I numbed myself today
Nothing else to say

Fires died down for a bit
Easy just to sit

But I know how these things work

I’m waiting for the metamorphosis

As retardant turns to fuel
And the fire returns hungry and refreshed

I blanket myself within torment and pain,
Refusing to peek into the ever soft light.
I tear at my flesh with a blade,
Hoping that doing so would end my fright.
I cry myself to sleep using my tears as lullabies,
Only to sleep a nightmare filled never-ending slumber.
I wake forcing my limp body out of bed,
Knowing that by nightfall the sorrow that the day would bring,
Is the only thing that I'll care to remember.

michelle erdman
michelle erdman
Oct 22, 2011

here's the thing
about self mutilation

it kills me
slowly softly

gives me what i need

and here's the thing about self mutilation

the red neediness
the cold pane from windows

raining outside
raining inside

i'm covered in it

i'm covered in red
red covering

my red

across my eyelids

dripping from the scar tissue
and scars to be made,
this year

and next year and next year


self mutilation
how I've missed you

Then comes the self-mutilation
Johnnie Rae
Johnnie Rae
Apr 21, 2012

Starts with depression,
Then comes the self-mutilation
Then comes the day where you've finally had enough,
And you feel like your done,
And you want to leave this world,
With one quick cut.

how I feel right now...not very good. 4/21/12
Bruised from self-mutilation
Arianna Anderson
Arianna Anderson
May 27, 2013

I could cry but tears don't bring change
Trapped in my surroundings
Why did those words neighbor my thoughts?
I guess words don't make people listen
The people need action
I'm my own minds puppet
Exhausted but not Lackadaisical
Bruised from self-mutilation

jeffrey robin
Nov 18, 2013



the desire

"to fall in love"

Is just a sign of being  brainwashed



Is the human response to



narcissistic blubber

fills the airways and is pure dementia



Only sadistic  dumb fucks

Read a poem about self mutilation and respond


Gloria Hernandez
Nov 17, 2011

As I slit my wrists
the words keep bleedin’,
mixing with the tears
and recognized fears.
Those hurtful words
and ugly sayings. I
cut again and continue
bleedin’, away the hate,
anger and frustration.
Venting is my self
mutilation. there are
no scars to hide when
I am done, I just wipe
my tears as my sadness
fades and the dawn passes
to another day...

and self-mutilation for stupidity's sake
Mucro Pondera Divinus

Ostensibly, cutting is the most romantic
and worthwhile thing to write about,
and self-mutilation for stupidity's sake
is mistaken by the shallow for depth.

The way cutters flock to each others'
vapid melodrama makes me think
that cutting would probably be
a wildly successful religion for tools.

Celebrate your self-created pain,
embrace your futile power plays.
When Mommy and Daddy notice at last,
you'll finally get all that undeserved attention.

I'm sick of poetry by cutters filling up the front page. DRIVEL. Take your talentless, self-indulgent weakspeak and go bleed on each other somewhere else.
Yanehs MagTa
Yanehs MagTa
Nov 22, 2012

Yesterday I cut myself, today I bleed tomorrow I die *
What are regrets, but a heavy load to this burden….
Yesterday I cut myself, today I bleed tomorrow I die…*
Actions of the past influence the present and affect the future
Yesterday I was on the verge of cutting myself, today I would’ve bleed to death, tomorrow I awake.

Dedicated to the emancipation of self mutilation.

The heart can deceive those who wish to understand it.

What A man's heart is fond of is his own reflection to be judged.

The self satisfaction of giving never to receive is A most praised lesson in greed.

Yet to starve oneself of one wants is an act of self mutilation indeed.

If attention is what one deserves then to seize it really an act of vanity,pride,envy?

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