Lorraine day
Dec 15, 2013      Dec 15, 2013

Satan rules he is the master
He leaves behind
A trail of disaster
His aim never to enjoy
Destruction is his game
His ploy
His spoken words
They spit like fire
No truth
From this liar
His gift to all
His twain shall meet
Corruption >pain>lies> deceit

Jo Peta
Jo Peta
Jan 7, 2013

Through the concave of today,

May I see tomorrow.

For I am sick and tired of all the sorrow in my way.

Might I find the exit sign in time,

And leave this awful place behind.

Blood spills from my veins with

each step I take towards the place

that causes pain,


In between life’s mortal coil
where living teaches harshest real.
Mixed between the good and vile
this is the realm we learn to feel.

Our feelings good or very bad
often guide our way in life,
in many ways it is so sad.
Our past does cause us so much strife.

From early years I lived with rage.
Violence was just a way it seems.
Beatings from an early age
it took away our childhood dreams.

The first girl that I really liked
assumed there was some good in me
until my temper truly spiked.
It's when she wanted to be free.

I sit alone and sometimes cry
because of the things I have done.
In retrospect I’d rather die
or disappear and run, run, run.

It just comes out in angers run,
before I know it I strike out.
Just thank the Lord I had no gun
because I would use it there’s no doubt.

After many bad association
where violence has been used to quell
I hope that in this new relation
this time I do not go through hell.

I fight so hard now to restrain
my temper being what it be
From violence I must refrain
once and for all I can be free.

Free from anguish, free from blame.
Not to recall my younger days
Just talk instead of being inflamed
like others in more normal ways.

Now I am married with a wife.
Three loving children I adore
I think now when I feel the strife
No longer use my Satan’s claw.

Satan’s claw is what I call
my way of evil mindedness.
No longer to this way I fall,
now I can make this recompense.

Although my upbringing was quite bad
I feel I blamed my ways on this,
my parent’s lives’ were very sad
and something I shall never miss.

My life has gained in many ways.
My family I love more than all
and life is now something I praise
I thank God each day that I don’t fall

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Now in my eyes you are only one of Satans spawns,
Victoria Jennings

Loving you was once precious and the light it gave once let me bask in the glow,
Now I realize how you've destroyed all the possible sucess I could've acheived,
You are not an angel like I once claimed you were,
Now in my eyes you are only one of Satans spawns,
You try to repair it all but you only make it worse,
You think I don't know the truth,
Like I'm some sort of damned fool?!
I know better than to play by your rules,
This time when you try to "fix things"
I'll say "SCREW YOU" and walk away,
And when I go don't expect me to come back,
Not for you,
Hell no.

To my heartbreaker...>:O
Dec 4, 2014

Oh Sleeping believer on the bed!
Three knots at the back of your head,
each contains Satan's words enchanting.
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
wake-up praising Allah, untie the first one,
perform the ablution second will be undone,
execute the salah so that remains none.
Send the dullness, gloominess far away.
Get up in the morning lively and gay. :)

#three   #knots   #satans  

If God stopped to condemn us we wouldn't be FREE...But because he never focused on your mistakes ......he forgets them wipes the slate .......clean
God loves everything about me....with all my failures and mistakes ....i have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb......

Jonny Angel
Jonny Angel
Aug 31, 2014

Stella had a pentagram etched
across her pert chest,
her jet hair
her icy blues,
she walked twisting the heads
of the forsaken,
she was black magic,
all the way.
Satan has all the spellbinding girls.

Dylan J Wiley
Apr 5, 2012

I want to smoke crack with satan
and lick a dingleberry out of hitlers ass
I want to pull a gooey blood crusted booger out of stalins mustache
I want to travel back in time and pull a blood clotted tampon out of Gertrude Steins vagina and slap it on a wall

I want to pull a pinch of Hemmingways ass hair out after he spent a day on a boat and put it in his supper
and walk in on mark twain right as he's having an orgasm and say nice dick twain and walk out
I want to put a finger in Churchills anus and put his face in my chest and then dissapear

The devil slapped me in the face,
                                                          So I slavered back into his orifice,

As I could hear mine spit blister on his regurgitating grimace mask!!!!!

Allysa Legacy
Allysa Legacy
May 31, 2014

Jolly symphony
Your wealthy head
Together you ask sweet sweetly

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