Everyone is so colorful
so full of life, so vibrant

Kind green hues
yellow smiles
red thoughts of love
pink cheeks from embarrassment

But I am grey, a colorless hue that represents the lack of self
yet I shine as if I am the only light
for darkness always contradicts the light


pure, clean
regal, elaborate
alive, peaceful

this one isn't very good.
Alyssa kasper
Alyssa kasper
Dec 4, 2014

How do you describe
the indescribable
what is black
"well its a color"
no describe it
what does it look like
how about red?
What do you think of when you think red?
but what is it

I am not a color.
I am a human,
Just as you are.
Why can't you see that?

#sad   #human   #colors  
My heart spills out colors.
Apr 14

My heart spills out colors.

The blood that bled from my skin as your hand left mine.

My irises as I spotted you.

My jealousy as I saw you with her.

The clock upon I wish to feel your lips crash against mine.

Tears I shed at night thinking of you.

My lip as I bite down on it when you call me.

My mind as you walk up to me.

My face as I storm off when you ignore me.

You toy with me but I still love you.

*So many colors on nature’s palette
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Aug 25, 2014

So many colors on nature’s palette
There are many moods and emotions
Picturesque gallery of many paintings
Forever framed in the travelers mind
Masterpieces cannot be recreated
If we only hold onto black and white
Immerse the soul in nature’s color
Many shades will color the spirit

#nature   #emotions   #colors   #moods  
Meghna Sharma
6 days ago

I am a shade of quiet blue,
And you, a tangy crimson.
And together we make
A saturated hue.
You and me,
Me and you.

#love   #blue   #red   #colors  
nichole r
nichole r
Jun 25, 2014

the reason why
I still open my eyes
is for the shock of the
               c o l o r s .

#eyes   #color   #colors   #live  
I love the colors on you,
Jordyn Dennis
Jordyn Dennis
Aug 10, 2014      Aug 11, 2014

I love the colors on you,
The beautiful blue in your eyes,
To the purples on your knee,
The brown dirt on your left hand from this afternoon gardening with me,
Just because i begged you to,
The pink in your cheeks that i love so much,
You get so flustered at the smallest things,
I love the brown of your hair that changes direction with the wind,
The summer bronzing of your skin,
Colors i cant describe,
You give me a new color everyday,
But i am so glad theres one color i never see,
and thats gray.

JD (1:58)

If you take the time to look at the one you love with lust, youll learn how many colors make up their beautiful being.
#love   #you   #colors  
The colors all internalized in me
the fire in my veins

The colors all internalized in me
Are killing me inside
The red of fire in my veins
Keeping me alive
The blue of cold inside my heart
Chilling every bone
The black hidden deep in my chest
The color of my merciless soul
The yellow-brown of my bile
That burns and stings my flesh
But none of these painful colors
Have been able to kill me yet

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