Jul 10

He is not a
Little man
With red skin
Horns and a sharp tail
He is beautiful
An angel
He used to be God's


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Apr 4

the devil wears puppy-print pajamas and waits outside his vacant house for you to come,
the devil calls you only by the first syllable of your name and tells you your hair is the most attractive thing about you,
the devil gives you water in a coffee cup the first time you sit on his bed and accidentally spills it on you when he tries to kiss you,
the devil has eyes like the murky lagoons he told you he would visit with you,
and a scar the shape of a crescent moon on his forehead.

the devil leans up against the wall and asks, "why are you doing this to me? you're making me feel so guilty."
the devil doesn't pay his phone bill and ignores you when you say you need to talk,
the devil calls once, twice, a few times, once at 12:45 when you swore he wouldn't call, and never again,
the devil moves houses and forgets to warn you that he lost his heart in the process,
the devil doesn't care that they drained the lake near his house,
the devil doesn't notice that they took his fucking heart with it when they did.

Apr 30      May 2

I’m turning to an ugly beast..A servant for the devil..A black slave with a lost heart.. who are tortured by his lord.. A torture have never been seen or heard.. a lord who let his servants choose a path between light and darkness.. servants are blind enough to dig in darkness to find light .. but is the servants are truly blind.. searching for Hop,promises.. But manipulated by the devil..

I danced with the devil by the deep blue sea
he injected his venom into me
he waltzed in looking handsome and slick
I didn't know his poison would make me sick

I saw a white dove the devil turned it black
then I knew I could not turn back
the devil held me in his hand,
as my blood dripped in the sand

the devil he has many faces,
appears to people in many places
the devil he plays many games
the devil he has many names

sometimes he'll come with a smile
and your mind he will beguile
sometimes he'll come with a frown
that's when you know your going down

he'll hold your soul in the palm of his hand
as he grinds your ashes into the sand
I am the Devil remember my name,
you may know me as ... CRACK COCAINE

(c) P Skez and Mandy Rigby 16/06/2014

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Kevin T Norman
Kevin T Norman
Apr 5      Apr 7

You've come so unexpected,
Slipping through the cracks of my heart
and finding your own place in it.
Finding space in the emptiness
and filling it with your own form of love.

But it hurts.

You're the scab to my healing heart that I want to pick.
Refresh the wound that's now become so self inflicted
and continue the cycle of love and loss.
I don't want it to be scarred.

I just want to remain wounded.

But my heart feels your presence.
You've become a long awaited antidote to this emptiness
and I can't get you out.
I'm healing.

But forces will try to tear us apart.
Our Love will be seen not as a work of art
but crafted by the devil.
A spell cast over our eyes
blinding us from the truth that is God.
We will look misguided and lost,
but not all who wander are.

It's the devil who wants to take us away from love.

Remember that.

It's the devil who doesn't want happiness.

You make me feel love.
You make me happy.
You make me want to go to church and be with God.
How could the thing that's supposed to take me away from him
make me want to grow closer?

But it's not you who takes me away.

It's them.
It's the very people who want me most to find God
that push me away from him.
They are my devil.
They throw scripture in our face to tell us we are damned.
They cut us with verses to enforce what they believe to be is true.

But they are not alone.

Remember, the devil knows and uses scripture too.

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I remember her from way back. Teasing me, bending back. Gave me a curious look; looking back. She teased me, I teased her; she needed me; I needed her back. She was a naughty girl, her mind one track. Orchid: tattoo, the vine crawling up her side: Lil Red Devil, on the small of her back. Red hair up their, the curtains match; but it’s more like a flame, cause I asked her to shave it like that: burning passion; she smirked when I named it like that. Her fantasies, always seem to be schemed like that. Feisty little thing, hope she keeps it up like that. Even in my dreams, the memories, keep coming back: Her pale skin; looks better covered in black. My ink dripping, in between her white lines; I hope this imagery is blew your mind. Better in person; words just can’t describe. Something about her eyes; the feeling the vibes. Looking at me from the outside, feeling what’s inside- the connection so real; emotions impossible to hide. Started out as just sex: ended up with me needing to be inside.

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It's here again.
panic panic panic panic

Each breath a stab in the lungs,
making me feel breathless.

My heart pumping, thumping, pumping.
Blood rushing through the veins faster than before,
chasing the adrenaline
which was rushing to spread throughout my body.

My brain is moving a mile a minute,
racing my thoughts to the finish line.

I'm shaking now, I can't feel my hands.
Is this what it's like to join the dance?
I've heard a lot about it,
they often call it a tango.

You're dancing with the devil,
he's run his nail down your arm and spread his poison

I'm having a panic attack.

panic panic panic panic panic panic

Breathe deep. Breathe deep. Breathe.

Take a breath.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe deep.

Breaths I take.

Take a breath.
Take my life.

No, wait that's not right.

I'm dancing with the devil tonight.
Afterall, who doesn't like the tango?

#life   #breath   #wrong   #dancing   #devil   #breathe   #panic   #attack   #wait   #tango  

It's an eery night
I stand on the side
and wait for the devil to come

Standing in the fog
between the trees
ready to finally succumb

I've stood and fought
passed my lot
and it's time to pay my dues

I wait in the haze
under the devils gaze
to relinquish my soul for you

A whisper sounds
stirring the ground
covered in the bones of lost souls

I'd know it anywhere
your voice, so clear
telling me to turn back around

I look for the source
of your voice, so coarse
as your whisper echoes on and on

I twist and turn
lost in the ferns
that now hold me captive in song

They transform before me
demons I couldn't see
cursing the day I was ever born

I collapse in fear
fighting my tears
as I realize how I have failed you

I walked into the trap
the devil laughs
as they leave my soulless body

Let this be a lesson
to never listen
to the devils whispers at night

He'll lure you in
with the sound of sin
and take your soul before your eyes

#lost   #dark   #evil   #demons   #devil   #soul   #voice   #whispers  
Eridan Ampora
Eridan Ampora
Jul 9      Jul 10

Another choice,
Something important!
Quickly two little mes appear on my shoulder
One is a pure white suit with a halo
The other in a red tux with horns and a tail
Angel"Do what's right!"
Devil"Do what's right for you!"
What to do
Countless seconds lost
As they wage war on my shoulders
Shouting about good and evil
Right or wrong
Left or right
I shrug my shoulders
And they fade away
No clue what to do
Even with their "Help"

Idk Angel and Devvil on the shoulder thing makes for a good poem I guess
Edit: Wwoww, you guys actually like this? *Sniff* You like me, you really really like me! I'm getting all teary eye'd
#angel   #wrong   #devil   #help   #choice   #right   #shoulder  
Elixa Greene
May 1      May 2

I can feel it in my bones
Like a lost soul calling out
Like a plea
Can you sense the danger
In yearning for the future
But you shred my dreams into pieces
You’re stealing all my air, I can’t breathe

Please bring me from this state
I can’t take it any longer
I can’t stand this pressure
I feel like this is torture
A hundred thousands weights upon my shoulders
And you can see my silent screams
But all you do is stare at me
Who else could you be besides
The devil inside of me…
Someone please save me.

I will grow stronger this time
Never will I fade again
Don’t hurt me
This fear won’t hold me back
I want to rely on you
But how can I even trust myself
When my ignorance speaks, for itself

Please bring me from this state
I can’t take it any longer
I can’t stand this pressure
I feel like this is torture
A hundred thousands weights upon my shoulders
And you can see my silent screams
But all you do is stare at me
Who else could you be besides
The devil inside of me…
Someone please save me.

Break down these walls
Build them up again
The whole world is watching
I feel so exposed to all the stares
Am I going insane?
Can you hear them speaking
In a whisper like this is
Nothing but a secret

Please bring me from this state
I know you see my silent screams
All you do is stare and wave at me
Who else could you be besides
The devil inside of me…
You want my torture to be never ending.
Someone please save me.

Who else could you be besides
The devil inside of me.
Someone please save me.
Save me.

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