Ashli McKee
Dec 23, 2009

I’m not going to lie
There is a part
It makes me sad
Tares me apart
I know after all
You still care
We went through so much
Has to be something there
Please don’t leave
Not just yet
A little longer
Then I’ll face regret
Thank you for everything
The good and the bad
I’ll get up and move on
It’s just a little sad
Enough time has passed
I don’t think so much
Then I remember the feeling
Of your soft touch
I am not ready for you
Out of my life just yet
I constantly think of that day
When we first met
I’ll keep it inside
And you will never know
Just know one day
You used to make me glow
Goodbye Josh
I’m saying that for good
To be completely honest
I never thought I could
Good luck to you
I hope everything turns out well
I’ll walk away now

No Date
Ashli Jane

chizzy mark
Apr 15, 2015

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A Love For Hatred
A Love For Hatred
Oct 15, 2014

I guess I'm ready for this
Signed the papers with my tears
Didn't think it would hurt
After all these years

Friends now, like we never were
But erasing your name from mine
Even though I'm with someone else
I still think "what if we turned back time?"

You tell me you miss me
But you didn't want me when I was there
The saying is true, "you don't know what you got till it's gone"
Yet back then you couldn't bring yourself to care

Our house just wasn't a home
You were there but I was all alone
You worked all day, then with her all night
You never even answered your phone

Now I'm loved and adored
He holds me every night
Kisses me on my forehead
Tells me everything is all right

As soon as the paperwork is through
I'm marrying him after divorcing you
Love was a game I never thought I'd win-
But I did, and my prize is him.

#love   #ex   #sad   #marriage   #divorce   #heartache   #husband   #wife  
Aug 12, 2015

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Love Spells
Jan 16, 2014

My feelings are unsure, these I haven't felt before
My heart tears into two
People drawn apart
That too familiar feeling of being alone in the dark
As I think to myself, what have I done
With the quickness of the hand,
I take what I still love
And I run
I run away from what this means
Together forever?

I used to love me
I used to love us.
Married for all the wrong reasons
Who do we blame?
No happy future here
Just selfishness and shame
We used to be amazing
We used to be in love.
Now I have torn feelings, after each and every hug.

The tear no one sees
The ache no one feels.
Living in a lie,
Is this even real?
I've mixed so many emotions
Just trying to find love.
I lost myself somewhere
Somewhere I never wanted to go

PtAnand22 Ji
Sep 9, 2015

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the formerly-married couple's home. The ex-husband, who's always suspected the dark-featur
Kitty Ting

but you won't catch me doing it because of my secretive nature.
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Beebz The Queen
Beebz The Queen
Jan 22, 2015


     im sure weve all got one

     ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend

     ex husband, ex wife


     so much pain in just one word

     so much loss and so many tears

     im sure youve wished to end your life


     there are stories and laughs

     that you remember from them

     but theres no going back


     you can use ex for all you once had and lost

     ex happiness, ex joy, ex future

     without them, theres always something youll lack

#ex   #life   #pain   #tears   #cry   #loss   #happiness   #hurt   #joy   #wish  
Infamous one
Infamous one
Apr 1, 2013

My aunt gave me crap about forgiveness but she could only speak up drunk get out of here your wasting my time. My other aunt is a health freak years to late after her husband just because he's dead you don't have to go out of your way to our live him.
My aunt I'd divorced with a bf but she her ex husband around she is everything she said she wouldn't be. I don't have close uncles they bail or divorce my aunts but I don't blame them got leaving. Just because you talk loud doesn't mean your right.
I have a screwed up family on both sides of my decomposing family tree even though I see most of the jerks like weeds bothering the garden ruining the beauty

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