Iddy Biddy Bopping Boy
Dancing by age of three.
Dancing for the feel of joy,
What a happy sight to see.
Jigging, jogging, boogywoog
Like folks six times his age.
Iddy Biddy Bopping Boy
He became the local rage.

As soon as music played
His feet began to move
The rest of his tiny body
Bounced with the groove.
He’d get that happy look, then
He’d slip and slide and wiggle
And anyone around him would
Smile and then begin to giggle.

He was so young to do it
To have a style this cool
But nobody ever argued
They’d be a purentee fool.
The Iddy Biddy Bopping Boy
Was cool and smooth and clean.
He was the dude, the man;
The pint-sized dancing machine.

Iddy Biddy Bopping Boy
Dancing by age of three.
Dancing for the feel of joy,
What a happy sight to see.
Jigging, jogging, boogywoog
Like folks six times his age.
Iddy Biddy Bopping Boy
Becoming all the rage.

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Margo Lackritz
May 22, 2012

This is a Bleeping Bopping Boo.
Bleeping Bopping Boo lives on the biggest bandana in Boston.
Bleeping Bopping Boo eats big black butterflies, blankets, blue bananas and bears.
Bleeping Bopping Boo likes beating up babies, belly dancing, bouncing on buffalo's back and abducting bananas.
Bleeping Bopping Boo breaks into buffalo bodies, blame babies for bad stuff, and blabber all day.
Bleeping Bopping Boo banged my back against a box. Oy the Bleeping Bopping Boo./Users/mlackritz/Desktop/Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 3.22.47 PM.png

Be the be the be to bop the bop
Nov 11, 2010

A hot hot shower after a cold cold snow
Two arms holding you tightly and refusing to let you go
Be the be the be to bop the bop
Nuzzling with man's best friend and stirring up the trouble
It is quite fun living inside your very own bubble
Be the be the be to bop the bop
Filter with my Brita, lean with my shoulder
Let time pass you slow, as you grow older
Be the be the be to bop the bop
Watch the sun set, sleep when the sun rises
Beat the shit out of Mr. Piñata to win the colorful prizes
Be the be the be to bop the bop

Sep 1, 2014

guess you shouldve thought about that
before you broke your mothers back,huh,sweetheart?

in my anthology that will probably never be published this and vol 1 go right next to each other so people see the contrasting lengths (~841 words vs 14. yes)
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Cecil Miller
Cecil Miller
Sep 16, 2015

Is it love or is it lies?
Perhaps both, or neither,
Inflamed by need,
Quenched by self,
Swollen with desire.
Imagination fans the fire
Until the floorboards creak outside my door
- Then I brink for her no more.

She-bob, he-bop, a we-bop
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Francisco DH
Francisco DH
Jun 5, 2013

Everyone is talking about you.
Shall I ?
She Refuses

The BOP means Blackout poetry. I had the chance to test it out and I like it. It's hard to find the right words to make something that makes sense but I like the challenge.
Each one I did has a story that played in my head. Hope you enjoy!
Bop City
Jasmyn 'Ladi J'
Jasmyn 'Ladi J'
Jun 11, 2013

Bop City
A place where we can go to be free
Jus like when the slaves were freed and changed their last name to Freeman you can be anyone
Free from the white mans values
Nappy hair cuz black is beautiful
If Straight hair isn't ur natural texture then maybe you have a self image problem cuz God made ur hair that way so why change it
Weaves best believe are shackles to the way u think u should view yourself
Big lips cuz they are better and cool down your food
Oh and don't forget better to kiss with
Realize y'all that bop city is not a myth
It can be a real place where we don't have to live up to these European standards
Just because we were born here doesn't nullify the fact that we were stolen to get here
We gotta stop being so chained by what others want us to be
Man we all kno Jesus was of some type of color
We all kno that we all came from the same place
We all kno that we are moving towards all looking the same
Or do you?
So why do we continue to be maimed  and not understand that we are jus as good as everyone else
We got so caught up in freedom that we forgot about bop city
Giving the cold shoulder making it really chilly
So please my people come back to bop city
It's happening over here
Dancing all night
Libations leading to many sensations
Cultivation of one nation under God...color invisible and justice for all  
Bop city

Karen Ina
Jun 15, 2012

In just my time, you rang the bell,
The air of Spring in Autumn dwells
Where the world is seen in no hard way.

My eyes look bright, my father tells,
Of feelings felt and once were quelled
On this bench; you sit and understand

I feel one day we’ll make smooth jazz.

Jul 25, 2011

you say "hello"
                                                                   I say "goodbye"
                    at least that's how the lyrics go
                                                                   but really I just always said "yes"
and you always laughed
                    and then walked all over me
but "good girls like bad guys"
                               so goes the song
                                                                    and really aren't all my relationships
                                                                                 just bad pop songs?

M Clement
M Clement
Dec 2, 2012

My fingers
My wrists

I can feel the energy leaving my arms
As if there's nothing left to write.
It can't be true; however,
that there's nothing left to write

There's got to be something

That got dark fast.

I could write something,
I think I have the energy
But what to write about?

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