nichole r
nichole r
Jun 25, 2014

the reason why
I still open my eyes
is for the shock of the
               c o l o r s .

#eyes   #color   #colors   #live  
you spoke in colors
Jun 6, 2014

you spoke in colors
in waves
like spilled ink
i can't seem to wash you off
your waves keep crashing over me
i can barely breathe anymore

you loved me in colors
in waves
like spilled ink
i can't seem to wash you off
but i am no longer drowning
your tide has passed
i can no longer see in color

#color   #blind   #colors  
Apr 25, 2016

Life is a  treasure and yet
I was born with pale white skin,
You were born with dark chocolate skin,
Our color distinguishes our features,
Our color does not represent our character.


Darker, colder colors
Nicole Dawn
Nicole Dawn
May 27, 2015

Before I met you,
My world was black and white.

When we met,
You showed me the in between,
The gray of life.

When we became friends,
You showed me that there is even more.
There are oranges, red, and greens.

Peace, happiness, and life

When I left,
You taught me more,
Although you were gone.

You taught me of
Blues, yellows, and purples.
Darker, colder colors

Sadness, bitterness, and anxiety

You taught me so much
About the colors of this world

#metaphor   #you   #color   #gone   #colors   #thanks   #teach  
Jason Cole
Jason Cole
Apr 30, 2015

Blue is the color of unrequited love
Grey the emptiness therein
Paint a perfect portrait of the loneliness thereof
And color me lonesome again

This is a Hank Williams inspired fragment.
#love   #poem   #lonely   #unrequited   #color  
*So many colors on nature’s palette
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Aug 25, 2014

So many colors on nature’s palette
There are many moods and emotions
Picturesque gallery of many paintings
Forever framed in the travelers mind
Masterpieces cannot be recreated
If we only hold onto black and white
Immerse the soul in nature’s color
Many shades will color the spirit

#nature   #emotions   #colors   #moods  

I am not a color.
I am a human,
Just as you are.
Why can't you see that?

#sad   #human   #colors  
Jun 23, 2015

I speak
in black and

I think
in color.

#black   #white   #think   #color   #speak  
Dec 27, 2016

a blue colored sigh
matches perfectly with
red tinted lips, says the
old cranky bird with oil wings.

so i am purple,
because i decided
to make my sighs blue colored
to match up with my red tinted lips.

blue colored sighs match up
perfectly with red tinted lips,
is what they said.

i turned purple.

Alyssa kasper
Alyssa kasper
Dec 4, 2014

How do you describe
the indescribable
what is black
"well its a color"
no describe it
what does it look like
how about red?
What do you think of when you think red?
but what is it

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