I want to make a apple tree,
I want to have different colors and shapes like a rainbow, 
I want to disappear like i have no family while being homeless on the streets with so much talent gone to waste, 
Even if we have talents who gonna bother with it?
We ignored, but we perfect in our own ways.
As the days pass, it's just memories, but we want to have peace.

Selena Irulan
Selena Irulan
Oct 9, 2013

I have given this a lot of thought,
and soon I will tell the truth,
the girl you see before you,
isn't the girl you thought you knew.
She is shattered like the mirror glass,
and lying open on the floor,
the girl you once loved,
has ceased and is no more.

She is replaced by another Spirit,
that was created after years of hurt and pain,
she was broken and came undone,
has nothing in this life to gain.

Molly Hart
Molly Hart
4 days ago      4 days ago

No girl
to be
and totally

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, not much inspiration.
Christopher Munro
Christopher Munro
Jun 19, 2013      Jun 21, 2013

He's the kind of guy
He won't look you in the eye
He says he will not cry for films
But secretly turns away
He's that kind of strange
To permanently rearrange
For counting up the change of pace
Using old calculator tricks
His book of sneaky hacks to fix
With my needles in the haystacks
As we just divulged a hoax -
  Forget those blokes
I was Me.

you are out there...
Christopher Munro 2013
He is quite mysterious
Nov 5, 2013

He is quite mysterious
With words that make him sound delirious
Actions oh so secretive
Its like he tries to drive me crazy
But in the end
I'm far to lazy
For him to drive me crazy

The moon was well hid
Darkness was like covered with a lid
There was this strange house that stood all alone
The short pause in being shown
Standing at the front gate
The clock stopped precisely at midnight and it was getting late
As I opened the gate, I heard sequel’s in sound
My own footsteps seemed to be the only one bound
Yet I pressed on in making my house maneuvering round
I continued to walk up the front house stairs, but something inside of me told me to beware
Suddenly jumped out and it was nothing more than a mouse
The stairs began to stubble as my one foot after the other
The night is going to be different than anyone can ponder
The Raven’s flew overhead in sound in search of an eerie prey
I am determined I won’t be their flesh for today
As I entered the house
The walls seem too close me in
Should my run begin?
Adventurous in being I am
It was my mind thinking on a moment of then
A Miller’s haunted house having its own promise
The evilness and deceit with deleted of honest
I attempted to close the door
But the house refused totally to ignore
I was sucked into the house for eternity for sure
I became trapped in the house corned just like a mouse.

Nov 21, 2013      Nov 21, 2013

Tears fall from my eyes
An unhappy little surprise
When the causation is unclear
And my rock is no longer here

An overbearing sadness
A disgraceful neglect of bliss
A torn sense of sanity
Cannot stand their sympathy

Frustration creeps in
A war I never win
Uncontrollable thoughts quickly flood
The only desire I have is to evoke blood

Why I cry is a mystery
Time-travel back into my history
Search for the beginning, the start of it all
The primary moment of despair that led to my downfall

Leave me to cry into a scattered slumber
As my insomnia persists to encumber
Constant nightmares slice up my sleep
A tedious life I am suffering to keep

how mysterious
Barbara S
Barbara S
Feb 28

And I swear to the night
              that the stars are only ones

Which I will reach my hands to
           and take them with me
                        into my inner space

I will show them
                  how mysterious
                          woman can be

More than
                      millions of galaxies

Who are these mysterious poets
Feb 9, 2013      Feb 9, 2013

We share our intimate verbiage
Tearful, tortured souls are bared
Ripples of poetry reverberate  
Through myths and muse and fears

Who are these mysterious poets
With whom we write and laugh
Some could be different than they claim
A dark catfish in a poet’s guise
Worse, others playing nefarious games

Shall mysterious friends be trusted
We don’t even know genuine names
Yet, I declare, my mysterious friends
Names, ages, and past do not hinder me
We can hide our facts and our faces
Yet poet friends we will truly be

We’ve known people for many years
Spent hours on trivial small talk
We don’t know who they really are
We’ve shared poems in anonymity
Yet we’ve bled more deeply by far

To all mysterious friends, poets one and all
No need to inspect you face to face
To trust you with my naked soul!

mysterious one
Mar 28

you are a
mysterious one
don't know if I can
figure you out
you hold my thoughts
within the palm of your hand
I melt like chocolate
sweet old M'n Ms

you are a very
mysterious one
I've never
liked your type before
not one to jump
into anyone's arms
still this is something
you've softened up my core.

You say you
can see
inside my shell
that my sweetness
was the very key
You say I've no more
secrets to tell
'cause you've devoured them for me?

Well I'd never say that
you are The One
and I don't need to tell you
you'll always be free
no I won't allow
under my skin
don't come any closer
but hey there again
just me.

You are a
mysterious one
my coldness lies
in the palm
of your hands
you don't care
that I am
a mess
you like me
just like we're old friends
tee hee hee

You say you
see inside my shell
my sweetness
was the very key
that I have no secrets left to tell
'cause you've devoured them for me?

you are a
very mysterious one
no secrets
and making no demand
quite open
and always looking for fun
gonna change my
my candy brand.

you are a
very mysterious one

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