Feb 20

"Look at my beautiful girl."

This title is thrown at me
and I find it hard to
You label me a girl,
I know you know no better
but it still wounds me

"Look at her, she's so pretty!"

You should know better
than to call me this
I asked kindly that you
use different pronouns
but you throw these
pronouns at me in
a taunting manner.

"You were born a girl so you are one."

I was born a human with
female genitalia.
I do not classify as a
girl or a boy.
I classify more as me,
as an

Please don't yell or shout
or tell me I'm wrong
because then you're saying
you know me better than
I know myself and
that may be true
but I don't believe
it is so.

Oct 27      Oct 28

She is the vindictive snow
Beautiful, cold causing her chilling touch to leave me numb
She creates an overload of dopamine for me
But like I said she left me numb
She compressed limerence upon me
The concentric feelings I have for her  linger
This contours her opaque heart
Leaving her pliable words lay rendering in my mind
She applies this solvent to it leaving me broken
Forlorn she left me
Yet, the tactile, numbing sensation keeps me going
For she is the one I love
Causing our hearts to be diptych artwork off our hinges.

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Jami A
Jami A
Oct 13, 2012

Words swathe me in calm,
Sentences, paragraphs that soothe.

Viridian verbs burst through the grey,
Taunting me into action-
Seducing me into a delicious dance-
Gypsy girl, swing your sentences my way!

Turquoise adjectives wrap around my wounds,
Embracing my flaws and perfections.
Rough olive skin; somber caesious eyes-
Gypsy girl, with amaranthine scars.

I drape myself over sienna nouns,
Steadfast, supporting me proper, improper, always.
Paper, songs, tree, sky, love, Jami Lee-
Gypsy girl, use your words correctly!

Each turn of a page lures me deeper-
Each spoken rhyme embraces me close-

Jami Lee, sweet little girl, get your head out of the clouds,
And your nose out of a book!

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Nov 7, 2014      Nov 8, 2014

I say hello
My nametag dangles from my lanyard
"Hello, my name is Liz
Pronouns are kye/kyr"
it says

They see the lanyard
and they laugh.
"Those aren't pronouns!"
they say
"She is messed up."

Shut up.

A 300lb woman
looks into the mirror
she sighs
remembering her peers' words
"You should lose weight."
"You're very overweight."
"Your obeseity is your fault."

A 75lb woman
looks into the mirror
Her anorexia laughs
remembering the 300lb woman she used to be
her peers then tell her
"You need to gain weight."

Shut up. Shut up.

The boy hides his face
Not giving the teacher eye contact
The teacher calls his name
His stomach flips upside-down
She called on him on purpose
he just knows it

In front of the class
expectant, judgemental eyes glaring
Instinct tells him to run
He looks at his notecards
All he sees is chickenscratch
The teacher hangs her head in disappointment
and growls
"Just sit down if you have nothing to say."

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

A girl drags hersef through the day
Everything is black and white
Coming home to wild parents
Who hit her constanty
and then claim
"I love you."

Excuses, excuses.
For every welt, mark and bruise
But when she gets one on her face-
She had given one, too.
In fact, she had given many
How generous she was!
The police came and arrest the girl.
All she heard was
"Her mother is dead."

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

Take a breath
the girl tells herself
She goes to her parents
They stare, wide-eyed
at her dress, eyeliner and nails
they just stare.

She tells them
her new identity
They tell her
"Chris. You aren't a girl.
You're a boy."

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

You read a poem
titled "Shut Up"
About the hardships
The unfair, the despair
of living life.

Please know
Opinions don't matter
If you are happy,
who cares what they think?
If they criticize you
Just smile
and say

Shut up.

You are valid.
Please do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

You'll be okay.
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Rowan Wegner
Rowan Wegner
1 day ago

Your name is only two letters,
But it's my favorite name in the whole world.

"AJ" isn't just a name to me anymore. It's who my love is, the one who gives me unbelievable happiness. They're my everything; just the though of them makes me smile.
#love   #happiness   #they   #them   #mine   #genderfluid   #pronouns   #aj  

Fools argue over preferred pronouns.

as they battle over what to call
each other,

they continue to forget to regard
each other,

seeing only categories and boxes,
conveniently overlooking
each other.


Dedicated to Dan Savage.
#trans   #lgbt   #dansavage  
Dark n Beautiful
Dark n Beautiful
Nov 3, 2014

How many times have I brought to the table
My Island flavors?
How many times have you read
my inner thoughts:
how many times will I share them again and again

It all began in 2004 from the moment I walked in
You wasn’t there and I didn’t really care
You bitch more than a female
you took on a huge responsibility
so you went out and brought the  singular noun, pronouns
adjectives,  plural verbs, preposition and the infinitives

For a New York minute you should have
brought Heather Taffet  the grave digger for security measures
My poesy is my poesy
The sun always seems to be a symbol of life.
and life is worth living.

It was just a pronoun
Crescent Rose

It was just a pronoun
It was just a mistake
I didn't mean to call you the gender people thought you to be
I'm still going through the change
I absolutely did not mean it
I meant to call you she
Not he
I know what you are now
You're a woman
Stuck in a man's body

Transgender awareness

“The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing.” ~ Eric Berne

Eden's cartography                                                      ¬                   is its
annotating                                               ¬          
                              the placement of
man                                 and                                God          
in the ontological blueprint.

Its algorithmic density turns the map
inside out
                                                             inƨibɘ ouƚ
depicting us not as we are
but                                         as                                we
should be
                                                              ¬  ɘd bluoʜƨ
өq pl∩oµƨ.
ƨʜonןq pɘ                                    

                         ¬                                 ǝq pןnoɥs                                                        
Conferring the naming of names to Adam
the Integrity of God the One
dissociates into grammar.
Hence, the Fall begins with the apple~lation.
And                                                             ¬        
                                                                ¬           Eden,
                                                                ¬                     that steadfast wildflower                                      
in the cosmic clearing,                                      
becomes trampled by the hooves
of pronouns.

the pronoun to me
Jan 27

i've figured it out
i just need to start changing
the pronoun to me
i found the problem
hidden beneath a few lies
blocked out by the tea
used as replacement for sleep
i've figured it out
not every solutions
must begin with "we".

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