The Cat Cafe
The Cat Cafe
Mar 9, 2015

It was a sunny day outside, the warmest we had in months. I wanted to be outside but the curse of my gender and societal acceptance was what was keeping me placed in that chair, waiting. I heard them calling to my right. I took a deep breath and followed the lady to the back. I passed the display case holding all of the glistening nail polishes, each with their own personality.  I turned and took one last look outside before I entered the darkened room. The sun was still beaming, oh how I wish I was outside! I lay down on the table and clutched the sleeves of my jacket. Time to begin. She smeared the hot wax just below my eyebrow, the most sensitive part I thought. She slowly placed a strip of cloth on the wax and ripped---hard. I winced in pain. I felt a single tear welling up in the corner of my eye. That single tear never failed to appear when I endured this kind of torture. I wiped away this tear with the sleeve of my jacket. I could feel another tear steadily taking its place. I opened my eyes slightly to see the lady who I didn’t know but trusted, because I had to. Her face was soft and round and her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. I silently thanked this woman for her work, even though she was the presently the cause of my pain. A few more rips of skin and the torment had finally ceased. I sat up and she handed me a mirror.
“Here, take a look.”

Happy International Woman's Day to all you kickass ladies out there!
Steven Martin
Steven Martin
Feb 4, 2014

I numbed myself today
Nothing else to say

Fires died down for a bit
Easy just to sit

But I know how these things work

I’m waiting for the metamorphosis

As retardant turns to fuel
And the fire returns hungry and refreshed

Jul 25, 2015

I torture myself
watching you leave
until out of view,
Knowing that
walking away
is just as painful
for you.

Jan 13, 2015

you drag that blade across your pale skin
Letting the crissmon red flow off my body
knowing its a sin
but it turned to a hobby
a hobby that you shouldn't have.
We both have this hobby
and i know, that you don't want to  
and you don't want to drag that blade
on your wrist, but you do
listening to your music
while you cry yourself asleep at night

Burns on your skin,
made by that lighter in your hand
they call them similes
but they make you cry

All the pain you think you deserve,
wont get you through the day

Insanely Delirious
Insanely Delirious
May 12, 2014

Such an inconsiderate little bitch
Go ahead, dress as provocative as wish
You only give a shit about your whore ass
Manifesting absolutely no class
You're nothing but  useless-slut
Who gives nearly no fucks
About any other individual
Or how they even feel
Maybe try thinking about everyone else
Instead of your bitch ass self

Breach of Trust
Breach of Trust
Feb 25, 2014

I blanket myself within torment and pain,
Refusing to peek into the ever soft light.
I tear at my flesh with a blade,
Hoping that doing so would end my fright.
I cry myself to sleep using my tears as lullabies,
Only to sleep a nightmare filled never-ending slumber.
I wake forcing my limp body out of bed,
Knowing that by nightfall the sorrow that the day would bring,
Is the only thing that I'll care to remember.

Grand Cacti
Grand Cacti
May 26, 2015

Nightmares, always
a flash or a scream
or a feeling of losing
my hold on something
that promised not to
be fleeting

I never wanted to be this empty at night
Nobody told me how quickly I'd lose sight
of a better world, a brighter light
Demon of masochism picking an old fight

There are layers of me
peeled back subconsciously
atmosphere contact is getting
close to the vein, I panic, I'm lost
Vulnerable to pressure
lonely for a push
I feel so dangerous

I want to be good but this hurts like fire
they say it feels good to burn
get me just a little higher
I'm soft and I'll scar
push this razor too far
I'm getting angrier
and happier
and I can't see my star

No color speaks to me
like the dark red
on my knuckles and
in the corners of my fingernails or
over these arms

please text me at 4057578495 if reading this poem made you think about cutting yourself. I have important words to give to you, my friend.
Neal Emanuelson
Neal Emanuelson
Feb 4, 2015

Every little drop has come from pain
Dripping regrets down on the walls
Wrote apologies on the bathroom sink
And hid the mess in lines of words.

Every little line is a memory
Perfect permanence within a scar
Each parallel, each a missing piece
of reasons from which they came.

These words are nothing short of empathy
There's always truth in the eyes of the hurt
The message has been dried and wiped away
Yet there's a crude carving on the temple forever.

© 2014

Neal Emanuelson
Neal Emanuelson
Feb 3, 2015

Depress the edge, this silver charm
Confused in what is senseless harm
Hide away and fleece the warmth
Gravity holds on to the redden form

The stains collected on the floor
Cover up the ones there before
These lines heal so ever slow
But are the quickest to show

Feel the path control its only route
The pain oxidizes half the doubt
Focused on how it came about
A mere disillusion
An uncommon solution

Lost in cold reflection
Trapped in the endless fall
But too deceived by perception
This descent never noticed at all

Here’s the truth that always hiding in the lining
Clearly subsiding as the droplets dry up again
The gentle lines in all the lying is only trying
To stop denying this habit will give in

Lost in brief recollection
Entombed in the endless fall
But too deceived by perception
This descent never noticed at all

© 2014

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