Sonya L
Apr 28      Apr 29

Not lies
I would never
Be anything but
To you

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trustworthy enough
Pamela Rae

It happened.
I found your heart
and instead of keeping it
as my own,
I offered it back to you--
knowing that you might need
it far more than I.
You looked puzzled
and tried to make me
hang onto it
for safe keeping,
but I had to explain
that no, I am not
trustworthy enough
to have something so
in my care.
I wish I were...
I wish I could
hold it close
and keep it safe
and free from any harm,
but I fear
I would fail miserably
at such a sacred task.
So, I made you take it
from me...
told you to entrust it
to someone who
would guard it
with their life
and soul
and to the depth
of their very core.

As you walked away
your heart weighing heavily
in your hand,
your head hung low
from the sorrow
and enormity
of what I had
just confessed,
I didn't allow you
to see or know
that inside
that heart of yours
that I made you keep,
I had wrapped my own heart
and buried it deep
so that you would
have it always
to hold inside of yours.
You see,
I know
you will forever
treasure it
once you discover it
there one day...

It happened.
So hard
to watch you
walk away...

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Always question the tried and true until you try it.

Tried and True
Gabrielle Ayoub
Gabrielle Ayoub
Jul 23      Jul 23

I often find myself standing alone
I scare people off, I'm fearful of the unknown
They call me a scarecrow but what do I care?
Finding a glimpse of honesty seems to be rare

Sticks and stones are made of my broken bones
And all of the words that have stung me
My heart impure, oh so demure
I long for an utter recovery

I fear it's rotted away beyond any possible repair
In the shadows I pray that someone will end my despair
All they see is a scarecrow, they don't see the human inside
The loneliness in my heart has forced me to hide

All my true feelings, they don't know how much I've cried
Hoping someone would save me without pushing me aside
I'm one of a kind, that's the one thing I know
I'm a scarecrow on the outside, but my soul will always glow.

The concept of this poem is that i have become a scarecrow because i can no longer trust anyone, so i prefer to scare people away rather than trusting them.
le people*. that's because they aren't *trustworthy*

cheaters don't deserve gullible people. that's because they aren't trustworthy

Written 09/10
@Copyright Hydourella
If only I was trustworthy
Disaster Child

"I trust you"
Oh my dear my sweet
If only I was trustworthy

Aug 11





Lessons of the heart.

to earn trust is to be trustworthy
Evergreen Pines

trust is something you must earn.
you cannot be given it at the drop of a hat.
to earn trust is to be trustworthy
once it's lost it's gone for good

Nov 16, 2011

life-style sharpies are good
to go. looks pretty thick to

comes in black and

they will draw for you
in exchange of eyes

consume me!,
they reek an
odorless nostril

invisible and

Friends are trustworthy.
Jun 18

What are friends?
Friends are caring,
Friends are loving,
Friends are funny,
Friends are people who will "follow the yellowbrick road" with us.
Friends are special
Friends are trustworthy.
Why do we have them?
We have them so we can run to them for help,
We have them when no one else is there for us,
We have them to smile and giggle with us.
Friends are special
How do you know that they are your friends?
You know by them caring,
You know by them loving,
You know by them being trustworthy for a secret.
Friends are special

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