If you trust someone
You trust them
with your whole heart.
Trust is made up
from being responsible.
Able to do things
for the person
But being honest.

Trusting a person
a member of family
a friend or perhaps
a workmate.
They must be considered
being reliable.

Sometimes you have
to trust someone with
your life.
Even your money
or property.
But, most of
all Doctors.

Sometimes we find
it hard to trust ourselves.
Because we think.
That we are a failure
at what may I ask.


We feel overwhelmed
By society and carry
huge burdens.
because, we are expected to perform
every task that someone else is responsible for.

What about the community
people with mental health problems
who depend on the services.
And some who i care not to even mention
are sadly neglected by the very people who should care for them.

It make my blood boil
When people are existing and not living life to the full.
When is our society going to wakeup and do their job.!!
Enough of all your excuses..

With life
It is to hard ..

Lost my temper
Acted out of anger .
So sorry
I am not perfect
I am just a human being.

I need comfort
I need respect
I need to know
That I am valued
I need to.  know that  I can trust
You ..

Absolute faith isn't trustworthy,
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Absolute faith isn't trustworthy,
for true faith comes and goes.

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Sonya L
Apr 28, 2014      Apr 29, 2014

Not lies
I would never
Be anything but
To you

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As humans
during our
first year of life
we are supposed
to learn
how to trust
other people
for the

but what are
we supposed to do
as we get older
and the hurt
and the pain
won't subside

what about
our learned
of trust
goes away

what about
when we
lose ourselves
and we are not

Erik Erickson's Stage Theory: Stage One of Eight
Gabrielle Ayoub
Gabrielle Ayoub
Jul 23, 2014      Jul 23, 2014

I often find myself standing alone
I scare people off, I'm fearful of the unknown
They call me a scarecrow but what do I care?
Finding a glimpse of honesty seems to be rare

Sticks and stones are made of my broken bones
And all of the words that have stung me
My heart impure, oh so demure
I long for an utter recovery

I fear it's rotted away beyond any possible repair
In the shadows I pray that someone will end my despair
All they see is a scarecrow, they don't see the human inside
The loneliness in my heart has forced me to hide

All my true feelings, they don't know how much I've cried
Hoping someone would save me without pushing me aside
I'm one of a kind, that's the one thing I know
I'm a scarecrow on the outside, but my soul will always glow.

The concept of this poem is that i have become a scarecrow because i can no longer trust anyone, so i prefer to scare people away rather than trusting them.

I'm the irreverent boyscout you can't trust that's no help
Cowardice and gluttonous
But hell can I start a fire.
I don't listen, I'm not nice
purity I don't recognize.
I do my own thing,
I never courtesy.
Oh damn can I scream at wrongs.
I'm the grungy kind of disloyal,
You know the sin of the unclean.
My face is never cheerful
And I'm rude to everything.

A scout is
trustworthy- the definition just isn’t the same.
Kiana Lynn

It’s never straight forward.
It’s always redirected,
people trying to save face, but that’s expected.
I’ve gotten so tired of the games,
trustworthy- the definition just isn’t the same.
I just wonder when it changed,
when words became so perfectly arranged.
I just want the real.
Don’t comfort me with a lie, because from the truth I’ll heal.
I’m ranting now,
but people have gotten so lost somehow.
People are known to beat around the bush,
maybe they just need a little push.
Get to it,
I’m not talking about shooting the shit.
I want the truth,
not the attitude of the petulant youth.
Get the point across,
so the truth can’t be lost.

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Always question the tried and true until you try it.

Tried and True
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