Clean air
Soak it in
It is free
Let this sink in
We are free
I do not have to ask
I do not have to say it again
All we have to do
Is think it is possible
And we'll see
Pluck out the anxiety
Hold it
Accept it
Because it knows not who or what
It really wants to be
Erase the uncertainty
Turn it into a seed
Plant it
Breathe deep
We are free

15 April 2016 (3:33pm)

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John Kore Ajibola
John Kore Ajibola
Feb 26, 2014




in a room full of my friends
and yet
i am all alone
and  i am so tired of feeling this way
this constant sense of inadequacy
constant need to prove my worth
fuck it
i don't owe you anything
i don't owe you an explanation
i don't owe you evidence of how 'cool' i am
fuck you for thinking that way and honestly just fuck off
I'm tired of caring so much for people who can't even summon up a fuck to give about me.
i am just so tired and exhausted of this constant marathon that is school and the constant race to be the most popular or the hottest or the smartest
i don't even care if my crush likes me back
i just want to be free from expectations and worries
free to live life the way i want to without fear of judgement and just free
from you.

a mish mash of thoughts and feelings that I have had over the past few weeks
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Shivani Lalan
Shivani Lalan
Mar 27, 2015

And lights.

She looked a little pale
In the yellow light.
The spots had been
Changed to white.
And when the white
Couldn't hide her pallor,
She asked the makeup
To put on a brighter colour.
They didn't ask if she had eaten.
They tried once,
Came back browbeaten.
"Diet only for ma'am"
Her abdomen perfectly satisfied;
Her soul craving for more.

And camera.

The perfect shot
Ended with a sweeping glance
Across the set
At her hero all decked
In the knightly splendour.
She was a princess whom
He saved from a dragon.
Little did anyone know
That after a day's worth
Of angry cameras panning
Her face and scrutinising her life,
She needed saving
Mostly from herself.

And action.

This time, a thriller.
She walks down the corridor set
- Director's thumbs-up,
To hunt down the culprit
Who snatched her family.
She gives the perfect action sequence,
Complete with blood trickles.
"An award winner, surely."
She is done with the shoot
And heads home, her van.
Someone is waiting.
He had been waiting since she left
Him that summer.
Waiting for an excuse, at first.
Then acceptance.
Then forgiveness.
She gave it her best performance,
But could not fake the relief
When he approached with an apology
And a gun.

In my series of pieces based on social problems, this is a poem about the life an actress battling something.... something that you can percieve in whichever manner you want to.
#sad   #stress   #free   #actress   #verse   #struggle   #options  
Colton Myhre
Colton Myhre
Jul 16, 2014

I don’t know what I’ll do when I walk out those doors.
Bathed in blue, with the persistent chatter in my mind:
I’m afraid, after all these years, I won’t know ‘stress free’
I can’t help but to feel that after all these years
Stress isn’t what’s on the plate in front of me
Or on the calendar before me
But in my mind.
It’s a mentality that doesn’t go away simply because I
walk a stage or receive a piece of paper
It’s hard not to feel,
that it’s not a burden on our shoulders,
but something in our blood.
After all these years, it’s hard to see myself free of the feeling
that hasn’t let go since.

I wrote this a couple days before my graduation. I couldn't have been more right. And I hate it.
Claire S
Aug 8, 2010

I started writing to spill out my inside
To imagine things without judgement
To tell hidden secrets to the world

I started writing for my happiness
To lift the world off my shoulder
if only for the time being

I started to write to feel free
Free of drama and stress
Free of pain and depression

I learned how to channel it into
this was my self expression

but soon the inspiration
the way i let go

and here I am now
left with feeling i can't describe
stuck with a cliche

CLAIRE all bottled up like a coke S.
Conner Dixon
Conner Dixon
Jul 11, 2014

The less you care, the happier you'll be.
Cause care means stress and I'm stress free.

Etymologise 13

but seriously make haste and be safe is what you need
ride on that donkey or fast noble steed. 13
Meggn Lily Alyssa
Meggn Lily Alyssa
Feb 27, 2014

I want a night of dancing
until our feet hurt
and we've touched in new ways

I want a night of loud music
until our voices are gone
and we can only hear the bass pounding in our ears

I want a night of staying awake
until the moon goes down
and we don't have to wake up in the morning

I want a night
where nothing matters
but the dancing
the music
and stress free
care free

Nov 9, 2011

Getting older sucks,
with all the aches and pains
and worries about growths
and tumours,
cancers and heart failure

my prostrate is fine,
thank you very much,
but can you check this mole?
this pain, this ache?
this over impending sense
of mortality knocking at the door?

the late night harrowing
discoveries guaranteeing
no sleep
until a call to the doctor,

the cutting back on everything
while increasing vitamin intake
exercise, stress free times
for self reflection
and discovery of ailments
and illnesses, inducing stress
increasing heart rate,
needing a drink to calm down
but not too much, as the liver
has already suffered enough

the days advance into night
and the night advances to day
and before you know it
it the sun sets one last time

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