Not knowing where to go,
or what time,
How do i know?

So damn confused
May 30      Jun 1

So damn confused
Not sure what to think
What to do...

Love my bestie
Crushing hardcore
Last night we talked

He held me, told me
He was attracted to me
I blushed, smiled, and giggled

He cuddled real close
Leaned in, softly kissed my lips

Now I'm confused
I don't know what to do
That kiss was unreal


Aikin The Deadman
Love him, not sure what to do...... x.x
Jordan Chacon
Jordan Chacon
May 31      Jun 2

I'm so confused
What should I do
Should I get a new
Or should I fight for you
You the one that has my heart
And has ripped it out multiple times
the pain the pain it drives
Me to a new but if I get this new
will it be a full relationship
Between me and her
or would it be a false love
That she would notice
maybe it's best to
Be solo until something
is presented to me
To convince me is
real and not just a romanticism

Now I'm with her
And you want me back
But I'm not too sure if I'm ready for that

#love   #confused  
May 12

when asked the question
I reply
by shrugging my shoulders
I don't know,
maybe I am depressed
or maybe I am just
maybe I need another cigarette,
maybe I need to pour myself
another drink
or maybe I need a half-naked
pretty young girl to fuck whatever
has clawed it's way into my skin
out and into the sweaty,
dark room I sit in,
so it can evaporate,
rid itself from my being;
no matter how much
I smoke,
the loneliness still carves it's
entire existence into my bones
like lover's names in trees,
it leaves blood stains
and leaves me longing
for so much

See through me, dazed and confused
Jul 15

See through me, dazed and confused
Watch as I disappear

yovanny andres
yovanny andres
Jun 23      Jun 25

i wish i had the money to afford a ticket to a tropical place and commit suicide under a beautiful tree while the sky's weeping and the wind's singing.
i want to have my blood crawling over the crumbling leaves and find its way dripping into the lake of soul.
roaming into the unseen depths, getting caught up into the whirlpools of crystals and blood, dancing.

I am confused.
Quincy Poitras
Quincy Poitras
Oct 17, 2012

I am confused.
I want us.
Then again,
I don't.

I'm confused
isabela maria
isabela maria
Feb 18, 2013

I can't quite make anything out of this
this mess,
I hoped time would help
it didn't,

I'm confused

I don't know what, or how to feel
and why should I?
I'm lost, drifting through space

I'm confused

And confused is all I know

my first poem, all comments welcome
I am confused.
May 20, 2013

I am confused.

I wonder,

Who I will love in the future.


I think about

who I have loved before.


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