12
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is like vagina, the agony sucks at its bloody time.

is like vagina, the agony sucks at its bloody time.

A qoute.
#love   #pain   #breakup   #bloody   #vagina   #period  
my vagina, I figured that my virginity should be
Olive Waverly
Olive Waverly
Dec 23, 2015

I'd like to think that I took my own virginity
One tired night in my closet with my vibrating toothbrush
I told Marques that he was my first
Along with Caleb
and Alex
and Francisco
and Ashlyn
Even when I was 13 and I discovered the wonder that was (and is)
my vagina, I figured that my virginity should be mine.
My vagina is special to me.
It grants me the delicious explosion if I talk it to just right
I fall in love with myself a little more each time I caress it.
The bond that I have with my vagina will never be broken.
My virginity is in fact

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