i'm frozen
Rosaline Kayauna Swenson
Rosaline Kayauna Swenson
Apr 6      Apr 7

pull my lighter out
and smoke me
i'll unfreeze
and put you at ease
watch my water melt
that's what i thought i smelt
now hit me
hit me

get that high
you get me?
i'm saying what i mean
it gets harder every time
but this is how we get along

i'm frozen
now hit me.

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**This is from the movie *Disney's Frozen***
Mar 27      Mar 28

This is from the movie Disney's Frozen
Only an act of true love
Can thaw a frozen heart.

Just watched the movie Frozen. It's beautiful. And I LOVE Olaf. <3 <3
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*Beware of frozen hearts.*
Arushi Prasad
Mar 24      Mar 25

A little essence of vanilla
Icy lips
Blue ribbons.

Beauty that brought men to their knees,
Fury like cold rain.
The thunderstorm rages on.
Born in the break of dawn,
Raised by the snow.

Beware, warned the dwarf men.
Beware, screamed the wind.
Beware, sang the stars and moon, she preys on warmth.

Beware of frozen hearts.

#beauty   #ice   #snow   #hearts   #frozen   #beware  
So I finally saw Frozen
Ashley Spence

So I finally saw Frozen
Okay, it's pretty fun
But I really don't see why it's gone
Crazy with everyone.


Entering my house, I release a sigh of relief -happy to be home. Only, as I exhale,  a billowing wisp of white departs my lips; as if I had somehow absorbed the Winter outside, leaving me arctic.

I sometimes long for that,
for a coldness inside,
a perfectly icy stillness -a chill that would numb
all of the bad feelings,
and freeze all of the bad thoughts.

The blistering winds have weathered me down to the frozen shell before you.


Happy birthday, princess.
Soon everything will be frozen.
Sharina Saad
Sharina Saad
Jun 30, 2013

Sitting here numbly...
Tears are freezing
heart and soul... in hibernation..
Soon everything will be frozen.

She Froze.
They Waited.
And With A Thud...
He Fell To The Ground

frozen with societal protocol
Jan 10, 2012

I stood there
frozen with societal protocol
and, of course,
The artificial candle flicker
of the subway windows
illuminated my eyes
as I stared into the car
looking for
an assured lost cause.
But there you were–
all softness and light
contrasting with the
harsh cold
I stood in
frozen while your subway

Clear and slick and frozen,

Clear and slick and frozen,
The ice coats the ground,
The trees, parked cars,
And any tangible thing around.

My breath makes the air visible,
Just for a moment; it’s 25 below,
And I am frozen, chilled to the bone,
Shaking everywhere I go.

The city is an ice sculpture,
Glistening, so beautifully hazardous;
Frozen solid, doomed to melt –
An existence quite precarious.

The sun is stunningly silent today;
Does it believe its fate has been chosen?
I don’t miss it now, I suppose, but only
Because I’m enchanted by all that is frozen.

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