"When someone notices the true beauties & wonders of nature, their appreciation radiates with every life they touch."

                                           © Julie Graham 2005

McGill University days
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Sally A Bayan
Sally A Bayan
May 18, 2015

(10 W)

YOU beam
Over me....around,

Energies combine
WE  radiate!

Copyright May 17, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

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Dee Bach
Dee Bach
Sep 14, 2014

I’m radiating a smile,
In this moment I’m unstoppable,
I can do anything.
No one will break this smile,
For smiles are the most beautiful,
When worn for not everyone,
But for yourself
When you know you are
I’m radiating a smile
Because I know
I Will Be Okay.

Radiation treatment
Grace Van Dyck

Radiation treatment
Hurt as soon as I got off the table.
Music therapy suffocated the painful noise.

A pearl of sweat dripped off my forehead
But then a nurse asked,
“What music would you like to listen to?”
A tense grip on my cane suddenly relaxed.

I go to chorus,
I sing with abandon,
While I forget the math test I just took.

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jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Sep 7, 2012

Each morning when you awake.
Radiate your smile.
I personally guarantee you that you make someone day.

A person that's down.
Within minutes will turn their mood around.

Radiate, with pleasantries.
And watch others begins to model themselves too.
Believe in the comment it only takes one.
To attract two.

All because of a happy mood.

Hadn't a bad experience always ticked you off?
That you wanted to respond too.
And it's because of the bad mood.

So radiate.
If you feel happy inside.
Let no others dictates the thingss you do.

Happiness is a reaction.
To an event within your soul.

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