Drake Gonzales
Drake Gonzales
Sep 11, 2012

Dumpsters are cold
Shelter grow mold
and slim is the spanging

Whiskey is warm
Dreads are the norm
and our sanity is estranging

Food out of cans
Roadtrip plans
The highways are always changing

Flying deceiving signs
Waiting in foodstamp lines
Sympathies constantly rearranging

Constellations are the roof
Provides strangeness aloof
Capitalism's fat ca-ching

Dirt inbetween toes
Where to? nobody knows
Life on the edge of healing

May 12, 2014

I gotz no life.
I gotz no cash.
All I got is these pimpin' hashtags

#poem   #society   #hashtag  

Prayin for a snow day,
a lay at home day.
drinkin hot cocoa, bumpin some old Drake.
like "come winter"
and hope it comes we do!
pimpin season is over
i jus wanna lay here with you.
we know its not that serious,
talkin from experience.
this thing'll probably last a couple months,
maybe a few.
But im down to make it somethin
typa winter u throw up on a pedastool.
Till just after Valentines,
hear the last romantic chimes.
and pimpin seasons back on,
then you cant be mine,
and neither of us would mind.
at least,
I hope to find.

Marshall Ellis
Marshall Ellis
Mar 1, 2012

does everything change
window washers
door openers
top suite pimpin’
used to think the life
was about big, tall buildings
and suite offices
was it all a fairytale in the wind
was it all a memory
gone bad
did we imagine
our greatness
take it to another level
only to be wooed
by cake
and free beverages
fogged out
by love

Arrywill keepya smilin
Arrywill keepya smilin
May 7, 2013      May 9, 2013

so i had a hard fall,
my friends had a ball.
said it was funny nd i was a dummmy...
my leg is all messed up so i am all dressed up ,.
open flesh?.
I'm still fresh
i may be limpin ,.
        buhh I'm still pimpin c:

Feb 22, 2010


Seems that I'm spending
most of my time down at the Karaoke King.
Under more normal circumstances
I wouldn't even say a thing.(But...)

I need to invest some more time in me
or I'll never become a star,
because I've sunk a pretty penny
just pimpin' out my car.

And this Mississippi mud
is even bogging down my truck,
and if I don't keep it rockin'
I may never get unstuck.

Success always comes from hard, hard work
it never comes to you from afar.
Would you please remind me tonight
to change the strings on my air guitar?

And I've been too tired to dance
with my own silhouette.
I just want a house out in the country,
and a brand new black Corvette.

My future's slowly rising,
it shouldn't take me long.
You see, this stage has been my home
and this here's my new song!

I need to invest some more time in me
or I'll never become a star,
because I've sunk a pretty penny 
 just pimpin' out my car.

And this Mississippi mud
is even boggin' down my truck,
and if I don't keep it rockin'
I may never get unstuck.

Wont you help me,
please; won't you help me?
Because I want to be a star.

Just do me a favor and remind me tonight
to change the strings on my air guitar.
Please do me a favor and remind me tonight...
to change the strings on my air guitar.


Infamous one
Infamous one
Feb 13, 2013

Go for my jog
The track leaves my shoes red
Covered in dust
Doing my laps lost count
How many times I've gone around
knees burning pimpin my arms
Clear my mind focused on the goal
Keep a steady pace
Distance can't stop me as I approach near
The track is home getting my assignment done
Fit and sanity the time it takes to get this done
When I finish this jog rewarding and fun
Always sore keep going and ignore do much more

Pica watched the elephants slip out of the hole in his pocket, they were four, and colored bavarian cream, cornflower blue, cosmic dust and pimpin purple. Trying to figure out what was going on, he faltered at her weird amusement. Even more mischievous were the tricky elephants, who spun a hole in the eburnean shade of the pocket hanging from his Calvin Klein trunks, and slithered over the tiny frizzies of his thighs. She leapt over the white pillow that had cushioned their love the previous night, and tumbled on his bare back to pick the naughty creatures running for more mischief. Though his grip was finer, what descended was a chill down his spine, her icy nose tip had brushed against his nape. Trodden ouch-es scattered into laughter, they embraced the fun.

They had built sand castles last time in their dreams, oceans played a trick, so she spun beads with snow, to decorate the ice castle where she wanted to him to make love to her in the winter. He was submissive to her craziness, they seized the pimpin' purple elephant and put them back in the pocket with the hole. Another door bell rang, the bill was honey dew this time. He worked his skilled fingers, to shape out abundant love, another honey dew elephant to slip out of the hole in his pocket. And they lived merrily thereafter.

jeffrey robin
Nov 19, 2013      Nov 20, 2013

And such a one as you too have come

Such a one


Sweet as the taste of anything at all after all is said and done

And life itself is here and we see the reasons for our fear and overcome


The child with her razor blade realizes

Demons do invade any holy sanctuary left open

And they know

What they must know

To live


Sweet the silence voices

Sing of holy

Sing of real

Sing of us


She walks naked solitary

Fields where magic is the only answer

And my face is the only beauty


The only reason


Walks naked high school corridors laughing  at the folly


The pumpin pimpin brutal ways the tryin to get their jollies

Before dyin
Without even tryin

To live


No reason to ask me to forgive

I am invincible

As you are

As always


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