in crimson hair flown wold
Jul 26, 2014      Jul 27, 2014

Looking down perched  lonely
shining 'bove forlornly
wondering, wandering orbit
in these thoughts so sore

Lost in contemplation
shorn in consternation
What kind, tidal forces, formed
this distant shore so stormed

Views of burning empires
flame swirled Caveat Emptor
Invested heart sewn soul
in crimson hair flown wold

Now stratosphered and feared
mood mountains moved, steered
round gargoyle sans mirth
searching thee from face fallen earth


it makes the wold so tranquil and fills me with delight

i like to watch the stars when they come out at night
twinkling in the sky shining oh so bright
such a peaceful feeling not a cloud insight
it makes the wold so tranquil and fills me with delight
shining round the moon like a pattern in the sky
with lots of little comets gently flying bye
everything so quiet in the night so calm
a sight i love to see that brings me so much charm

mine wold too.
6 days ago

I think if your heart stopped beating,
mine wold too.
Our souls are so linked together,
I feel you when you enter the room.
Everyone ceases to exist
all my eyes see is you.

If death came knocking
I would follow you,
for a world where you longer exist
is a world I will no longer wish
to belong too.

This is my confession
my heart is bond to you.


it is a strange wold
Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood
Dec 16, 2012

I smell dew in the air
yet the sun is setting
I see green of new grass
though first snow has fallen
I feel the sharp chill in the air
but the sun still shines
it is a strange wold
we live in

2013 © Natalie Wood
Never knew I wold love someone as much I love you
Essteicy Filion

Never knew I wold love someone as much I love you
never knew the words of love until I met you
my life  has been the best since I laid my eyes on you
and no matter how much we argue at the end
of the day it will always be you.

I'm the one which wait for the end of wold.
Apr 20, 2014      Apr 22, 2014

I once asked: What insanity mean?

An old man told me that:
All people are normal,
But few of them can see green horses.
Few of them can speak with walls,
Few of them can hear colors,
Few of them can see voices,
None is normal here, everyone is different,
None is insane, everyone around here think is normal

When there's none which can hear me,
I speak with stars,
Through my mind I speak with the entire Universe.

I'm the one which can change the world,
I'm the one which can stop wars,
I'm the one which wait for the end of wold.
I'm insane?

;sync,we can go  all over the wold todae
billy phang
Oct 28, 2014

Oh  what is it inside russsian, thy tendenes  i  love u .
An exqusite taste better than chicken sausages you are best cooked
by a motswana rib
i love the taste we give to all  humans in  sync,we can go  all over the wold todae

Ooooo u drive me crazy and turn me on ,u make me so high tht i could even tAlk to the rain

oh  eish  i will contiune nxt time

#i dnt  kwn wht to sai
And from the beech-trees on the wold
Oscar Wilde

The lily’s withered chalice falls
Around its rod of dusty gold,
And from the beech-trees on the wold
The last wood-pigeon coos and calls.

The gaudy leonine sunflower
Hangs black and barren on its stalk,
And down the windy garden walk
The dead leaves scatter,—hour by hour.

Pale privet-petals white as milk
Are blown into a snowy mass:
The roses lie upon the grass
Like little shreds of crimson silk.

the wold was spinning
Feb 13, 2014

she popped a few pills
and closed her eyes
going for a trip
experiencing a wild ride
she was tired of living
trapped in the grey
she fell down a hole
and gained a few shades
the wold was spinning
she felt upside down
she flew up too high
and got spun around
with weary limbs she
came back to earth
her tired feet found
balance in the dirt
her aching throat
whispered a sigh
she now saw the world
through kaleidoscope eyes

From winds that sweep the winter-bitten wold,—

Like labour-laden moonclouds faint to flee
From winds that sweep the winter-bitten wold,—
Like multiform circumfluence manifold
Of night’s flood-tide,—like terrors that agree
Of hoarse-tongued fire and inarticulate sea,—
Even such, within some glass dimmed by our breath,
Our hearts discern wild images of Death,
Shadows and shoals that edge eternity.

Howbeit athwart Death’s imminent shade doth soar
One Power, than flow of stream or flight of dove
Sweeter to glide around, to brood above.
Tell me, my heart;—what angel-greeted door
Or threshold of wing-winnowed threshing-floor
Hath guest fire-fledged as thine, whose lord is Love?

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