Aug 11, 2013

Up and down and side to side

As restless as this bed is wide

Cluttered sheets creating lumps

Because making beds is only for chumps

Cuddle here and cuddle there

In our clothes, in underwear

Kisses on the neck and cheek

Leave me feeling very weak

Up and down and side to side

As restless as this bed is wide.

I think people find cuddling so appealing because of how close you b
Unrequited Love
Unrequited Love
Sep 27, 2013      Sep 29, 2013

I think people find cuddling so appealing because of how close you become with that person not just physically but in the sense that when you sleep you are at your most vulnerable.When you dream that's the real you shining through and you let that person see that, to be there to hold and protect you. When you decided to share something like that you are showing that person how much you really trust them.

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Raven Black
Raven Black
1 day ago

Nearly twice as tall,
And just as thin,
You hold me in your arms,
And the whole thing begins.

"Today was just awful!" I cried into your shoulder,
You kept me sane the entire time,
My eternal holder ,
You helped me through my darkest days.

You move me to the couch,
And pull me farther in,
I tried to resist your help,
But I knew you'd always win.

You wrapped your knee around me,
Locking me in place,
I never wanted to be free,
From your loving embrace.

Kissing the top of my head,
You whispered comforting words in my ear,
Saying they weren't getting this worked up over,
Killing my fear.

I wrapped my arms around your shoulders,
Burying my face into your chest,
I never knew a guy that would be any bolder,
Then to hold me close and make the whole world disappear.

A soft kiss on my lips,
Wiping the stray tears from my cheeks,
The warmth from the fire spreading over us,
I hadn't felt this safe in weeks.

Until you took me into those arms I felt as if I was hanging by a thread,
But I know from your soft kisses and deep embraces this will never end.

Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis
Apr 7      Apr 7

Cuddle me sweet lover,
under warm and wooly covers,
towards you my body hovers,
and with bodies intertwined,
there is nothing but you on my mind,
we could be free from this world for a time.

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Nov 5, 2012      Nov 5, 2012

I need no other spoon but the one we share.

Spooning - lieing together or the welsh tradition of the loving spoon
Haven Collie
Haven Collie
Jan 6, 2013

when you hear someone
the wedding
instead of
the marriage,
just remember

the phoniest
are also
the loneliest

As we are just cuddling in the dark.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Dec 14, 2012      Dec 14, 2012

Cuddle in my arms, you are.
We just enjoying quiet time together.
Relaxing on the couch in the dark with a single candle burning.

Just reflecting back on our relationship.
Like when we first met.
It's been a worthy experience.
One I wouldn't trade for anything.

I remember our first kiss.
It's simply hard to forget.
It was sincere.
It was passionate.
Just like the one I've just given you.

I remember our walks in the park.
Those self made dinners we had.
Those was good times.
Just like those we are creating now.

As we are just cuddling in the dark.
Reflecting back.

3 days ago

and isn't it funny how
i spent each second of last night
listening to that damn clock tick
from 3am til 7
but the second i was in your arms
sleeping was almost as easy
as breathing

#love   #happy   #cuddling  
Bryn K Summers
Bryn K Summers
Feb 25, 2012

I wanted to see your body’s
Curling limbs,
And a tangled body.

I wanted to feel your soft skin,
The warmth.
How you tingled when we made contact.

I wanted to feel your heart beating
Under my hand,
I know your life was stronger.

I wanted to twirl your hair,
Which frizzed in the morning,
The hair that was covering my face that night.

I used to want you,
Yearning so badly,
Feeling it pulsing threw me and making my mind throb.

And you moved first.

I saw you watching me,
I felt you rubbing up my arm.
I watched as you moved up to my chest,
I sensed you kissing my ear.

I've giving in
On what you wanted,
Before I could give in for myself.

Rachel Sterling
Rachel Sterling
Dec 29, 2010

Again I attempt patience
Until home again we go
The unknown is all that awaits us
in Loretto other than snow

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