See through me, dazed and confused
Jul 15, 2014

See through me, dazed and confused
Watch as I disappear

Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Sep 2, 2014

The dust of confusion hangs heavy in the air
Obfuscating the vision with thick veil
Until strong wind comes to clear it away

Monica's poetry
Monica's poetry
Jul 27, 2014


     You told me you loved me
      You told me you cared
       But you're not here
      Nobody's there to help my soul
      Heal from all the pain that haunts
     Me like a ghost,
         All I have is a bunch of questions,
         questions with no answers...

                       Or do I ?


My mind a endless tempest of confusion
Will it ever cease;
Will i find true peace
Of mind, mind this head of mine;

Another day goes on full of confusion.
Malice, hate towards myself;
About things i cant change
That easily;

Contemplation of ending it all;
Or should I go on, keeping strong.

Well I'm a "little" depressed about the situation of the relationships I have with my family.
So damn confused
May 30, 2014

So damn confused
Not sure what to think
What to do...

Love my bestie
Crushing hardcore
Last night we talked

He held me, told me
He was attracted to me
I blushed, smiled, and giggled

He cuddled real close
Leaned in, softly kissed my lips

Now I'm confused
I don't know what to do
That kiss was unreal


Aikin The Deadman
Love him, not sure what to do...... x.x

Not knowing where to go,
or what time,
How do i know?

Now I'm with her
And you want me back
But I'm not too sure if I'm ready for that

#love   #confused  
Apr 30, 2014

To darkness I loath, To darkness I surrender, For nothing like darkness keeps my deepest secrets safe, To light I apologize, To light that has faded, To darkness I walked, To darkness I have chose.

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