Aug 8, 2015

fuck fuck fucking hell
fuck everything oh my god
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

#life   #fuck   #me  
Max Alvarez
Max Alvarez
Feb 28, 2015

I want you
But do you want me?
I swear to god
It's always the same
Goddamn thing
You entice my nights
Then leave with the morning's light
Could it be
That every girl I meet
Should turn and leave
To go and be
With a man
Then smile at me
I'm just a crumbling leaf in the hands of every girl I meet
Fuck me

#love   #betrayal   #fuck   #me   #lovelost  
Syreena Phelps
Syreena Phelps
Jun 30, 2015

Wow. Way to go.
You fucked up once again.
You pick the worst timing.
You make everything so dramatic.
You pick at the tiniest things.
Wow. Way to fucking go.

You feel good about yourself?
You think you'll do better next time?
You think you can fix it?
You think it will fix itself?


I'm a fuck up.

Can someone please slice me open and let me bleed out, because I'm afraid if I tried, I'd fuck up. And the world doesn't need any more fuck ups.

I'm just pissed at Myself right now.

I'm soooo great. -.-
#depression   #hate   #up   #evil   #fuck   #me   #kill   #now   #blackness   #screw  
Mar 29, 2015

a simple fact
i was not good enough
for something i have wanted
since i could remember how to covet
so you know what fuck me
i guess i am
not good

#truth   #sad   #not   #good   #failure   #i   #fuck   #me   #am   #enough  
Jul 9, 2015

he's the kind of jackass
that tells you you're not special
without actually telling you
because he gives everybody
his 'fuck me' eyes
but you wouldn't want
to ever be special for him, anyway

#eyes   #of   #telling   #fuck   #me   #kind   #anyway   #without   #actually   #jackass  
Daniel Tracy
Daniel Tracy
Jul 28, 2016

FUCK YOU. You constantly just baby the Mothefucker and the second he does wrong you tell the person who he acted like a dick to, to quit being so mean. What the fuck is wrong with you. I've been called fat and ugly by some many of my family members it's not even funny. Fuck I didn't eat for about a month to lose weight. My bad I did I just made myself throw up after I ate so I could at least reassure myself I wouldn't be fat forever. I even got a girlfriend but that only lasted a brief amount of time. She made me feel so bad about myself so she could go fuck a better looking guy then just expected me to forget it. That basically shattered all of my confidence and unleashed all of my insecurities even more-entries from an ugly fat kid

#hate   #up   #fuck   #me  
Isabella Rossi
Isabella Rossi
Jun 20, 2016

I should stop calling these thoughts
I just really like you is all
And I'm afraid I'll fuck things up
Like I always do
By telling you how I really feel
Or showing you every single thing
I've written about you
Cause that's how it's always been
Every romance ends with a poem
Instead of me
In their head
Or in their bed

#feelings   #afraid   #bed   #romance   #fuck   #me   #dumb   #head   #morning  
Sep 15, 2015

One simple word,
but it means so much more.
You are my master,
And me your pet
your slave
your whore.
The things you do to me..
I cant help but want more.
Push me down
Tie me up.
Tease me until I beg.
Please, please.
Oh god please fuck me master.
I need you,
I crave you.
Please master.

#whore   #fuck   #sex   #slave   #begging   #master   #ds   #fuck-me  
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