Tom St Aubyn
May 28, 2014

Wrapped in steel

Perfect posture

All pushed up

Beautiful to see

Lucky tow truck man

But far more lovely


Harold r Hunt Sr
Jun 26, 2014

Joe was a man in town that did pretty much of everything.
He was the sheriff, and the butcher, he hauls food to the neighbors.
Joe also was working on cars and trucks, pumped gas if you needed some.
Joe had an old tow truck, red in color to match the fire truck.
The tow truck was joes pride and joy.
He made money at the county fair.
He would be tow for miles around. But on race at the fair is where you would find old Joe
They say old Joe died the other day. Just days after he parked the old tow truck.
Joe the handy man.

Feb 26

in peripheral vision lives a little all seeing wizard
wand in hand he waves in apostrophes
but if like me you are we ignore
go on a merry path until;
the sun seems to no longer shine again,
handcuffs get slapped on,
the electricity goes off,
some quick tow truck finds your title loan ride,
or you wake up....

Lu Sun
Lu Sun
Feb 2, 2012

Push on
Keep pushing on
If you happen to break,
Call a tow truck to help you up

Push on before it's too late
Push on, this gas won't last all day

Brittle bones, they might hurt one day
Push on, before you are in your grave.

Jul 27, 2012

Fuck you very much,
Indian tow truck driver
Now I owe my aunt.

Yes, I saw the sign
And yes, you are an asshole.
I guess we both are.

Fucking money, man.
It's not like I got a lot.
And now I owe more.

Fuck you, native friend.
You were just doing a job.
I'm just pissed off now.

the boy’s mother is biting off less than he can chew.  her insomnia

has put her inside a worm
her body
to fill.  her milky eyed


revs a tow truck
to death

in a heavy fog.  it is possible, humanly




there’s nothing
to see here.  that her god


is, in a sense,
seizure activity
in the boy’s




michael gagain
michael gagain
Apr 28, 2013


• by michaelfixer
• 15 hours ago, Apr 27, last seen 2 minutes ago
• © michael gagain

i'll make him an offer he can't refuse....

he must understand the is used

i been here before...can't do it again

the car is a clunker

my wife called it a junker

i will go back to the ads...

and set my sights on a jag

before i give this fool my cash hundred bucks

in that case i will try my luck

if it does not work

or i get it stuck in the muck

i'll and get a tow truck

Author notes

Feb 27, 2013      Feb 27, 2013

If life is a highway, what's the number for AAA?

'Cause I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere,
my tires are stuck in mud of insecurities,
windshield cracked with the force of self-doubt
and the meter is nearing "E".

I need a tow truck,
to lift me out of this mess and
pull me out of this metal debris.

And sure,
I'll have to lug that piece of **car
but at least I'll have some help
getting it home safe.

Inspired by the words of the bus driver who takes me to work every morning: Tow trucks - the people who lift you up when you think life's got you beaten and down.
Mo Frederickson
Mo Frederickson
Jan 24, 2014

If your car could talk,
It would speak of shirtless days
And pantless nights.
It would wince,
Remembering our voices,
Out of key and raised on high
Singing to every song we know.
If your car could talk,
It would cry
Thinking about when
We broke its little window
With a tow truck hook.
It would seethe
Remembering how we dismembered it,
Trying to start it without a key.
If your car could talk,
It would tell the world
Of our long drives
To destinations we never reached,
And our need to kiss
At every stop sign and red light.
Oh, dear,
If your car could talk,
It would tell on us.

For Trevor
Julian Dorothea
Julian Dorothea
Aug 1, 2013      Aug 2, 2013

loneliness clings to me like wet paint
so I walk the streets at night
leaving behind neon footsteps

traces of your absence
color the asphalt
blue on black
the wind is cold
but at least it touches me.

I have grown more intimate with the rain
you are unfamiliar.

my brother's phone vibrates
and I remember when the sound
was once

I am lonely
and I am sorry for this.

I hang on you like a noose
I am the weight you drag
the useless end of a tow truck

I know I shouldn't need you as much as I do
it is unhealthy
it is unfair

kill me.

like all parasites,
I must die
so you can explode like the amazing fireworks display you were always meant to be
or burn burn burn, you infinite star..

spontaneous. needs editing. suggestions?
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