May 13, 2013

This house doesn't need ghosts to scare anyone
The walls here take sanity for fun
They'll hex you with whispers in tongue
Arrive with confidence and leave with none
The longer you stay, the further undone
The air stifles, it thickens and numbs
It weighs down on you like tons
Constricting every cell, it stuns
Skeletons in these closets tote guns
Heat coming at you like the breath of dragons
I mean heat like fire from a thousand suns
All the while, your mind weakens and maddens
This house kills souls like it's a soul assassin
A suffering only the wicked can fathom

Jan 17, 2014

it's been a lonely night
the stage has been set for fright
with gaping pits full of twisting slides
my heart is trapped on this fucking ride

this soul is heavy with black marks
permanent testaments to my wicked heart
and so i'm the hidden show in town,
where they gawk upon the freaks

in the black of the night i dare not put up a fight
and the circus clowns tie me down
but with you as my ghost
they're forced to slit my throat

and like us, the facade comes crumbling down

demented and sick, you smile something sick,
prize fighter of my mind.
you sneer with my eyes, my lips twist with lies
and poison dances across my lips.

you wicked teeth gleam, sink into my skin
but like a light, i slip
heavenly waves crash across my brain
blurring the edges and lines

you press against me and i implode,
and as the blood rain falls
your cackle reverberates in a mirrored hall
as i'm dragged down,
into the chasm of fire

i blame you.

the demon, my midnight muse,
the human with fangs, a vampire in plaid,
you monster,
you boy,
you mutt with a chew toy,
you impertinent child,
who stomps and quakes
holy ground.

Alexandra King
Alexandra King
Dec 19, 2014

When I was a little girl I loved going to the fair.
seeing the clowns
and carnies.
but my favorite thing to see at the fair is the fun house
Remember those?
Where mirrors flooded the walls bending towards you
distorting the image you saw to one of absurd portions
Nose swelling larger
legs shrinking
hips inflating.
I loved seeing the shapes my body could take.
...I haven't been to a fun house in years.
And even if I went I know the mirrors would look like those that hang in my room.
Body dysmorphia is it's own fun house
one full of insecurities and self-hate.
It makes regular mirrors bend my perception of reality.
Makes my stomach bloat
thighs inflate
cheeks widen
eyes shrink
My mind has turned into a trapeze act
And I don't know if i want it to stop.

#sad   #pain   #circus   #eating   #disorder   #depressed   #hurt   #anorexia   #carnival  
John F McCullagh
John F McCullagh
Mar 24, 2012

We walked up to the Fun House,
Together, arm in arm.
The ticket taker watched us
with a smile devoid of charm.
"abandon hope, who enter here."
He mirthlessly intoned.
" For some who come together,
will end this night alone."
We walked among the mirrors,
together hand in hand.
At first they were quite innocent,
These walls made out of sand.
Our images were stretched or shrunk
as magic mirrors can.

Then we came to mirrors
unlike the ones before:
My face resembled Satan's,
My girl looked like a whore.
We were somehow seperated
by these walls of molten sand
We ran from that place screaming
like two souls who had been dammed.

We were reduced to silence
by the nightmares that we saw.
Not a word was spoken
as I walked her to her door.
The ticket man had spoken
and the words he spoke were true:
We had spent that time in Hell,
The love we had was through.

May 3, 2013

This house doesn't need ghosts to scare anyone
These walls take sanity for fun
The longer you stay, the deeper undone
The air thickens and weighs down on you like a ton  
It will constrict every vain in you, one by one  
Arrive with confidence and leave with none
When you get the chance, you should run
You don't want to be here for the big guns
I'm talking heat like fire from dragons
All the glass in the windows blackens  
Your mind is weak and maddens
Thoughts haunt you and sadden
You'll never be able to forget what happens

Amanda McElroy
Amanda McElroy
Apr 6, 2013

A fun house, haunted house,
I won't live here anymore.

I was halfway to
your house and
around because I hadn't locked my door;

It's too heavy to keep
swinging back and
forth. So please, make
sure you take all of
your belongings before
exiting the carousel.

A fun house, haunted house,
I won't live here anymore.

CA Guilfoyle
CA Guilfoyle
Jul 1, 2012

Fun house hallways
fell you in tumultuous upheavals
Inner child life denials
Crooked smiling rooms, left for your weeping
Leaky faucets poured you - sinking
Feet that stuck to sticky floors, your heart of hide and seeking

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