Nov 6, 2011


Words spill beneath breath-
promise or threat?
Doesn’t matter.


A deathbed-machine mourns, briefly-
before it’s switched off.

Energetic synthesis, eternally limitless; came as a seed to
Jessica Golich
Jessica Golich
Sep 1, 2014

The world is an oyster with pearls hidden within
Feeling the intense beauty that moves one to tears when one become the infinite as it is within
An eternity of seeking truth, while all along it’s been inside of one
Energetic synthesis, eternally limitless; came as a seed to grow, the sun and moon to know

Gesamtkunstwerk is German for spicy love sausage.

Aug 16, 2014

Make my eyes shed again,
so that I can write.

Andrew L Starosta
Andrew L Starosta
Jan 15, 2015

You're cold, and so am I.

The bundles of black tree stalks tower.
Their short ice-coated limbs puff like smoke,
Such naturally produced chimney stacks.
But this wonder inspires madness.

This magical world with you and I
Can only be measured in the real.
Why cloud ourselves with synthetic doubt,
When we could cherish what we can see?

The morning sun, squandering for heat
Has yet to overcome the winter.
The right recipe would ruin sight
Of something so much greater than warmth.

Nurturing open landscapes with you,
Our esoteric dreamscapes break free.

Your smile is what warms my cold heart.

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Nat Lipstadt
Nat Lipstadt
Feb 21, 2014

"Don’t urge me to leave you.              "If I could, then I would
To turn back from you.                          I'll go wherever you will go
Wherever you go,                                   Way up high or down low
I will go,                                                   I'll go wherever you will go
And where you stay,                              Run away with my heart
I will stay.                                                 Run away with my hope
Your people will be                                Run away with my love
My people                                                I know now, just quite how
And your God                                         My life and love
my God.                                                   Might still go on
Where you die, I will die,                      In your heart, in your mind
There I will be buried."                          I'll stay with you for all of time"

(Book of Ruth 1:16)                                  (Charlene Soria Lyrics)

Let it be writ,
Let it be sung,
All should know,
This I swear,
Where you are,
So, I shall be too.
Your hope, my hope.
Your heart, my heart.
Life and love,
But one.

Where you run,
I'll shall follow.
Now, today,
If our bodies apart,
If our hands cannot
Grasp each other,
Yet, still,
In your heart,
In your soul,
I will be,
I cannot leave.

Where you are,
So, I shall be too.

Thank you all for loving this poem s much.  I have long thought of the symmetry between Ruth and the lyrics to the song Wherever You Go, when ever I hear them on Pandora....last nite around Two Am I decided to set up the side, by side and then to see what happened...and the merger, the synthesis was the obvious and only solution.
M Corless
Nov 4, 2012

this is how a
part of my
new self

and i
hook up at
a party, in
November, a bit after Halloween
my costume is stars on black, hers sharp teeth
and sharper lines

she sinks them


I am
so much more
lost than I’d thought
I could be, not with her, not her, not her
not her, but there we were, stealing kisses
burning bruises
onto her

I liked
it enough
to keep going
and i had another her, and a him, as well
i knew things i hadn’t before, somehow
knew what a gasp
did to skin,
to a

i was
just worthless
lost in my lust
and in spirals, finally confirming  
what i thought i’d known, experimental
results for my
eyes, ears and

the levels
of arousal
in a man, in a woman; i learned
how a moan can amplify and set sparks
running down your
back, through your
spine and

took her hand
again, slammed
us into the doorway and hid the light
from her, closed the distance and stole something
she couldn’t take
back from me,
not just

i placed
my hands on
her thighs, drew from
her conclusions enough for a lifetime
skin convulsed under mine; i was in control
could play her like
sin plays man
this, I

know, i
know it still
it isn’t gone
my fingers sing, sometimes; that’s reverie

Mar 3, 2014

We stared at the ceiling, blackened
from the absence of light,
air chilling with every breath from the A.C.,
moving closer and closer
because we thought it was what we were supposed to do, but
our electrons were sending spark signals
before our bodies even thought about touching.

Like iron and sulfur, we synthesized
moving into each other's lives,
leaving our pieces behind,
swapping stories and secrets
in the cover of nightfall,
with roaring laughter,
our heads making permanent impressions
on their downy and memory foam petals
in the garden of wishes
we created.

And I followed you to your room,
and back again,
through the drug cartels of Mexico,
to the blizzards that lie beyond The Wall.
You, my greatest adventure
showed me what lay beyond the door
I was always too frightened to open.

You earned a doctorate in my mannerisms,
becoming an expert on each temper tantrum, each shining grin
that you always brought about
on the gloomiest of Wednesdays
when I ran out of milk for my cereal
and overcooked your mac and cheese.

You embraced every flaw I had,
came to love every scar I accumulated,
thirty-eight in total,
from the others,
almost too numerous to count on ten fingers,
that left me with a sewing needle,
and a bottle of Elmer's glue
each time.

And I thought I loved you then, but
not like I love you now, because
now I wake up next to you,
I make both of us coffee, and
push open the curtains
to let in sunlight. And I wake up next to you,
I don't hate Mondays as much anymore,
Because through the valleys of your sleeping lungs
I found where I belong.

("Untitled," revised)
May 7, 2014

She asks me “what do you think of me?”
I stop;
Reflect upon what just happened,
When a complexity of a girl
Asks a simple guy
What he thinks about her.

She asks me “what do you like about me?”
I’ll tell you what I hate;
I don’t hate your eyes,
Like round circles we used to make
With our dancing bodies
In preschool playgrounds.
I don’t,
Hate your lips;
They could be traced
From a million miles
And they curve so beautifully.
I don’t hate your smile,
The semi grins you keep
Before the flashes,
Before the posts;
I don’t hate your eyes,
Like bullets entering the soul
With an insertion of dopamine.

She asks me “do you really think I am worth your troubles?”
You are not.
You deserve my delight;
You deserve my green days and blooming flowers,
You deserve my watering mouth
Nourishing the vines underneath your tongue,
You deserve the sunrises in my playlists
And sunsets in the warmth of my jackets;
You are not worthy of my troubles
I am not worthy of my troubles.

She pushes me away,
The walls are too tight
And the stares,
They scrape on our throats.
The girl is lonely,
Her social circle spreads wide enough
To leave a gap;
Her friends walk next to her
And not on her side;
Her smiles-
Electronic cigarettes that look genuine,
But the smoke never rests
On the teeth,
Just a vapor that fades away.
She’s anchored to her reality
Her ships are not meant to sail
Just yet.

She asks me “what do you think of me?”
You’re a concept;
You’re a fusion of vivid elements
Wired with secret buttons
Hidden in your desires.
You’re an emotional rollercoaster
That we ride
You and I,
When I think of you
You’re just a white canvas
That whispers into my soul
The true meaning of art.

She asks me “is this your real answer?”
She ask me “is this your real answer?”

the synthesis of
Zajan Akia
Zajan Akia
Jun 15, 2012

Isn't that what it's all about,
the synthesis of
discontent and momentum?

defies the unity
of perception,
while time knits
atomic moments into
molecules that thread
perception's needle

The fabric of reality
should be so fortunate
to tear
that it might be patched
with a square of
Pandora's consequence

The chaotic repair
the synthesis of
inertia and bliss

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