Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis
Apr 7, 2014

Cuddle me sweet lover,
under warm and wooly covers,
towards you my body hovers,
and with bodies intertwined,
there is nothing but you on my mind,
we could be free from this world for a time.

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Jul 10, 2014

Flashback, memory of insane burst of life and flower bloom, confused perfectness of harmony and all the greatest smells dropping chocolate and warmth with shining colors, occasion of proudness and a smile bigger than this floating in the air, free and happy.

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Mar 12, 2015

And when I pressed my back up against your chest
I could feel you heart beating
And when you pressed light kisses on my neck
I could feel the shiver down my spine
And when out mouth met
I could feel the fireworks in my belly
But when you held me
Without even saying a word
I fell in love.

Sooooo this is kind a old butttttt I like it aha. Going to upload a lot more later. I am new to this (website) so is there any good advise ? Have a lovely day xx
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In sleep you pull me into your arms like the tide,
a gentle unseen force from which no lover may hide.

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We cuddle naked
On a lonely island, in the sea,

Where our bodies press each other
On the sand, under the tree.

With sound of splashing waves,
Your arms tangle me, legs ready to heave.

Where we make love to each other,
My body under yours, we are so free.

#press #sand #tree #splashing #waves #arms #tangle #heave #free #cuddle #naked #lonely #island #sea
#tree   #cuddle   #free   #waves   #sand   #arms   #heave   #press   #tangle   #splashing  
I think people find cuddling so appealing because of how close you b
Unrequited Love
Unrequited Love
Sep 27, 2013

I think people find cuddling so appealing because of how close you become with that person, not just physically but in the sense that when you sleep you are at your most vulnerable.When you dream that's the real you shining through and you let that person see that, to be there to hold and protect you. When you decided to share something like that you are showing that person how much you really trust them.

I just wish I had someone to share it with
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Dec 27, 2014

His green eyes stare into mine
Glistening in the candlelight
Shifting their gaze as it flickers
He kisses my hands and up my arms
Melting my heart and the snow

My cat. <3 ... He loves me because I feed him. -.-
Mar 22, 2014

We're cuddled up together
Your paw clings to my arm
Nails ejecting cling to my arm
"Stay with me, please"
She seems to beg
Eyes of gold look into my blue eyes
And I hurriedly let her have her way
Purring beside me
Keeping my arm warm
Leaning her head into
The warmth in the crook of my arm
She smiles her feline grin
And I gently kiss her furry head
You are like a little candle
Producing happiness and light
So curl up beside me
While I type my poetry
That I dedicate for you
Now and then stopping
Between typing words
To stroke your silky
Furry body, sweet Lady Jane


This is dedicated for my beautiful kitty-cat companion, Lady Jane!!! :) ~~~~<3
She is such a sweetheart and I always cherish her presence!! :) ~~~<3
I enjoy and treasure every minute by her side!!! (: ~~~~<3
She is my very best friend for sure and certain!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Lady Jane, I love you, honey!!! (: ~~~<3
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