I want to be wanted.
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher
Mar 31, 2014

I want to be wanted.
I want to be worth wanting.
To be desired, sought after, prized.
I want to be protected.
Not shielded, but jealously kept.
Not abused either... Just held.

I want someone to love me.

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Stages and Ages
Stages and Ages
Jan 29, 2015

Truth: the heart has no fucking clue what it wants

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Ashes to Ashley
Ashes to Ashley
Apr 11, 2016

I wish I could pretend to want you as little as you actually want me.

Chloe Frayne

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Aug 1, 2015

one word from him
means so much more
than one hundred from you

// nothing to relive, its water under the bridge //
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Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson
Mar 27, 2015

You've become my light.
Hopes and future in sight.
You want me and I want you back.
Don't be so easily diluted.

You want want want.
So hard I've tried tried tried.
If its me you really want.
Understand I cease to be me.
If I'm yours stringent and exclusive.
In a vacuum don't suffocate me.
Let me breathe let us thrive.

I am a whole person outside of your clutch.
Its who you fell in love with.
Don't change me. Don't leave me.
All because I need to be me.

© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
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I want to be looked for- to be wanted so badly that people travel miles just
Silver Lining
Silver Lining
Feb 5, 2014

I spend so many nights starring up from my bed.
Gazing upon the plastic glow in the dark stars.
Vision blurs as I long to be staring at the real thing.
Or maybe- it's not so much that I want to see them.
Maybe it's I want to be one- I want to be a star.
I want to be looked for- to be wanted so badly that people travel miles just to get far enough away to see me properly. What a different feeling, to be wanted. To feel so loved and cherished. That's all I've ever wanted, I want to feel noticed. I want to feel loved. I want to feel like I'm worth something. I don't just want to be wanted. I want to be wanted by you. So tell me, will you travel away from it all to see me? Will you miss me when you have to return to civilization? No.. No you will simply stay where you are- not bothering to take a chance on something you can't see. But why would you? So many shine brighter than me..

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I love you
As a lover
As a friend
As a poet
As a trend
For the time being
And then on
I love you
For all that you are
And will be
I love you
Heart and soul
Mind and lungs
I love you

For you x
And all the beautiful tormented souls out there
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I have wanted you
Apr 6, 2015

I have wanted you
for so long
and with such hunger
that now I think
I would rather not have you at all.
For once you’re mine
I will lose that sense of longing
and there will be nothing to
fill the agonizing empty spaces
that time inevitably blows in.

I know it is strange
and slightly moronic
but I just want to want you
for a little while longer.

NaPoWriMo Day 5
Poetry form: Free verse
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