i tried to stop your calcium intake so that you would never grow
Jun 20, 2010

i tried to stop your calcium intake so that you would never grow
i wanted you to shrink so that i could keep you in my pocket
and you could gnaw through the fabric and plunge onto my toes.

i would walk you everywhere that i go. you would see all that i see
eventually, you would be so small, you would crawl into my ear
and scratch through my skull.

you could infiltrate my thoughts and penetrate my nervous system.
and then maybe you could feel all that i feel and realise that’s it's you

"Calcium Phosphorus Oxygen Iodine Sodium Sulfur
Hiko zeRo-oNe
Hiko zeRo-oNe
Aug 5, 2014

"Calcium Phosphorus Oxygen Iodine Sodium Sulfur Tantalum Dysprosium. Oxygen Radium, Protactinium Radium Manganese Nickel Sodium Potassium Oxygen."

know what i mean???

With calcium sticks
Joshua Amos Graff

We are complicate
Beautiful water bags
With calcium sticks
Tiny members
Inverted sex
Smoking desire
Snorting up ideas
And vomiting
More complexity
Chunks of variety
With red wine
And clichés

like calcium and sunshine;
Bitsy Sanders
Bitsy Sanders
Apr 7, 2014      Apr 7, 2014

They say we need things
like calcium and sunshine;
I think I'd survive

without all that stuff.
Though I may wither away
without pretty words.

© Bitsy Sanders, April 2014
He traces calcium caked bones;
Mar 25, 2010

Of all the cracked sidewalks
The winding maze
Of everyone else's shattered city

He traces calcium caked bones;
Ribbon strips of dyed out dreams
Close your eyes, close your eyes!

Selectively seducing the spires of silence
Romancing the carnage soaked thoughts
Smiling all the while

additions to a calcium

a ruddy thrush of experience

artifacts your chest

opal sheers of lineage

marred by remains

of precise and careful

additions to a calcium


accented by a

lightning storm quicksilver


coursing across neck

and chest

a mark to guide

breaths of life into you

I swallow it for the calcium

breakfast cereal disintegrates between tooth and cheek like
andean snowflakes do underfoot where I go to get
gone from the day-in-day-out ladybugs on the ceiling

I swallow it for the calcium
it doesn’t taste like much

and they smell when they crash into the mirror

Calcium, Lithium, Cyanide
Jeffrey P Fidler
Oct 1, 2013

Fight your way through the skin and bone
into the abyss
this place I like to call
"My Home"
where the lights shut off
and yet
I never feel alone

Calcium, Lithium, Cyanide
Bones, mood, a place to hide
tear me up, burn me inside
And I won't forget your face

is to rid my body of all calcium
Aug 16, 2013

to love you
is to rid my body of all calcium

and fall limp under the
crescent of your
chin. I see how long your eyelashes
are when I look upwards

and they are so
pretty, you could not possibly
hurt me.

I hang my
bones on them, for you to water.

calcium calculations curling
norm milliken
norm milliken
Nov 28, 2011

Fibonacci Series

their bodies,
more suggestion than shape,
stretch then swell,
trailing slime
on sidewalks,

an eternity
of space to cross
from grass to grass.

then another
and another
undefine themselves,
wet antennae testing
air and sun,

shells slung on backs.
calcium calculations curling
ever inward.

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