He is a priest of colors-
Apr 13

He pensively rests upon his modest throne.
Not a sound, deep in speculation,
He is a priest of colors-
Lecturing with his brush,
The paint: his sermon.
There is no church, no god.
Only the esoteric confession
Between man and canvas.

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and paint with colors from my core,
amanda martinez

I look up and
suddenly I am at the top
of a mountain.
Nothing but clouds that surround
to hold my hand,
so there I stand…
attempting to scream
as loud as I can.
But nothing comes out, so I dream.
My smile is the sun warming
bleak souls with vibrant beams,
creating peace below…or so it seems.

Abruptly my laughter pours
out, so on a rain cloud I lean.
But it is irrepressible - I'm on all fours.
Endorphins seeping, trickling down.
So I open up the door
and paint with colors from my core,
replacing the worlds gray with vivid tones.
Sunshine and rainbows to ensure
that the blissful truth is shown
and shared, but never compared.
And slowly I realize I was never alone.
I blink and find your eyes…I'm home.

January 30, 2014
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my colors are fading out
Caitlyn Dee
Caitlyn Dee
Dec 11, 2013

my colors are fading out
and I'm afraid
I don't know how
to make them brighter

Colorful colors, colors everywhere.
Corina Jones
Corina Jones
Jan 14, 2013

Colorful colors, colors everywhere.
Afar, maybe near, or just someplace over there.
Colors in quantities,
A copious amount.
Too many colors to keep any count.
Metaphorical colors aren't physically there,
But a good color-finder can sense them in the air.
True colors like to a person describe;
Who's what in what way- the how and the why.
In a colorful world, we all live and stay.
In colorful beds, at night we all lay.
With colors, there's always a great source for play.
Colors make life worth living each day.

Colors all throughout me.
Heather Weeks
Heather Weeks
Aug 3, 2012

You make me colorful,
Through the grey and black dreary day,
You speak me yellow,
You hear me pink,
Colors all throughout me.
Love makes me feel this way.

Our colors will have a dialogue
Razelle McCarrick
Razelle McCarrick
Jul 18, 2013

But be silent
You are already speaking.
But with your eyes
I’m speaking too.
In the quiet space
Between spaces
Our colors will have a dialogue

Colors swirled, energy surged
Otis Hemlock
Otis Hemlock
Mar 11, 2013      Mar 11, 2013

One time, when I was young
I thought I was dead
Colors swirled, energy surged
I was no more

Outside I went
To see the clouds above my head
There were none
Only black skies, and colors

In my peripherals
On my irises
In my corneas
On my mind, colors

Power was out all around
Miles out I could see it coming
It was a cloud
Void of colors

It was a rip
A thorn
Poisoned honey
I was dead

Then a few hours more, alive

Now that you showed me your real colors i wish i can paint you in the colors I
lisette cielos

Now that you showed me your real colors i wish i can paint you in the colors I thought you were,
Your colors were always bright so beautiful,
But I guess I got your colors wrong,
My hardest time in life revealed your true colors,
Dark ugly horrible colors,
But thank you....
because now that I know you showed me who you really are and your true colors you have showed me what I never want to become

If only you were what your true colors were in the beginning

and achieve with flying colors.
Ben Rhoades
Ben Rhoades
Apr 13, 2013

Some people want to pass
and achieve with flying colors.
No one has ever told me
that I could succeed with
anything more than Gliding Pastels.

Meant to post this last night...
an the day turns colors
jeffrey robin
Aug 19, 2010

an the day turns colors
and they go from green to red

from blue to red

from gentleness
to blood

we were meant to be
human here

we are not killers
we are lovers
we are not killers

but we kill
cause they tell us to

an we don't want them
mad at us

the colors turn

from any color
from every color

to yellow

and then to  red
(as blood)

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