*AI, Moon Walk X"lll"X 15=10 and 5*
Ricci Moon ScottBCM

AI, Moon Walk X"lll"X 15=10 and 5


Though perception is interesting, how many was it really, wait, the joker never drank really? did he? damn, I forget. um, but I think I recall the riddler had , wait, maybe not. um,, way under the legal limit is below two , but did he, the joker, you know how he is. considering, wait, who was counting those things? what, one and what, oh damn. and we... what a turd this kat can be, wait, did he really, run the gauntlet just to show the world , oh shit, pull the skit, it is too rich, and he was spotted at the bank earlier speaking of laughing next time he visited. damn, writers and those skits. troublesome, and grrr, they forget to keep it clean. lol

A Moon Infused By Blue Hue
Debra Lea Ryan
Debra Lea Ryan
Jul 31, 2015

A Moon Infused By Blue Hue
Zoetic... Poetic...


#moon   #blue   #bluemoon   #blue-moon  
you were my moon,
Emily Watkins
Emily Watkins
Aug 13, 2014

you always had a pull on me;
you were my moon,
and I, your tide

many moonless nights have passed since the moment you decided it was over
the waves cease to crash against the shore


the vast, black ocean
waits for someone to wade in
swim around
and make her feel whole

#depression   #moon   #ocean   #break-up   #waves  
It’s not the same moon
Malintha Perera
Malintha Perera
Oct 20, 2014

It’s not the same moon
that you and I see
the moon is the moon
that we want it to be.

the moon is a picture
of our own thoughts
the moon will be
what we want it to be.

© Malintha Perera 2014

#moon   #dhamma  
Moon oh moon
Christopher Mata
Christopher Mata
Aug 31, 2014

Moon oh moon
Bring back those nights and higher tides

Drifting my love closer to shore
Instead of taking her away

Moon oh moon
Light the path we once walked together

Guiding us safely home

Moon oh moon

When you see my lover tonight
Tell her I said goodnight

#love   #moon  
Its pale moon,
Mar 30, 2014

Its pale moon,
and the lonely star.
sky filled with black.

But its the moon
waiting for me .

O, the moon,
You are mine
Not gonna lose you.

#lonely   #moon   #star  
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