Bridget D
Nov 13, 2014

She was Deadly...
She was Poison
She was Satan

I don't know I'm just lost in words
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John Lenmesin
John Lenmesin
Oct 14, 2014

goat's skull
blud drops of empathy for human
say it with Satan

indulgent yet null crude
full circle nude
say it with Satan

lies and fiction smiles and diction.
let's recant that

SO maybe you're Satan.
dance earthly wayfarer
rise and be creation.

get a part-time job.
heaven is a small flat
girl that spy on guys
order noodles plus aburaage
what is he up to?


When Satan cometh knocking
Hand him a cross;
He always run's away.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry

King James bible ( James chapter 4 verses 7-8.. Flee from evil and it will flee from you... Mine poem's saying when Satan comes knocking into your life hand him a cross-meaning ask for Christ's help and turn to Christ. Then Satan will flee you as the only one he will flee is Christ because Satan knows who Christ is. The king! God's son,...
7Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.

Why can't God and Satan get along?
They're both detail-oriented.

John Lenmesin
John Lenmesin
Oct 15, 2014

1+2, fall moll null
river cross Styx
bring along another human
lord primitive Chris
sewn eyes
let there be light
1984, no surprise
photogenic capture
ghost at foot of castle
knock knock
who's there
Buffy slay
Buffy slay who?
Buffy slay you vampire to zero

you with the mind halo
so maybe you're Satan

Apr 23, 2015

Was sitting on a chair and dreaming,
that I'd go out someday for fishing, again.
This world had us like a satan.
We miss everything that is going.

Woah! Fastest (and crappeiest creation) of mine! :P
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May 14, 2014

We cover illness with flowers
and flowers die

The inside of my mouth tastes like it is decaying
I hope I lose all of my teeth first

Maybe its just the scotch and vodka
But there is a burning in my throat

Maybe it is Satan just making his way out

#devil   #possession   #decay   #vodka   #satan   #scotch  

You cant blame me for wanting more
I dont Know why or what for
Bit desire is tugging at my side
and forever I wont be able to hide
So help me be Content fair maiden
and help me push away that Satan

Desire causes delusion and unhappiness, only used correctly, can it be used for motivation

Why would a Venus fly trap be sour when it could be sweet?
Why would Diablo have horns when he could have tits?
I imagine he would guise as a treat,
Your mouth would long for his clit.
The person who painted him red,
I assume was partially brain dead.

The devil wears prada. He is beautiful.
#evil   #satan   #prada   #diablo  
Dec 4, 2014

Oh Sleeping believer on the bed!
Three knots at the back of your head,
each contains Satan's words enchanting.
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
wake-up praising Allah, untie the first one,
perform the ablution second will be undone,
execute the salah so that remains none.
Send the dullness, gloominess far away.
Get up in the morning lively and gay. :)

#three   #knots   #satans  
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