Teeth, collecting all calcium of baby
Poetic T
Poetic T
May 24, 2015

Meant to be a friend of those of lost
Teeth, collecting all calcium of baby
Moments falling out to the moment
Of growing youth. Now soon to be
Turning from a time of innocence.

But calcium of those pure of heart
Were not adhering to nature, staying
In longer no longer the rush of what
Was. Now a slow season of teeth falling
A fairy of white need her rush.

Forbidden from youth a line not to
Be crossed, but those of aged youth,
Teeth for the picking, an abundant
Supply of the white stuff. a glint in
The eyes of the bleached pegs.

In sleep they purged with sandman
Dust, blooded gums of what was once
A set. Now but a blooded mess, so
Many white taken even the yellow and
Black, crimson bled from every mouth.

Beware her with hunger in her eyes, of
Blooded gums, she craves what fell from
Innocence, but now feeds on any  that
Are pure or tainted to get her rush, Sleep
Soundly all, and keep your mouth shut.

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We have calcium in our bones
Snigdha Banerjee
Snigdha Banerjee
Jul 2, 2015

We have calcium in our bones
Iron in our veins
Carbon in our souls
Nitrogen in our brains
94.3 percent stardust
With souls made of flames
We are all just stars that have people names

i tried to stop your calcium intake so that you would never grow
Jun 20, 2010

i tried to stop your calcium intake so that you would never grow
i wanted you to shrink so that i could keep you in my pocket
and you could gnaw through the fabric and plunge onto my toes.

i would walk you everywhere that i go. you would see all that i see
eventually, you would be so small, you would crawl into my ear
and scratch through my skull.

you could infiltrate my thoughts and penetrate my nervous system.
and then maybe you could feel all that i feel and realise that’s it's you

Scott F Hemingway
Scott F Hemingway
Dec 27, 2016

I walk along edge here
and meld her electricity
with sunset overhead

then sing those songs
I write fore bed again
when she feels overhead

where such a plan ready
shines inside my mirth
those attitudes my own insight

when she's startlingly cute
faint in her cry
it dances throughout another night

My Dearest Reno
My Dearest Reno
Jun 12, 2015

they would drag me over them rolling hills. the queasy, unease of my twisted body, so green and uncared for. searching for forgotten time, ajna calls and my frame, limp to each farm built upon strange dreams of marin. present the vine to child, for no harm comes the wrath of any year, a child all alone crying for play. appreciation and presentation, propagated through generations, to eat food of the land, now distorted and packaged to the poor to pretend. no holy cow would serve its time upon a plate and glowing fangs glare upon the child who is simply lost in all the rage. leave me be, for my malnourished body with sing with nature and attune to true love, as your fourth meal rots, stinks of limb, bloodied bones. sing no more of rolling hills of marin, windsor castle
constructed, move them in. i push my old self away, pick my long lost favorites tucked nicely away. part piedmontese i am, leave me to  my porcelain throne, the hippies have cashed in at the expense of drunken americans.  oh, save the land, it will burn like rome.

they used to drag me along from a tiny age. i have become a vini-pessimist. wine country was at one time, so long ago, quaint. the hippies sold out.
re having sleepless nights, blame it on calcium deficiency as a key calcium channel has
judy smith
judy smith
Jul 1, 2015

If you are having sleepless nights, blame it on calcium deficiency as a key calcium channel has been identified as responsible for deep sleep, says new study.

The study also gives us a clue to understanding both normal and abnormal waking brain functions.

"It is the same brain, same neurons and similar requirements for oxygen and so on. So what is the difference between these two states?" asked Rodolfo Llinas, a professor of neuroscience at New York University School of Medicine and a Whitman Center Investigator at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole.

To tackle the broad question of sleep, Llinas and his colleagues focused on one crucial part of the puzzle in mice, Marine Biological Laboratory.

Calcium channels, selective gates in neuron walls, are integral in neuron firing, ensuring that all parts of the brain keep talking to one other. But during sleep, calcium channel activity is increased, keeping a slow rhythm that is different from patterns found during wakefulness.

Based on this clue, the scientists removed one type of calcium channel, Cav3.1, and looked at how the absence of that channel's activity affected mouse brain function.

This calcium channel turns out to be a key player in normal sleep. The mice without working Cav3.1 calcium channels took longer to fall asleep than normal mice, and stayed asleep for much shorter periods.

Their brain activity was also abnormal, more like normal wakefulness than sleep. Most importantly, these mice never reached deep, slow-wave sleep.

"This means that we have discovered that Cav3.1 is the channel that ultimately supports deep sleep," Llinas said.

Because these mice completely lack the ability to sleep deeply, they eventually express a syndrome similar to psychiatric disorders in humans.Read more here:www.marieaustralia.com/green-formal-dresses | www.marieaustralia.com/yellow-formal-dresses

They are calcium degraded, then traded for rigid text.
Lendon Partain
Lendon Partain
Mar 18, 2013

The writings on white sheets,
of paper, meander into corners of peoples troubles,
hopefully they taunt correct hemorrhages that will impulse something.

I hope that when I write some person is confused.
Or else I've created no symbolism.

Ive created nothing of worth
more than it is.

This sallow fickle body I traipse in.
It's got bones filled with osteocytic stones to shape it.
They are calcium degraded, then traded for rigid text.
This body is hard and hollow.
Like bird bones.
Like the bonds between atoms.
This sick cadaver is nothing less.
Our cells become separate selfish entities,
incapable of helping themselves.
Indigent children with no child hostels.
With no help for the homeless youth of our own corporeal phantoms.

When the Aids takes us all,
The cancer takes its toll.
When the whooping cough kills our hopes.
When we die to our dreams of home.

We die all on our own.

The skin becomes parchment.

Some day these bones can be the frame to a poem of worth.
Hung in a rich mans house.
On his wall awkward awards adorned.
Creating what I never could by a poet who was as perfect as the others.

Now the calcium lies in me,
as I lie between sheets of this meat,
of human humus before it disintegrates,
to make plants much more beautiful;
but that calcium, that carbon will make a page.
That bone will make a frame,
and my frame will stand tall like the last building left in the earth.
As there are no more humans alive to see it.

The last iris of the universe will be. A sun.

Calcium in my diet.
David N Juboor
David N Juboor
May 11, 2015

Last night,
I spent 45 minutes
In the bathroom
Because my doctor
Told me I needed more
Calcium in my diet.

He says calcium
Will make my bones strong,
And if I want to grow up
To be as big as my dad
Than a hefty glass of milk
Should do the trick.

I'm lactose intolerant.
But to this day I wonder,
Is calcium the culprit?

When an infant's bones
Are crushed by tanks,
And all that is left
Is the dust,
That you wipe away
With the palm of your
Blood-stained hand,
On an unmarked grave
Too old to remember,
But it keeps on
Coming back.

Back to a time
Where potential meant
The possibility of
Developmental potency.
Not the supposedly
High capacity for

Like the flowers
In the spring,
Build their spine
From our breath;
Change is the
Life in our blood.
The minute an
Eighteen year old's
Parent's swallow the fire
Of an IED 6,032 miles away,
Believing their child fought for,


To make or become different.
To give or get foreign money in exchange for:
To remove a dirty diaper from a baby
and replace it with a gun.

Where do they run to?
When they discover church
is the only place
In a thousand miles
where they can find God.

Where do they run to?
Do they come to
Their officers
And their one-two's
Or their teachers
And their abuse
Of their textbooks
and their dictionaries
And their fictionary
Definition of


Something you find in your pocket.
Something you find in yourself.

Is not something
You can touch;
But it's something
You should want
To feel.

Not sure if finished or not.
#war   #loss   #change   #bones   #tragedy  
He traces calcium caked bones;
Mar 25, 2010

Of all the cracked sidewalks
The winding maze
Of everyone else's shattered city

He traces calcium caked bones;
Ribbon strips of dyed out dreams
Close your eyes, close your eyes!

Selectively seducing the spires of silence
Romancing the carnage soaked thoughts
Smiling all the while

calcium calculations curling
norm milliken
norm milliken
Nov 28, 2011

Fibonacci Series

their bodies,
more suggestion than shape,
stretch then swell,
trailing slime
on sidewalks,

an eternity
of space to cross
from grass to grass.

then another
and another
undefine themselves,
wet antennae testing
air and sun,

shells slung on backs.
calcium calculations curling
ever inward.

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