sun sets
Kasaundra Watta
May 7, 2010

sun sets
eyes lock
one kiss
love unstopped
colors arrayed
across the sky
no lies
but then she dies

Summer sets,
John Ashton Upston

Summer sets,
Summer, Summer, Summer…sets
Summer sex,
Summer, Summer, Summer… sex

Summer sets in the sex of Summer,
Or is it sex that sets in the Summer of sets?
Can I have sex in your sets this Summer?
Or will Summer just set?

Let’s go back to basics,
Where the Summer just sets in the sunsets.
Autumn aspires to asphyxiate natures atoms
Because the Summer has set.

Oh let’s just have this last set of sex as our Summer fades and sets.
Make love to our least favorite song as the fire around us burns and resets.
Because tonight is the last night, that our Summer will set.

the idea left us dancing.

use what is already there,
make do and mend, linen

threads hang heavy, needles
preserved. small holes ready.

shall we mend the rags, or
pin them onto wool pads
ready for discovery.

these are the planning days,
the filming ways, of
lifts and wild imagininings.

the tabernacle wales.
the tannery.


Julia Low
Julia Low
May 5, 2012

Your words seem empty,

taking up space on

such a crowded page.

Toss them aside,

gently, so they might

live to see another meaning.

Pull them from their

roller coaster swing set,

the moods that you flip flop.

And I’ll work to get past

these empty words,

empty thoughts of us together.

Two sets
Miss Kiss My Bliss
Miss Kiss My Bliss
Jan 26, 2014

Two sets
one wet
one dry
I lick one set
the other between my thighs
wetness builds with each breath
awaiting our next
"little death"
I lick my lips
as I think of you
My lower set full of dew
Both sets responding to you
I could use some Chapstick
my smile is dry
no Chapstick around
so I reach between my thighs
I dip in and feel
wetness and want
Bring my hand to my face
and wipe off the dry
I lick my lips once again
I taste you
and it begins again
both sets a wanting
with you driving me insane
all this wetness
is yours to claim
kiss me fool
taste your mess
laugh with me
lay with me
try to rest
later I will tease you
do not protest
wetness in my walk
from hearing you talk
watching my heart beating in my chest
seeing my smile
as I let it go
YOU are the BEST!

Barton D Smock
Barton D Smock
Aug 7, 2013


fat legged

baby, propped in posture
by a stack of wet bricks
the flooded basement

provides     and provides



     baby, under foot

bedpan for the sadness
of the upright


I stand
to sleep

The sun sets
Experimental Habits

The sun sets
on the brokenhearted
down the street.

Dec 9, 2011

Summer was

warm, fluid breezes on tan skin,

laughter, and water, and blue sky

over us.

Summer was

fierce sun

blocked by shades,

heating half-dressed flesh

to perfection.

Summer was

grilled burgers & brats,

and a cold Coke,

with potato salad

on the side.

Summer was

soft evening air,

with the first stirring of mosquitoes

as we slapped and scratched,

and wandered home in the dark,


*The Sun Sets Slowly
May 15, 2013      May 15, 2013

The Sun Sets Slowly
On Another Beautiful
Day Like No Other.


© Timothy 14 May, 2013.
Time sets, it moves and it sings. It cries in sil
Marquis Hardy
Marquis Hardy
May 28, 2014

Time sets, it moves and it sings. It cries in silence in hopes to be heard. Darkness settles around our dreams with nothing but good intention. It is only misunderstood as ominous because we can’t see through its shield. Blocking away the unnecessary the darkness fights to actually show us what is important as we lie awake in the depths of our dreams; shielding us from the distractions we all tend to give our focus.

I see you standing there in a doorway reaching out to anything you can get your grasp on, waving, flailing, trying your hardest to not fall in the abyss of the unknown and the too good to be true. I then see all things being projected toward you, hurrying and fleeing to your side to save you now. The darkness begins to envelop my surroundings as far as the eye can see, growing stronger more full of nothing and seeming more ominous. I fight to stead my focus only to you, enhancing my speed of the walk trying to still remain calm through my thundering heart. Everything was shooting toward you, but you wouldn't grab hold… You latched on to me with your eyes and looked as if you would never let go. Regrettably I stopped… Only for a moment, but I stopped. I felt it was a trap, why would you only be waiting for me despite all the wonderful things trying to get hold of you? The Darkness scared me, the darkness threatened me. Not you, your eyes never left me but I couldn't focus on you because of the uncertainty behind the intentions of the darkness.

Again I stopped, but this time I took a step back. The light between
you was getting narrower for the darkness was growing stronger. I could feel my breaths shorten as you continued to reach for me, praying not to fall further. I wanted to get to you, I just wasn't strong enough. It felt like the darkness was growing the closer I came to you. Rather than facing it and you at the end I began to retreat back to what I knew while trying my hardest to not focus on your eyes penetrating my mind, and your hand prying open my heart. I retreated watching the darkness subside, I retreated. I was okay, as I came out of distance of you; I told myself you were okay simply to destroy any chance of guilt. I was almost free until I heard a faint song of something familiar, something I once kept locked in my soul. I began inching toward it searching deliberately for what it could be. Louder it grew, louder and more clear, it began touching my heart, through spots of wet yellow paint, splintered wood, and broken glass I continued on, paying no attention to the darkness continuing to devour my instant surroundings. The sound, the familiar singing in my head seemed to be entreating me to come back. I began to run; I began to run toward it through the last bit of light fighting through the darkness until I felt like I was flying. It was you again… but this time you were trapped behind the things trying to help you.  I heard the faint memory once more, but this time it was coupled by the movement of your lips. Through the deepest reserves of my memory you had come back imploring me to make it to you through the nonsense. Fighting through the fear I came to you and without a hesitant thought or a wasted glance at the surrounding darkness I began bloodying myself pulling away the destruction that kept me from you; the pieces of once good things that kept you from me. Feeling nothing for myself but
solely for you I felt your still outstretched hand graze my fingertip and the blood left with your touch. Understanding that with you I was unstoppable I broke through sacrificing the last piece of me to be once again with you. You free, I fallen, you picked me up, piecing all of me back together. Penetrating my eyes you were the last thing I saw as the darkness encompassed us and immediately ceased to exist.

Loosening your clutch from my head to your heart did we then notice it was only you and I. With no sign of the destruction of the struggle from before, we were all that was left. It was just the two of us alone in a vast room filled with all of our dreams to last for an eternity and beyond.

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