As you all sat around the campfire
Roisin Sullivan
Roisin Sullivan
Jul 28, 2014

As you all sat around the campfire
I hope you kept me in mind
And thought to yourself
"Oh what a wonderful life."
But to be honest you probably
Didn't remember a lot
The morning after;
Just as you failed to recall
Your promises made to me before.



Smouldering moon over fallen dark embers—
fragments rising in corkscrew red-gold rhythms

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Emotion is like a campfire
Oct 22, 2012

Emotion is like a campfire
You try to cover it with hard wood
but true feeling is in the burning coals

you cannot touch it
so you try to cover it
but it will only burn brighter

Phantom shadows dance by campfire light,
Dirk Hedlund
Dirk Hedlund
Jun 29, 2013

Span the hour of dark intent,
the raven's flight slips through the night.
Phantom shadows dance by campfire light,
and gossimer moonlight shines.
Unseen footsteps heard in the dark,
some black nightmare approaches.

around a campfire with my Grandfather.
Remembering June
Remembering June
May 20, 2014

I want my Grandmother,
to be at my college graduation.
I want my Grandmother,
to write me letters while I'm away.
And if you won't let her,
Take me back to when I was a child.
Sitting in the sun on Grandmas lap.
Catching fire flies while she sat,
around a campfire with my Grandfather.
Telling stories of how they first met.
I want my grandmother.
Dear Cancer,
I want my grandmother.

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Jul 12, 2014

home is where the heart is
and my heart lies in the mountains,
with nights of hot cocoa and campfires;
with the soaring trees, bad cameras.
and in the center of it all, laughter and midnight games.
the dresses, the stars, the countless walks. . .
my heart belongs to those in the beds next to mine,
and in the eyes of him. loud songs and braided hair make me smile.
and yes, my heart is with you.

my poems never seem to make any sense, but i just really miss home. it doesn't feel like i'm at home right now.
#heart   #home   #stars   #trees   #games   #laughter   #dresses   #cocoa   #cameras   #campfires  
Sad but Rad
Sad but Rad
Oct 26, 2014

Smoke rolled off the fire
You lips tasted like liquor
I said I'd never been drunk
It only took one kiss

#love   #dreams   #campfire  
The campfire burned low,
Jonny Angel
Jonny Angel
Dec 10, 2013

The campfire burned low,
embers roasted
their glow off your pretty face
as we snuggled beneath
the splashed milk
holding hands,
we wished to stay
there forever.

And somewhere,
an owl
gave his report
as firefly ash
swirled upward
to the starlit sky
with our dreams attached.

Feb 25

And the fire burns cold."

"What?" He whispered, eyes wide.
"It's true," She whispered. She cried. She shivered.
"There's no warmth by the fire's side."

"I'm the fire." He murmurs.
"Yes." She replies.

Kendall Dinsmore
Kendall Dinsmore
May 1      May 1

I can count every time I've cried in the last year
on my two hands
and more than half have been in the last month.
I'm sad because I've found my home in people
and something that feels so permanent
is so temporary.
Everyone leaves
and I'm not ready
to sit around campfires and talk about memories.
I've kissed bottles and inhaled poison
trying to feel full.
I've found love
but I feel empty
because everyone leaves
and nothing is permanent,
So how can home
be a person?

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