Oct 16, 2014

P- op

O- utstanding

P-  ops in your mouth

C- covered in salt

O-  usome

R- eal good

N- ice and tasty

Sarah Anne Webb
Sarah Anne Webb
Nov 12, 2012      Nov 13, 2012

Did you know...
That you are the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on.

That you are the first man
I ever loved.

All of your wrinkles
and your warm hands.

Your smile,
full of compassion.

My favorite thing in the world
Is to be squeezed by you,
For you to call me
your scallywag,
and ask me how life is,
tell me how wonderfully I've grown
and how proud I make you.

To walk into your home
and smell your sauce cooking,
the olive oil, garlic, and onions,
warm and simmering.

To wonder into your garden
pick spearmint leaves
and chew them,
leaving my mouth tingling and my mind refreshed.
I am a child again.

I have so many questions I want to ask you,
What was the war like?
How did you keep your smile?
Do you think of me often?
What did you feel when you first met her?
How did you maintain your love for so long?

What does life mean to you?
If there is anything important in life I should know,
can you tell me?

I am going to see you this week,
and when I do
I will tell you...

If there is anything important in life you should know,
it is that...

You are the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on.

Pop-pop had really dark skin.
Chase Graham
Chase Graham
Sep 15, 2014

Pop-pop had really dark skin.
Brown sunshine soaked within him and
heated up the prodded red kindling of a young heart.
Fingers were bruised
and cracked and torn along the palms
and insides and betweens of his nails.
Sometimes he would touch me
with those hands, pat heads
or rub backs. Brown leafy eyes
made sure to do most of the reassuring.
I don't remember a lot. Just a soft Delaware accent, and tattered overalls reaching up and around
a remedying belly where I would put my head.

#love   #nostalgia   #family   #simple  
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly
Dec 4, 2014

For my Pop Pop
I want to see you.
Even in your frailty
As your bones shake in the gentle wind like chimes
I want to be close to you.
Your flesh is nearly transparent
The veins in your face and the thinning of your silver hair
Make you look much older than the 71 years
That have left rings on your skin.
Some say you were a poor father
And an even poorer husband.
You never got along with my aunt
Your daughter
Your beam of light shining through the sidewalk cracks
And she began to shine for other people
But her brightness reflected off of ice
And I know her coldness is not merely human nature.
Pop Pop, why were you always so kind
To my sister and me?
It's like we thawed your hardened spirit
So we could see the softness lying underneath.
Funny how it's just natural
For a three year-old and a newborn to make a grown man crumble.
I don't want to think about the fact that you may never walk again
Because your disease can never steal where we've been
Although, perhaps mundane
Steak-and-Shake, our rented condo,
And plenty of barbecue spare rib joints later
All meant the world to me.
I wish I could say something other than
The last time I saw you was on my sixteenth birthday.
It's been over a year since you stayed in the Sunshine State
And I traveled home to my garden
Pop Pop, it was hard as the years went by
The only way we got to know you was through $20 gift certificates
And the static on the other end of the telephone
On birthdays and holidays.
I wish I had called you more
Because now it's hard for you to speak.
Daddy said you had a shotgun subtlety when you spoke
"How bout them Phillies?"
"Oh....the cancer spread."
"Have you been to a game in a while?"
Pop pop, now I'm the one who's shotgun subtle
"How's the hospital food?"
I'm scared I won't get to see you
"How are you feeling?"
I'm scared you won't get better
I love you, Pop.
I'm scared.

Feb 22, 2014

microwave turning
cooking a movie night snack--

written in 2012

Pop, pop,
Sigh a bit,

Pop, ponder -
Sip tea.

Pop, pop,
Pop some more -

Doesn't take much,
To amuse me.

© 2011 Elephants & Coyotes
Harold r Hunt Sr
Jun 6, 2014

Thump, thump, thump., thump, thump
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Weeeeeeeeeeee, plump.
You guess.

jonathan valonis
Jun 5, 2010

Pop, Pop pop, Pop, Pop, Pop pop, Pop,
Boom, Boom boom, Bfff, Boom, Boom boom, Bfff,
Shsh, Shsh Shsh, Ffwka ffwka ffwka,
Five, Four, Three, Two, Oooooonnnnnneeeee,
Boomdth, Boomdth, Boomdth, Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwochit,
Boomdth, Boomdth, Boomdth, Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwochit,
Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwoooooochhhhhhhhitttttt,
Now get down, I get down, Now get down, I get down,
Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhhhhhhhh,
Vooooooooo Booom, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede,
Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Uuuuuuhwaaaaaaaa

Joe Roberts
Joe Roberts
Oct 4, 2013

People take cover
at the capitol.
Unanswered questions.
Why ram
a barricade into
a luxury car?
A brief lock-down
as congress
unsuccessfully tried
to end the shutdown.
Stay away.

Arguably my first political poem, this is a found poem taken from the USA TODAY article, D.C. Incident's Motive a Mystery. Original article written by Kevin Johnson, Donna Leinwand, and Doug Stanglin.
John Cena
John Cena
May 14

in the bunghole
was a scattootle
scattootle bootle wootly?
bow wow slam dow sham wow
spow spow pow pow pop
pop pop pop
watchin nigga's drop

#nine   #did   #jews   #eleven  
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