Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Mar 30, 2014

I was a superstitious kid
I didn't step on the cracks
I wonder how much I hid
Behind my parents' backs.

And in a tiny way I'm still
The same as I was then
A little girl in for a thrill
Afraid of what's around the bend.

I still wonder if the moon
Affects my moods and caprice
Maybe if I had more room
To breathe, I'd find peace.

Jun 29, 2014

I scribbled your number over, over and over again
on a piece of paper, hoping it would make you call
me once more and linger over a conversation longer
than two minutes and I swear I wasn't superstitious
like my mother who hated it whenever I broke mirrors
and walked under ladders; she said I was such an idiot,
I think it's catching up with me like the salty wind to our
skin during the first night you kissed me and said I was
pretty decent and it's okay if I scribble your number a thousand
more times just to hear you say that again.

Jun 30, 2014

i should've listened to my mother
when she was talking to me about omens and premonitions
like how the glass slid off the tabletop that day
and i went out anyway

i should've listened to my mother
when she was talking about lucky numbers and feng shui
like how we met on friday the thirteenth
"mom, you're being cheesy, there's no such thing."

i should've listened to my mother
when she was talking about colours and hell
like how black skies were signs of demons
the ones that aren't quite like the ones in my head.

i should've listened to my mother
when she spoke of trembling hands and death
like how i shouldn't have left an hour earlier that day
because the dishes broke in the sink
and my father decided that wasn't a good enough reason to stay.

superstitions haunt our daily lives whether we admit it or not.
and i'm scared that this will happen one day.
it seems superficial.
but this fear eats away at me.
and you.
it scratches at your jugular veins.
one of the most personal things i've ever written.
Jul 24, 2015


The Superstition mountains
Have a mine, or so it's told
Its canyons echo riches
Many died in search of gold

Four rapacious desperados
Rode hard into its hills
In search of the Lost Dutchman
But it's said that his ghost kills...

They saw an onyx jaguar
Dark as a holocaust
It walked on ahead of them
When they found that
they were LOST

They saw Jacob's Ladder
Wraiths ascending to on high
They walked under as a good sign
But found this was a lie...

They saw a snow white owl
And asked it what to do
It stared at them with golden eyes
And simply answered, "Who?"

They found a wooden box
Carved with foreign runes
They opened It expecting gems
And found Pandora's DOOM

They heard coyotes laughing
As they closed in for the kill
Those bad men found no treasure

no one ever will

The mountains take their toll
As the outlaws will attest
The sky birthed out a Blood Moon
As they rode into the west...

(C) 7/24/2015

Many prospectors have died
Looking for the Lost Dutchman mine

Under mysterious circumstances...

Aug 14, 2015

i warned you
that saying
your wish
would keep it
from coming true,
but you assured me
that you already
had your wish
and told me

you wished
for me.

and look where
we are now.

#hope   #wish   #wishes   #luck   #karma   #1111   #superstition   #superstitions  
Premonitions and superstitions

A solitary solecism
An evaporating vision
Premonitions and superstitions
Withered hopes
Amorphous, insubstantial
Episodic swings
Digressions and detours
Evasions, deviations
Changing lanes
Accelerating and overtaking
Inhibitions colliding.

Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Nov 17, 2015

Paris was targeted on Friday the 13th,
It's an evil incident further defaming it,
Now would be bolstered the superstition,

My HP Poem #911
©Atul Kaushal
#sad   #the   #attack   #friday   #superstition   #paris   #911   #emergency   #13th  
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