Phantom shadows dance by campfire light,
Dirk Hedlund
Dirk Hedlund
Jun 29, 2013

Span the hour of dark intent,
the raven's flight slips through the night.
Phantom shadows dance by campfire light,
and gossimer moonlight shines.
Unseen footsteps heard in the dark,
some black nightmare approaches.

Apr 10

you always reminded me
of hot summer nights
the buzzing of crickets
and the crackling of fire
and the warmth of a lover
as they hold your hand
just another summer of love.

meh, i don't like this one much. it feels forced. oh well.
jeffrey robin
Jun 11, 2010

i walk solitude back to its source
and find

little hints that you are here

Emotion is like a campfire
Oct 22, 2012

Emotion is like a campfire
You try to cover it with hard wood
but true feeling is in the burning coals

you cannot touch it
so you try to cover it
but it will only burn brighter

Take the days and hours,
And throw them in the fire.
How interesting that love,
Has a sacrificial pier.

To ward of lies and heresy,
Throw time upon the flames!
Burn our strength and force of will
To ward of fear and blame.

Burn another hour,
For each crime that I commit.
And yes my love lives far away,
Put my libido on the spit!

Burn all that you have to give,
And watch the smoke above.
Feed the flames of your own dear heart,
Appease the gods of love.

The campfire burned low,
Jonny Angel
Jonny Angel
Dec 10, 2013

The campfire burned low,
embers roasted
their glow off your pretty face
as we snuggled beneath
the splashed milk
holding hands,
we wished to stay
there forever.

And somewhere,
an owl
gave his report
as firefly ash
swirled upward
to the starlit sky
with our dreams attached.

Johnny Mingo
Johnny Mingo
Nov 30, 2013

Hold your sword hand to the fire.
Purify for battle.
Cleanse the idleness and gentle caress.
Now comes time for cruelty.
Cage the urge for peaceful pursuit.
Temper cold steel with the heated blood
of enemies.
Conquer those who’d conquer us.
Release caged mercy at war’s bitter end.
Lament later for the fallen from both camps.
They fell for King and Country.

bobby burns
bobby burns
May 1, 2013

the two-by-fours
we carved into a cabin
for smoking pipe tobacco
and living in the mountains
are now muddied
and strewn over the hill
with so many shotgun shells
and ceramic victims in tow;
are now collected
by sassed out teenagers
finding fuel to feed
cancer with smoke
and smoke with memory --
which they will regurgitate
to build their cabin
to smoke pipe tobacco
to live in the mountains,

until it burns down
as all things must.

There is a worldwide epidemic of self-immolation --
sometimes stemming from protest, mostly from depression.
Self-immolation triggered the Arab Spring,
set-off the Tibetan protest against Chinese rule,
precipitated the unforeseen fall of Viet Nam and, best of all,
inspired Stan Lee's Human Torch in the Fantastic Four.

Locked psych wards have ordered more fire extinguishers
and nurses are wary when patients ask to 'go out for a smoke.'
Why not suck on a shotgun and create a lovely Jackson Pollack
splatter canvas with your suicide that could titillate the likes of Dexter?
Why not take a Judy Garland dip in the ocean like in A Star is Born?
Why not pull a Sylvia Plath' head in the oven' shtick worthy of the Cooking Channel?
Or why not just fling yourself down a flight of stairs like Father Karras in the Exorcist?
The possibilities or ending your life are as endless as, say, your life.
So why fire?

My best guess is that it has the sacred quality of ritual.
Dousing yourself with gasoline is like a baptism by holy water,
a christening with all the fulfilling symbolism to being reborn.
Let's not forget the enchantment of the flames themselves,
erotically licking at the heavens, teasing the afterlife in foreplay.
Fire is at once colorful and dynamic, gentle and soothing,
evoking nostalgia for our endless childhood summers
filled with campfires and barbecues
and our cozy winters,
snuggling in front of the fireplace,
lulled by the crackles and flickers of flame.

List of political self-immolations

Investigation of the Demographic Characteristics and Mental Health in Self-Immolation Attempters;_id=11159

To physiciologicaly love some one
Do you have to talk yourself in to it?
Can you one time open your eyes
From a blink
And realize i dont love this person
I need this person to feel how i want to feel
How i think i should feel
To live directly from the heart
No thought more powerful
Than the systematic thought
Comprised as a future setting
The mind in the motion of
Calamitous decent
Into the distant abyss
A following into sympathy
A brightened bliss
Of a systematic reprograming
Of why do i always think of you
When a star burns out
And a fire does settle
A distinct remeberence of
This burning in my body
When i let my mind
Drift away from. You
Is not anything but the universe
Humming the wind through my ears
The way things should be
Hearing how under the love you give me
Without even knowing it
I am complete
Even when im. Alone
Snd youre alive
Even alone
With the figment of imagination
Of other people
Being able to handle you
Why wont any other mind perceive
The distinction between
Me chemically loving you
The way you insist your ways
And dont see my own
Because youre so worried about your body
And i frown but inside smile
Because i am the same way
And. You are far too scared to admit it
I am what you wished for
Because youre body was
Either wishing your mind wasnt
And you always decided

But wait. A minute
I wander into the desert
And all i can think about it my band
Hidden some how from the stars
Not there viability
But their influence
Since their pull has way more vibe
Than we would ever think
and so would other people to you
The way i lose pull of the world
And you notice
But only like it for a second
Untill you grasp back
At the blanket you call time
And the way i make it skip for you
Would you even hear all of this
Read into it in your own respect
Because. I love you and i wish you were but only because spirtually i wanted to fill the pop boop bebop
Biochemical rap once
With the fact that you are the best thing that could happen to me
I have no idea why
But you are all i want baby
This is from the heart
But logically i can not depart
With the fear
That you will never love me
The same way

The wind dies down untill i mention
That it is all we have in common

But the embers
Oh the embers

Hey i love you
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