Women have lost patience with polite men in post-feminist society.

May 13, 2014

Fuck me for being so weak.
Fuck me for falling in love with every girl who shows me the tiniest bit of attention.
Fuck me for giving in so easily.
Fuck me for wanting to please others.
Fuck me for being too nice.
Fuck me for not loving myself.
Fuck me for thinking others would be nice to me if i'm nice to them.
Fuck me for trusting people too easily
Fuck me for not thinking more.
Fuck me for being so weak.

Nov 13, 2014

Im ever so horny
I need you bad
Every time you fuck me
It feels so rad

I need to fuck.
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Amanda Goodness
Amanda Goodness
Dec 7, 2013

Its 3am and I'd rather be somewhere else.
I  made a veggie burger.
And ate a jar of pickles.
And thought about crying,
But I didn't want to exert the energy.

fuck fuck fucking hell
fuck everything oh my god
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

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Grace Jordan
Grace Jordan
May 31, 2014

Fuck me.
Here I go again, meeting a blue eyed boy and tripping myself into a trap, catching feelings and getting infected more than I should. His tremendous fingertips tuck against mine, making mine tremble in a way I forgot they could. My fingers are dwarves against his, trying to hold onto something tangible, something real, as he breathes heavy air my way and I giggle, unable to handle the seriousness.
Fuck me.
Because this is serious. We laugh and poke and prod and joke but when I look into his eyes, I know. I know for once this is something far more serious than a fling, than dating, than any of it. He is my friend and we are standing here bare to each other and we are not turning away, not hiding unto ourselves, we are basking in the glory of each other's nakedness and loving it.  
Fuck me.
Each time he touches my side I feel a flutter and a yearning that I haven't felt so strong in a long time. He is touching me, and kissing me, and each moment I wait for the next touch, the next kiss, I go crazier and crazier. I crave his hands on mine, on my body, on all of me, and I can't handle it.
Fuck me.
Pull me down onto you and make me feel something I've never felt before. Make me forget all those other boys to the point only you exist and I exist and that's all that matters. Make me feel beautiful naked. Make me real. Make yourself unforgettable.
Fuck me.
I'm falling in love with him.

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Why don't you see the monster within?
My god, just look at my sins.
Why don't you listen, do I have to scream?
Just let go of your ludacris dream
I've become far worse than bile
Take a look at your fucking denial
I'm a little disease
I'm too hard to please
Spit in my face
I'm such a disgrace
I'm a stupid cunt
I can't look in the mirror without feeling disgust.
Fuck my libido, wouldn't you know
It's done nothing but cause you pain and woe.
I'm a perfect actress, to have lead you on so well.
God I hope you can get out of this hell...

I wrote this. Please don't steal this. If you wish to post this elsewhere PLEASE ask me first.
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