Jan 22

I couldn't let him always have the last word
Watching as people died and killed in the name of his holy Lord
Who cares what happens to those humans?
But I couldn't let it go
I broke away from his pasture
Covered myself in ash
Was discarded out of the Holy Land
And became my own God
Being the black sheep casted away from Heaven
I learned what it truly was to be broken
Building myself up to put a stop to these
Commandments and scriptures set in stone
I overestimated the humans
They ran amuck with every power I lent
Turning my idea of love into lust,
Enjoyment into gluttony and greed,
Sloth, pride, envy
Everything I tried turned into another
Deadly sin
Now my name is said in destruction
Evil is a synonym to my existence
I guess I don't mind as long as things aren't mundane
Isn't this what I wanted?
Always a figure to blame,
These humans have taught me to not trust,
Have hope in anybody,
And how to go insane

What if the devil is only another scapegoat we put all the blame on
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She said "You look like the devil"
Rebekah James
Rebekah James
Nov 1, 2014      Nov 2, 2014

She said "You look like the devil"
But she meant it as a jest
He said "You look like love
But you're really quite a mess."

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The Terry Tree
The Terry Tree
Aug 14, 2014

Hidden grace, no light for revelation
To pass such limits is to become damned
Like the dragon or a serpent monster
Your myth has become fixed in minds on earth

All the forces that disturb you demand
Darkness is your indetermination
Blazed in trails of blackness you command
Symbols of evil and demonic birth

In the Underworld you plot and saunter
Grotesque in cloven hooves or horns you stand
You are our fear the tormentor at hand
Stealing our only hope for self-love worth

You disturb and weaken every nation
Eliminating those who will prosper

You have a tool box filled with shapes galore
A choir of demons at your disposal
You wear the face of animals to prove
That you exist but will not show your face

Temptation is your favorite proposal
As you create bloody carnage and gore
Attacking innocents world wide; global
It is your goal to blacken and erase

It is unclear when you will make a move
Your starless magic uncontrollable
Your angry heart is inconsolable
In every mouth you leave an awful taste

The only thing that satisfies is war
Beelzebub to slaughter good it behooves

Clipping spiritual wings of all beings
Entering into those at their weakest
Supposition of your essence is sly
What you are has no particular shape

You've made a pact to stand against Jesus
Disintegrating all Saints from seeing
Wicked ways are in all ways the cheapest
To ingress means whole-purity escapes

Human life is interwoven freely
Free will allows the mind to go deepest
When we take the path we take the steepest
Secreted in your invisible cape

To return is without guaranteeing
With mastery disposing us to die

I believe that beneath us is a rug
One that you delight in pulling away
Much like this rug our minds become feeble
And we begin to believe everything

Our moral and metaphysical ways
Begin to end as our shoulders will shrug
Entire atmospheres are grey for days
To open up our mouths yet not to sing

What we decide can often be lethal
A personal domain of hellbent maze
As we lose sight our lives become a daze
Of which no hope or light can often bring

Our deception is your favorite drug
When we feel at our worst you are gleeful

The seeker of hidden knowledge must keep
A balance like the Hermit's inner peace
Otherwise the journey will fall victim
To flowing currents of hateful power

Like a wolf in sheep's clothing you have fleece
To hold on to our light is to succeed
Pull back the reigns of life commanding "Cease!"
Do not fall from your enlightened tower

Satan is a trickster sent to sicken
Our ability to wager disease
To believe that he exists is to please
Negative energy to devour

The best part of me is only asleep
Isolation has become addicted

Prince of Darkness, Antichrist, King of Hell
Appearing to the blind slave of instinct
You have no sovereignty be gone from me
I confront thee I am ready and still

Lucifer, Angel of Darkness extinct
You do not know my spirit guides that well
Distraction is what makes you so succinct
I have no desire to go downhill

Your downward spiral was a slide to see
How you manipulate what others think
Mephistopheles, Archfiend of distinct
Measures to tear others down you conceal

I dispel, I kiss forever farewell
Rest quietly in harmony dreaming

A lullaby for you I have written
On my heart as ancient as Egyptians
The Vedas and Sumerian temples
Will embrace you even in rejection

Your actions are despised in omission
I believe your bitter self was bitten
Release your broken spirit condition
Open your eyes and arms to affection

We can all be as one in one vessel
There are good folks and there is suspicion
Prayer of my song, a hymn of permission
Release thy tortured ways to connection

Evil drifts up, Listen, Listen, Listen
As our bodies fill with light and tremble



Poetic Form | Turco Bref Double
Jul 10, 2014

He is not a
Little man
With red skin
Horns and a sharp tail
He is beautiful
An angel
He used to be God's


#teen   #devil   #youth  
*I sat with the devil,*
Oct 22, 2014      Oct 22, 2014

He had..

Bright eyes.
Soft hair.
White teeth.
Dark skin.


Alluring voice.
Aesthetic body.
Infectious laugh.
Esoteric mind.

He was..

Cut from a different cloth.
The one everyone wanted.
Forever dominating my thoughts.
The reason I had to live.

And when we ended I realized that..

I sat with the devil,
I laughed with the devil.
I danced with the devil,
I slept with the devil.

I fell in love with the devil man,
Please believe me.


dedicated to the one  who owns  my mind.
#love   #life   #devil  
in her younger years she befriended the devil
bouhaouel zeineb

there was once a lady
with a heart as cold as the snow
feared by both humans and demons
in reality
in her younger years she befriended the devil
and now they are inseparable
they lived together in the darkest shadows
in the most sinister of forests
she was his muse his protegé
he was her knight her lover
they were like Bonnie and Clyde
partners in murder
partners in chaos
he swallowed her innocence and her purity
and replaced it by a beast that can't be tamed
thirsty for blood and obsessed by murder
she was like a burning wildfire with only one desire
to devour the weak and kill the innocents
she was a warrior but without a noble purpose

#darkness   #devil   #madness   #murder  
the devil kept calling my name
Belle Victoria
Belle Victoria
Feb 22      Feb 23

don't say my name out loud
don't speak to me like you do

my love for you was pure
the most real thing I have ever felt
but you had the nerve to screw me over
not even once not even twice

thanks to you I didnt wanted to breathe
my heart was dying and my soul was weak

the devil kept calling my name
and after a while, I gave in.

If my name was different would u still love me
#love   #depression   #alone   #story   #best   #devil  
ing to an ugly beast..A servant for the devil..A black slave with a lost heart.. who
Apr 30, 2014      May 2, 2014

I’m turning to an ugly beast..A servant for the devil..A black slave with a lost heart.. who are tortured by his lord.. A torture have never been seen or heard.. a lord who let his servants choose a path between light and darkness.. servants are blind enough to dig in darkness to find light .. but is the servants are truly blind.. searching for Hop,promises.. But manipulated by the devil..

the devil wears puppy-print pajamas and waits out
Apr 4, 2014

the devil wears puppy-print pajamas and waits outside his vacant house for you to come,
the devil calls you only by the first syllable of your name and tells you your hair is the most attractive thing about you,
the devil gives you water in a coffee cup the first time you sit on his bed and accidentally spills it on you when he tries to kiss you,
the devil has eyes like the murky lagoons he told you he would visit with you,
and a scar the shape of a crescent moon on his forehead.

the devil leans up against the wall and asks, "why are you doing this to me? you're making me feel so guilty."
the devil doesn't pay his phone bill and ignores you when you say you need to talk,
the devil calls once, twice, a few times, once at 12:45 when you swore he wouldn't call, and never again,
the devil moves houses and forgets to warn you that he lost his heart in the process,
the devil doesn't care that they drained the lake near his house,
the devil doesn't notice that they took his fucking heart with it when they did.

Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans
Sep 13, 2014      Sep 13, 2014

When you see Satan tell him I said, "Hi, I'm sorry I haven't spoken in a while but I've been talking. I've been talking to God and he has so many stories. But yet none of them seem true. We never really hear your side of the argument."

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