Against the wind
my back's been turned for good
I've found me

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i'm frozen
Kayauna Rose Freeman
Kayauna Rose Freeman
Apr 6      Apr 7

pull my lighter out
and smoke me
i'll unfreeze
and put you at ease
watch my water melt
that's what i thought i smelt
now hit me
hit me

get that high
you get me?
i'm saying what i mean
it gets harder every time
but this is how we get along

i'm frozen
now hit me.

#hard   #smoke   #high   #frozen   #hitme   #gethigh   #imfrozen   #lighter  
I'm frozen....
Cameron Williams

A frigid night--
the frosty air.
I shiver in the wake..

My fragile, numb fingers
attempt to touch my face.

I'm frozen....

The crisp, biting wind
gusts violently toward me..

I exhale a visible breath
and trudge onward
over the frozen lake.

#lake   #cold   #freezing   #picture   #air   #wind   #frozen   #visual   #scene   #frigid  
eliza bonnet
eliza bonnet
Apr 26      Apr 28

I'm so sick of counting all the minutes as I continue to go no where
Retracting my steps
Moment by moment in my head

What Ifs
Will never go away
But i want nothing more
than to leave this place

#sad   #pain   #leave   #help   #thought   #miserable   #frozen   #place   #retracing  
Patrice Diaz
Dec 8      Dec 8

Skin as white as snow
Her heart, ice cold
Everyone looked at her in fear
She decided that she couldn’t stay here

Like the wind,
She fled
In the blizzard,
She disappeared

Everything she saw;
Everything she touched
Froze in its place
Glowed as she stayed

Each creation, different each time
Not one in itself was the same
All her creations were just like her:
A snowflake: just as unique.

she was a frozen child
nichole r
nichole r
Jun 18

she was a frozen child
for all eternity.

her bones were strong
her skin still soft
her hair always silky

even though she was six feet underground.

#death   #child   #frozen   #killed  
I'll always be frozen
Kerrigan Reyes
Kerrigan Reyes
May 1      May 2

The cold
is too close for comfort
The hot
is too far away for love.
The warmth
is never there
despite how hot
I turn the shower on
I'll always be frozen
from the outside in.

#cold   #warmth   #hot   #frozen   #shower  
*Beware of frozen hearts.*
Arushi Prasad
Arushi Prasad
Mar 24      Mar 25

A little essence of vanilla
Icy lips
Blue ribbons.

Beauty that brought men to their knees,
Fury like cold rain.
The thunderstorm rages on.
Born in the break of dawn,
Raised by the snow.

Beware, warned the dwarf men.
Beware, screamed the wind.
Beware, sang the stars and moon, she preys on warmth.

Beware of frozen hearts.

#beauty   #ice   #snow   #hearts   #frozen   #beware  

Loving you is like lifting a spoon to my lips
it's bowl full of ice cream
sugar and milk sweetly, softly melt upon my tongue
each mouthful reducing in wonder
the taste eventually forgotten until my porcelain vessel lays empty
in my hands
and I ache for more
but my imagined aches harden into reality
as my body reacts in horror at the offering I have brought its enemies

Just as when your face is no longer present to grace my vision
I long for your return,
yet realize how utterly vain is my infatuation for you
Let it go . . .
I wonder if it would be stupid to anonymously send this dude a poem about him.
#pain   #crush   #infatuation   #frozen   #will   #vain   #cream  
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