nichole r
nichole r
Jun 25

the reason why
I still open my eyes
is for the shock of the
               c o l o r s .

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Over and Over I told you the colors I saw from prickly leaf, to sunshine wa
Komara Wyss

Every color that we see has a name to you and me.
I said that mans hat was red; you said his hat was green.
I said that woman's scarf was orange; you looked at me with scorn, and sternly said no my love, I told you that color is red.
Laughing loudly; you asked what for.
I pointed at a running squirrel. Giggling I told you I'd never seen that color before; With one stern look my fun had froze, darling that's no squirrel it's a white rose.

Over and Over I told you the colors I saw from prickly leaf, to sunshine warmth.
And Over and Over you corrected my words saying sweetheart those colors aren't apart of this earth.
I would smile and shake my head saying you were right. but in my head that wasn't brown at all.
And so it went, and little by little the world began to dim.
Sunshine warmth turned into yellow, and night abyss to black. And with the transformation of my colors my heart and soul changed too.
But it's okay after all I'm just like you.

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It’s how we mix the colors
Amitav Radiance

We are all painters
Holding a color palette
Conceiving a painting
It’s how we mix the colors
Depending on our imagination
Whether we paint happiness
Or scenes of saddened gray
Situations yield the paintings
Sometimes splashing all colors
Or else black colors gloom
Universe has mostly dark energy
Yet, we have found our colors
To paint our abode, we inhabit
No matter, colors of joy and sorrow
We celebrate all colors
We are all painters, wielding the brush
To create new colors of hope

#love   #hope   #happiness   #painters   #joy   #colors   #gloom   #celebrate  
through different colors
Coco Li
Coco Li
May 23

You wish your'e pale
or maybe pinkish
perhaps sun-kissed
or maybe olive.

But you we're born tint
divergent skin
arrows in all degrees
neurons were scattered
in all different fields.

Your'e more than a sheep
and we can all bees
I pollinate everything
from black to white
saturated to fade
and you should wander
through different colors
and you just might know
you're more to your skin.

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He is a priest of colors-
Apr 13

He pensively rests upon his modest throne.
Not a sound, deep in speculation,
He is a priest of colors-
Lecturing with his brush,
The paint: his sermon.
There is no church, no god.
Only the esoteric confession
Between man and canvas.

#priest   #colors  

She embodies a
yellow-backed salamander,
only violet.

My first ever haiku; just havin' a bit o' fun here friends!
my true colors,
Wedyan AlMadani

The only ones
who see
my true colors,
are black ink
and a white paper

#true   #real   #black   #white   #me   #writing   #colors   #creative   #prose   #writer  
and paint with colors from my core,
amanda martinez

I look up and
suddenly I am at the top
of a mountain.
Nothing but clouds that surround
to hold my hand,
so there I stand…
attempting to scream
as loud as I can.
But nothing comes out, so I dream.
My smile is the sun warming
bleak souls with vibrant beams,
creating peace below…or so it seems.

Abruptly my laughter pours
out, so on a rain cloud I lean.
But it is irrepressible - I'm on all fours.
Endorphins seeping, trickling down.
So I open up the door
and paint with colors from my core,
replacing the worlds gray with vivid tones.
Sunshine and rainbows to ensure
that the blissful truth is shown
and shared, but never compared.
And slowly I realize I was never alone.
I blink and find your eyes…I'm home.

January 30, 2014
#love   #dream   #paint   #truth   #peace   #home   #eyes   #sun   #smile   #core   #colors   #laughter   #bliss   #open   #endorphins   #vivd  
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