Insanely Delirious
Insanely Delirious
May 12, 2014

Such an inconsiderate little bitch
Go ahead, dress as provocative as wish
You only give a shit about your whore ass
Manifesting absolutely no class
You're nothing but  useless-slut
Who gives nearly no fucks
About any other individual
Or how they even feel
Maybe try thinking about everyone else
Instead of your bitch ass self

you drag that blade across your pale skin
Letting the crissmon red flow off my body
knowing its a sin
but it turned to a hobby
a hobby that you shouldn't have.
We both have this hobby
and i know, that you don't want to  
and you don't want to drag that blade
on your wrist, but you do
listening to your music
while you cry yourself asleep at night

Burns on your skin,
made by that lighter in your hand
they call them similes
but they make you cry

All the pain you think you deserve,
wont get you through the day

Feb 4, 2014

I numbed myself today
Nothing else to say

Fires died down for a bit
Easy just to sit

But I know how these things work

I’m waiting for the metamorphosis

As retardant turns to fuel
And the fire returns hungry and refreshed

Dec 2, 2014

like a pencil to paper,
i held you very briefly
in my hand--
just enough to make (you)
my point

you were firm
in my grasp
i knew i should have
let go sooner
but i had
to get my point across

i dragged you around
in my right,
caressing you softly
across the white
of my papery flesh--
trying to form
the right kind of feeling,
trying to prove
what i had

i dug you deeper
into my skin
but no mark was made
i saw you as
you were dulling,
no longer the sharp
tool that could
write my wrongs

i kept trying
to draw love
with you
but nothing came out
but faint lines
on my pale canvas
where you had once been

i traced my
outline so hard
with your tip
of (go where
until you

i wouldn't have that
so i spun you
around and around
just to make
my point

i drew circles
with you--
trying to get you
past my skin

until there was
the point,
the eraser

Sep 1, 2013

It takes another's pain to recognize one's own,
Pain as true as the blood that in all veins flows.
I over-judge most unfairly my own vanity,
I believe 'Nothing is really wrong with me.'
For in my mind, my gifts are greater than thine.
My woes, meanwhile, mean not more than a whine.
And yet most irony finds itself hidden,
In the million cuts with which our flesh is ridden.
As your mouth opens to purge,
I devour to satisfy a monstrous urge.
Both caught in the same, unending cycle.

Breach of Trust
Breach of Trust
Feb 25, 2014

I blanket myself within torment and pain,
Refusing to peek into the ever soft light.
I tear at my flesh with a blade,
Hoping that doing so would end my fright.
I cry myself to sleep using my tears as lullabies,
Only to sleep a nightmare filled never-ending slumber.
I wake forcing my limp body out of bed,
Knowing that by nightfall the sorrow that the day would bring,
Is the only thing that I'll care to remember.

michelle erdman
michelle erdman
Oct 22, 2011

here's the thing
about self mutilation

it kills me
slowly softly

gives me what i need

and here's the thing about self mutilation

the red neediness
the cold pane from windows

raining outside
raining inside

i'm covered in it

i'm covered in red
red covering

my red

across my eyelids

dripping from the scar tissue
and scars to be made,
this year

and next year and next year


self mutilation
how I've missed you

just  a girl
just a girl
Aug 14, 2014

ripped apart
limb by limb
shattering bone
heart caving in

self mutilation
scar after scar
empty and hollow
torn through this war

#ana   #mia   #anorexia   #tw   #selfharm   #selfinjury   #sh   #si   #anamia   #triggerwarning  
Bruised from self-mutilation
Arianna Anderson
Arianna Anderson
May 27, 2013

I could cry but tears don't bring change
Trapped in my surroundings
Why did those words neighbor my thoughts?
I guess words don't make people listen
The people need action
I'm my own minds puppet
Exhausted but not Lackadaisical
Bruised from self-mutilation

sam plunk
sam plunk
Sep 1, 2014

this is just a figment of my imagination
but goddamn if it doesn't slice deeper
than a copper blade upon pasty skin

questioning my worth is self mutilation
if I dethrone myself as the diary keeper
then maybe I will hear freedom's violin

a strange feeling haunts my mind. I wish I knew how to politely ask it to leave.
#freedom   #future   #hurt   #past   #thoughts   #mind  
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