I dreamed about the chair.
Its black rattan legs scuttling
as it edged its way closer,
keeping to the shadows
as nightmares do.

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Silence Screamz
Silence Screamz
Aug 18, 2015

Temple in my mind
Simple tear in vain
Strap me in the chair
Intimidate the pain

Trip the god damn switch
Flickers come the light
My death is in the air
Murdered by your sight

Simple piece about an execution
#death   #tears   #chair   #electrocute   #strap  
Megan H
Megan H
May 16, 2015

An empty chair
In the center of a dark room
Filled with tormented souls
Thinking of the damned
The lost
The forgotten.
The empty chair
There to remind them
Of all their loss
All of their grief
An empty chair
That used to be occupied
In a bright room
Filled with lively souls
Thinking of futures
Of universes
Of stars
An empty chair that once held hope.

When you lose somebody, it feels as if all hope is lost.
#sad   #life   #death   #hope   #loss   #soul   #chair  
Jan 21, 2015

Dust flits gently on its arm; slowly & lazily.

As if not to cut, tear the patiently sewed seams.

Cotton against yellowing white thread.

The sanctuary for reminiscing about mesmerising scenes

The throne for Kings and Queens without crowns to be seen

I'm overwhelm by ecstasy as I bask in this endless elation of delectation.

Hello there you, you and you!
TAH-dah!! First ever ever collaboration with a brilliant writer, Jamie King.
I am so eeek. happy, at how two different writing styles can meld together! :')

Thanks Jamie, again!
Italics (Amanda)
Bold (Jamie)
#king   #chair   #queen  
Sep 23, 2015

If you touch me
You may get
A splinter

So let me rot

I am worth
To anyone

#metaphor   #sad   #hurt   #old   #chair   #loneliness   #useless   #worthless   #wooden   #splinter  
n the chair in the room, rather all the chairs in our lives.
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres
May 8, 2014

This is dedicated to the chair in the room.

No, not the elephant. He is too obvious. He is merely an inconvenience people ignore as they go about their lives. I mean the chair in the room, rather all the chairs in our lives.

Chairs are silent, to us they only seem to have the purpose to support and comfort us. this is to those who go about their lives asking for little and drawing no attention to themselves. Yet they are always there to give us a break. To help us get our work done, to help our tired legs and minds.

This is to those who are selfless in their relationships. For they give no expectation of returned favor.

This is to the chairs in our lives.

Joseph Bruin
Joseph Bruin
Jan 29, 2014

I sit upon an impossible throne,
The world's most comfortable chair.
It's all I'll ever wish to own
Though I forget it's even there.

My chair is ergonomical,
Conforming right to me.
Whatever I find desirable
It suits every want and need.

I feed it everything I have
But it never is enough,
Everyday my fingers bleed
Stuffing it with fluff.

I only see in front of me,
My chair it does not turn.
And as far as I can see
My chair is the whole world.

My chair is all I'll ever know
I seldom choose to leave it.
It scarcely ever lets me go
It's all I can believe in.

I don't know what I'd do without it,
Perhaps get up and get a life.
But instead I'll sit and stagnate,
Dying in my own delight.

An odd allegory for consumerism
I passed two chairs, translucent, that you could barely see
Isaac Fox
Isaac Fox
Dec 4, 2014

I've left behind what was once in line,
Countless demeaning remarks,
All forgotten, except "I'm done trying."
Words won't leave you dying,
It's whats behind them that sting like poison darts.

Every morning on my way to see her, and everyone I knew,
I passed two chairs, translucent, that you could barely see through.
Looking back on it now, after all this time
I can compare the curiosity, compassion,
the peak, and downfall, line by line.

Those chairs endured the most beautiful of days,
to the days where I felt as if I were in a maze,
Lost,                         dazed
One day a chair ripped, from the foundation.
I threw away the second one along with it,
One chair was wrong for every situation.

Hours become minutes, when you embark
on each second with no intent on finding out
where you'll end up, without a doubt.
I wonder when I'll get lost,
because I'm starting to regret the price I had to pay,
by refusing to stay, would be the ultimate cost.

#poem   #regret   #the   #two   #price   #ultimate   #pay   #chairs  
May 23, 2015

When you sit in a chair you sink into it's warmth and comfort.
It's like it's hugging you and making you feel like everything is alright in life.
As you sit in that chair you start to wonder.
Wonder about life and all of it's treasures.
That chair is magical giving you happiness and light.
And replenishing you for the rest of the night.
You finally stand up and you feel uneasy and faint.
Feeling like you can't move and your constraint.
You sit back down and all of your colour comes back.
What just happened? You wonder.
'Maybe I should just sit back and relax.'
You fall asleep in the chair and the next morning you wake up fresh.
You feel so good and you had such a great rest.
But when you stand up again you just fall back down.
The chair is holding on to you and won't let you go.
It's afraid you'll never come back to it and you'll just leave.
Abandoning it never coming back to see.
See if it's okay and if it's been refurbished.
Or to see if it's torn down to little pieces.
You don't care it's just a chair.
That will collect dust in despair.
So you get up and say goodbye to that chair.
And you never come back.
Because that's what you're best at.
That chair will stay there and hope for another.
Another to sit and ponder.
And then that person will also get up and leave.
Leaving that chair to stay and grieve.
Grieve about the loss of all the people that have come and gone.
And only used it as something to sit on.

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