kat lykke
kat lykke
Aug 23, 2013

for every fragile memory
i visit
time is wasted
and i am foolish enough
to let it happen
because i am convinced
that we had a moment
in between sarcasm
and cockiness

you let me see through
your disguise
though you did not
and then you left me
craving for more
ache for attention
i was not entitled to


i'm sorry.
Oct 23, 2013

I closed my eyes
And tried to wake up
In a world that’s too far away
That struck from above.
Taunting me with honed voices,
Not a single was distinct.
How cruel were those noises!
With every possible hint
In an alienating stint
followed by the clue
It came as on cue
And I heard that song
Of stories not heard for long.
Then I stumbled upon the truth,
‘We all go places that we may never belong.’

May 17, 2013      May 19, 2013



Poetry Club discussion questions available upon request.

Just an absurd response to wondering if my poems are too vague to check the Explicit? box before saving.
Shenanigus Rex
Shenanigus Rex
Apr 23, 2014

It is quite possible
to learn much about the outside World
by not interfering;
though it can be by action
that much becomes clear
about one's Self:

be able to learn from the negative space:
it is most of what there is to experience.

Based on a write in my pocket notebook, writ with a calligraphy pen.
Louis Nguyen
Louis Nguyen
Nov 7, 2014      Nov 9, 2014

scented flowers
bloom the loudest
struck by the winds
blow the hardest
suddenly emptied

this is one of my best yet I think. It talks about the reckless youth. We do things that we later regrets. Teenage girls and boys do not take love seriously and at the end there is nothing left but pity and sadness.
It's very short but to me it speaks a lot
#love   #regret   #teenager   #sadness   #empty   #young   #boys   #girls   #pity   #implicit  
JoBe Arenas
JoBe Arenas
May 8, 2014      May 9, 2014

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it aside

If you thought this
Was a recipe
It is
For a disaster

Take a banana
Peel it
Dice it
Put it inside

A little clever poem on bananas
#cliche   #recipe   #implied   #clever   #banana   #witty   #implicit   #risque  
Louis Nguyen
Louis Nguyen
Nov 5, 2014

Invade me
I put my guards down
Leave debris
And get down
Colonize me I surrender
Let the borders be blurred.

I burst my whole
but you caught it all
From day one I have been yours.
I destroyed my own
but you caught me fall
The losing battle I'm fighting for.

Win me over
with your ammo
Shoot me with your libido.
Hurt me well
Hurt me bad
Kill me softly on this bed.

i find this sad and happy at the same time
#love   #sadness   #bed   #happiness   #hurt   #battle   #fight   #sex   #lose   #implicit  


i cannot write?

a tremendous

ng in the scene of my life, having your implicit presence as a reminder of how utterly i
Mariam Bazzi
May 15, 2013

I want you to be the exception to the rule.
To be the silent c sitting in the scene of my life, having your implicit presence as a reminder of how utterly incomplete I’d be without you.

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