My own blood trickling down my arm
Mar 26

There is nothing more comforting than warmth
Rays of sun painting my cheeks red
Blistering campfires that tickle my toes
My own blood trickling down my arm
As I looked into the bathroom mirror I felt nothing but
Toxic words that had been spat at me disappeared down the sink
A blurry fist fight faded to memory
My black eye and bleeding nose ceased to pain me
All I felt was the red blanket coating my arm
It doesn't hurt
I feel nothing
Silver pens write terrible tragedies in red ink
But they also write happier endings for troubled minds
I am my own demise
My destruction
There is no conductor and my train is off the rails
Spinning, racing out of control
And stopping at a red light
Red lights that pool into one in my palm
Translucent, reflecting the light above me
I see red
I feel warm
I taste fate
She can't hurt me as long as I am warm

I will leave this world with no blood on my hands but my own.

floor as he fell, too, and watched the blood flow from his head.
Blood Word
Blood Word
Mar 15, 2012

I once struck a man in anger, with a small statuette.
I dropped it to the floor as he fell, too, and watched the blood flow from his head.
Though as I gazed at the pool of crimson and began to realize what I had done,
I felt a snap and saw a vision:

I saw every drop of his blood.
It was inside his body, flowing, coursing, full of life and giving life.
He grew to raise a family, love his wife, and love his kids.
He helped his coworkers and encouraged them.
He donated to charities, and those charities helped many.
Some of those many improved their lives and helped many more.
As his sons, daughters, wife, and coworkers also were given life by him and gave life,
I saw his blood flow into their veins and spread, infecting countless others with love.
Houses filled with light and laughter
Streets were peopled by happy beings.
A woman comforted a girl in the loss of a friend, holding the sobbing face to her caring chest.
A poor man gave his only coat to a cold orphan boy on the curb, smiling through weathered lips.
I saw all this life,
And it was an ocean.

A flash of light and sound, and I saw another vision:

I saw every drop of his blood.
It was outside his body, flowing, coursing, void of life and stealing life.
As it touched me, I joined it as blood, boiling and bubbling with hate.
As our blood ran down the busy metropolis street of life, it would touch people it came across.
When it did so, they would melt also into a mass of red, splashing outward, and infecting others.
Everyone touched would gasp and turn to scarlet, turning the shop-lined street into a river of blood.
Countless lives were consumed in this manner.
At one point, I finally pooled at the bottom of the street, and stared back from where I came.
The street was now dark and desolate, the bustling life gone.
The shops empty, the skies grey, the ground littered.
A finch plucked strands from a red-stained straw hat, to make a bed of death.
A mangy alley dog lapped up the blood that still coated the street, becoming only more hideous.
And all was quiet, and I was utterly alone, but for the screams of their blood in my ears.
I saw all this death,
And it was an ocean.

A jolt, and I opened my eyes.
I found myself staring at the blood running from the man’s head in front of me.
A few seconds later and I realized again what I had done.
But I realized something else as well.
I tore my shirt and tightly wrapped his head in the cloth.
I lifted him up and took him to the hospital.
There I sat and awaited my punishment.
And took joy in life.

I finished part 2 before the first part, so I'm posting it now. Part 1 is still in the works.

This poem was written March 15, 2012.
Step by *wicked* step I'm coming for blood,
Apr 2      Apr 3

Step by wicked step I'm coming for blood,
Kill those laughing moments,
Kill those social chameleons,
Take a shot even if they were your best friend,
   Launch your own sweet revenge,
"They don't see what I've seen"

I've been drinking like the world is gonna end,
The world let the battle choose us,
The world even let us fight with ourselves,
The victory is contagious

Nobody offers you to be your saviour . Even if they do..well, people change
Be your own saviour then :)
#life   #blood   #revenge  
colored in blood
James Bradley McCallum
James Bradley McCallum
1 day ago      1 day ago

Passover Moon
colored in blood
the ordinary
in veils of

elliptical arcs
footsteps in
a righteous

dripping with
lambs blood
the holy
of ancient

frame our

asking for
from the
is mine

may it
be nigh

we watch for
The Good Deliverer
to honor the
to lift despair
with a

the leaden
burdens of
Oh Holy of

in the wisp
of a bitter herb

fill with

of manna
with extreme

at journeys
end to
and free
to rest in
of radical
in an infinite
for all


Music Selection:
Big Mama Thornton
Go Down Moses


#moon   #blood   #passover   #exodus   #elohim  
the blood flows into my heart,
Mar 22

right when i notice you,
something happens,
inside of me.
i get this feeling that i can't dismiss.
it's torturing me
to say something,

my palms get sweaty,
the blood flows into my heart,
my heartbeat increases every time
i feel you near me.

it is something you do to me,
that i don't know why
and i am not willing to discover.

i might be falling in love..

and if that's the case,
i would gladly have you in my life,
i will gladly kiss you, hug you, talk to you, love you.

i would do it,
for you.

#love   #kiss   #blood   #you   #talk   #hug   #heartbeat  
Blood has been drawn several times before
A Moreno
Mar 24      Mar 25

Everyday you raise a hand to my face
These scars are something I cannot erase
My body colored from purple to brown
You beat the soul right out of me, it can no longer be found
I flinch when you raise your arm
This fear you’ve created because of your harm

I can’t just get up and walk away
You told me you’ll kill me if I didn’t stay
Blood has been drawn several times before
That didn’t stop you, it made you want more
I cry every night because of you
For all the pain you’ve put me through
It’s made me into who I am today
For I have recovered from your violent ways

(A. Moreno)

#harm   #fear   #pain   #afraid   #abuse   #hurt   #relationship   #blood   #kill   #bruises   #violence   #recovered  
A Blood Moon Night
Adam M Snow
Adam M Snow
2 days ago      1 day ago

A Blood Moon Night
Written by Adam M. Snow

Tonight I watched in awe,
the moon once pure and white.
Obeying the nighttime law;
lighting the sky so bright.
The stars, the moon in sync,
dancing their worries away.
The end can happen in a blink;
a sudden halt would not sway.
Darker the night grew -
and darker the moon dost shine.
I stood there in awe, in view,
- a bloodish sublime.
The proud moon once danced so free,
now cowaring behind a blood red veil.
I stood there in awe to see,
the world halt with a quail.
The moon eclipsed in a taint of dark red;
I stood there in awe in yonder.
"Is not the moon dead?
What of this?" I ponder.
Hours pass feeling like eternity,
watching the blood moon night pass.
Returning the world back to modernity,
knowing this isn't the last.
The moon is pure and white once more.
Don't succumb to joy just yet.
Again it'll happen, I swore -
three more nights, a blood moon to fret.

#poetry   #moon   #nature   #night   #blood   #red   #eclipse   #april  
Blue blood and water run through Earth,
Mar 27      Mar 27

I confided in you for aid,
afraid and alone you let me fade.
I'm a neglected flame you could not tame,
you ignite the blame again...
different people play the same game.

The world is infected with greed,
since birth it's a disease we don't heed.
The only cure is a double-edged sword... money.
Blue blood and water run through Earth,
yet both will dry for all their worth.

No one has a true clue,
everyone in an endless queue.
Life always has two views,
the unseen and the known hues.
The Blue Planet for the senseless suffering.

The irony of the word blue:  Blood, water and sadness.
#sad   #hope   #dark   #sorrow   #blood   #earth   #hopeless   #suffering   #awareness   #greed   #dryblood  
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