has the wold changed.
My Freedom
May 1, 2015

look up
and I find
the world has changed.
has the wold changed.
Or have I?

a wold desire.
Dec 25, 2015

it was love for which
i would aspire-
a brash romance
a wold desire.

Slogging through
the muck and mire,
our connection
set my soul on fire.

i thought it wold last

for seven years
we kissed
so many days,
i thought it wold last
your kiss
till the end
your kiss
splits me open
your absence
kills me
kisses me, haunting
and faded
i cry
for what i did not

Our wold is torn apart
Aug 8, 2015

Alright society
Your cage is officially suffocating
Our wold is torn apart
It's exhausting
Living in this concrete war zone
Now I see a society of bones

#war   #life   #society   #darkness   #bones  
mik me pollute wold and kill wold like you, yes?
Raj Arumugam
Raj Arumugam
Oct 17, 2010

me no spit English, me no no Englis, OK?
me barbarrrian, why u one me speak Englis?
u teach me inglish then u want me slave, ya?
u teach me englis and mik mee go from nuture,
from da trees and de lakes and hum of me ancesdors, ya?
and you teach me englis
glive me your stinkin additudes
mik me pollute wold and kill wold like you, yes?
I del u, me spit no englis but sdill u offer skolarsips
and mik me shange name, and then tick on Englis name, ya?
then peeple call me englis name like tom, prick, hairy
or my wife become susan or margate
and me become kristian, yeah?
why I say no englis still u want to tich me englsi
and give me book and mi say, mi say,
luk at my nikid bady laik da die I was born
liiiv me one
don't tiich me englis
or wan day I will kurs and swera in inglis
like who, who, who, like that monster I hard play story
is he nime Caliban, yeah?
me barbarrbaian, dun't mike i civilized like u;
me no no inglis;
me happi with me lunguge and me hum
and my trees and likes and annncesdral places¦
I no wants to spit engilsi and khanges my name and culturte!
and un I no wan to go fom humen!
leave me lone wan, I say! me no spit englis!
or I put u in pot if you no go!

on haaw englsi changasz lifvez and woold
my poems for constructive criticism, I wold LOVE your help
Aurora Grey Darling

I would just really like someone to help me with a poetry book
If you have any connections or advice for me I would love to hear from any one
Please if you have any type of advice or anything. or maybe look at my poems for constructive criticism, I wold LOVE your help

;sync,we can go  all over the wold todae
billy phang
Oct 28, 2014

Oh  what is it inside russsian, thy tendenes  i  love u .
An exqusite taste better than chicken sausages you are best cooked
by a motswana rib
i love the taste we give to all  humans in  sync,we can go  all over the wold todae

Ooooo u drive me crazy and turn me on ,u make me so high tht i could even tAlk to the rain

oh  eish  i will contiune nxt time

#i dnt  kwn wht to sai
mine wold too.
May 16, 2015

I think if your heart stopped beating,
mine wold too.
Our souls are so linked together,
I feel you when you enter the room.
Everyone ceases to exist
all my eyes see is you.

If death came knocking
I would follow you,
for a world where you longer exist
is a world I will no longer wish
to belong too.

This is my confession
my heart is bond to you.


*Amid the woodland and the wold,
Nov 7, 2012

Amid the woodland and the wold,
     There is a spot I love to go,
     Where faeries come and faeries show,
Themselves to me glimm'ring as gold.

They dance and twirl about the place,
     Hidden sequestered in thick brush;
     Darting about and ride a thrush,
And blush, they kiss me on my face.

Leading me to their own abode,
     They laugh and cheer up all my thoughts;
     Casting behind all of my aughts,
As on I follow, on I strode.

Looking about their village nigh,
     And all within me is so light;
     And all those gloomy thoughts are bright,
And rows of homes, I stop and sigh.

A little faerie sees me sad,
     And turns and flies up to my face;
     And then she gives me an embrace,
Which lifts my heart and I am glad.

"This spot I visit frequently,
     But never saw this sight before!
     Why is this so? Please, tell me more
I'll n'er tell, tis safe with me."

"We're not seen for lack of trust,
     People fail to believe we're so;
     Dismiss us as fake—off they go,
They never see our faerie dust."

"O, how sad is this awful thing,
     When adults fail to realise;
     That you are here before my eyes,
And I long to see you ev'ry Spring!"

"You believe and that's why you see,
     Things others won't for we remain;
     Invisible to their domain,
Come, follow me, let's cheerful be!"

They dance and twirl and sing a song,
     The elves and gnomes keep harmony;
     With a faerie enchantingly,
Watching my face the whole while long.

Amid the woodland and the wold,
     There is a spot I love to go,
     Where faeries come and faeries show,
Themselves to me glitt'ring as gold!


Thinking more of the Cottingley photographs and "The Coming of the Faeries," by Sir Arthur Connan Doyle.
© Timothy 7 November, 2012
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