A well-equipped war machine
Jul 18

He’s fighting a war he doesn’t understand,
Governments and mass media in command.
Stacking lies disguised as truth,
Ever corrupting the fountain of youth.
For when he is called to perform mass murder,
Attention post-traumatic stress disorder.
A well-equipped war machine
of marching men and marching bullets far between.
A soldier to the death,
Time to gasp for his parting breath.
As he drowns in the shallow pain of the Divine,
Time to join the unemployment line.

I say life is painful and dreary
As it’s difficult to fully live
When not well equipped
Through a journey not chosen

Lost hope in a torturous struggle
For being misunderstood
With emotions uncontrolled
And dictating every move

So I change angle and look for the good in things
I try - “get a grip”  - as people tend to say
But difficulty remains
When others take the lead

So, with tracks of tears
Deeply ingrained
My journey remains decided
But not by me

So be prepared and well-equipped.
mj cusson
Nov 2, 2012

Calamity is a storm of icy rain and striking fires.
Casting you about in a boat of your own design and build.
Preparing for the approaching storm with a firm rutter.
And you will survive, only if though willed.

Calamity is a renegade goat of raging fury and slyly forte.
Hammering its way into you aiming for the throat of your own girth.
Heat and eat hearty meals to be able to retort.
And you will survive, and be of worth.

Calamity is a surprise, you cannot see it’s approach.
So be prepared and well-equipped.
Stomp it out like a fire or upon a roach.
And you will survive, through your own wit.

Time is going so fast now
I am trying to keep up
yet I know I am killing me
for I am going all the way

Don't worry for I am well equipped
for I am a child of war
I am one hell of a fighter
I know not the word Defeat

I am forever a servant to words
may I die still writing
and who wants to challenge that
Let's have a bath in baby oil

I am the bad boy of Poetry
and I live and die by it
for I will do what I have to
for I am going all the way

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
By NeonSolaris
© 2011 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)

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