David W
David W
Jul 7, 2014

Sweat-drenched and weary,
Tilling — and earthy labor —
Now a day’s work done

A Reflection On My Day
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Those among rocky soil are shallow and cannot take hold
Feb 7, 2015

The seeds of truth and love and light are scattered all around
Some among thorns and rocks or on the path, but some will find good ground
These are the conditions in which our souls can be found
Those among rocky soil are shallow and cannot take hold
When the heat is on in life they wither truth be told
And at times it seems they act distant mechanical and cold
Amidst the thorns and weeds the souls that fall
Find their deaths in the earthly siren’s call
Thirdly they that fall on hardened soil build up a rugged wall
Response to pain or suffering one creates a shield
For fear of getting hurt again but needing to be healed
Difficult to break through or down to deliver truth revealed
Finally the soul that falls on fertile soil and grows deep root
Healthy and pure they bear plentiful and beautiful fruit
This can be our destiny and our lives can follow suit
At different times in our life our souls can be
Any one of the soul’s soils you see
But we can choose and act any of these
So let us strive without end to find good soil not to break but to bend
Not to weaken but to heal not to tear but mend and seal
Set your seal upon us Lord and help us have the strength and grace
Sign your name upon our hearts as we sign ourselves with the father son and holy spirit
Deliver us from temptation and sin to your heart Oh Lord and we pray for our soul’s deliverance


I feel that most people are basically good
and the remainder should just be tossed
into a giant wood chipper
because good people should compost
to save our planet.

Like pissing in drinking water
Your lips were soiled when we kissed
I've got no more expectations
But at least I'll die an optimist

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Oak sprouts from soil,
Madison Cosby
Madison Cosby
Nov 27, 2014

Oak sprouts from soil,
leaves dangiling on the tree,
Sit, and watch happen.

#haiku   #change   #tree   #weather   #leaves   #changes   #soil   #leaf   #oak   #oaktree  
Raghu Menon
Raghu Menon
Aug 2, 2015

I like the dark
The dark skies
The dark ocean
The dark forests
The dark soils
The dark nights
If there were no dark
We will never understand
The meaning and value
of Light..

#life   #dark   #night   #light   #value   #forests   #soil  
richly feeding the soil from where I stand.
Tonya Maria
Tonya Maria
Jul 9, 2014

A flood of emotion
Is pouring out of me
  But it gently flows,
  meandering down rivers and streams
richly feeding the soil from where I stand.

The blues play with soulful repetition
As they replace my woe with rhythmic comfort.
This rhythm causes the stones to harmonically groan  
yellow dew tipped flowers to empathetically sigh.

This place is my paradise for today
I firmly plant my bare feet into her soil
Deeply breathe in her sighs and melodies
I am here,
the most southern place on earth.

#peace   #blues   #soil  
I have found soft soil in secret parts of your body
Apr 28, 2014

I have found soft soil in secret parts of your body
Pushed it back with my fingers, stuck underneath
My finger nails and unearthed lore of lands and
Spirits that run around and make me realises how much
I miss your stupid face when you’re not digging up my weeds

#stupid   #secret   #body   #weeds   #spirits   #soil  
When I met you the soil was wet
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Jan 4, 2015

When I met you the soil was wet
Underneath cloudy skies
And so were your eyes.

Now it's the summer,
everything is dry
You must say goodbye.


#eyes   #summer   #say   #dry   #skies   #wet   #met   #beneath   #soil   #cloudy  
Let the soil of this earth obsorb me and make me who
Feb 12, 2015

I'm home when the only sound kissing my ears is the wind.

I'm home when the only shoes on my feet are rushing grains of sand.

Let the air take me and spin me.

I want to feel the trees on the tips of my fingers and the sap stuck on my palms.

Let the soil of this earth obsorb me and make me whole.

Take me home.

#life   #home   #earth   #soil  
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