I got a haircut you would hate
winter puente

I got a haircut you would hate

My eyes framed now by only the dark circles under my eyes

This loss of sleep is worth it

I’m finding myself without you

And I am in love with the person I see

May 14, 2013

I remember when I cut my hair
Because you preferred it short
Now you're gone
And I'm sitting here
Wishing it was long again.

Today the change comes in the form of a haircut.
Nichole Nikoliovich

I've been sick for as long as I can remember;
which has been quite awhile,
Even longer has it been
since I last saw my mother smile.

But today is different.
I'm finally to be rescued from this bottomless rut,
Today the change comes in the form of a haircut.

I've spent sleepless nights
fantasizing about the style and length,
Mother and Daddy promise that
they wont leave a single penny unspent.

A ponytail, a radical mohawk, a layered fringe maybe?
The haircut that will represent a brand new me.

Strands fall to the floor;
more and more until the final lock,
The barber man keeps snipping and just won't stop.

My new haircut is a bald head.
Mowed spotless with a razor,
The news that has just been broken to me
is that my new life with my new haircut is one of...cancer.

© Copyright Nicholiovich 2013. All rights reserved.
I got a haircut a couple months ago
Andrew Johnson

I got a haircut a couple months ago
Just after I had the worst possible month of my life
And I guess it was almost symbolic
Because I was cutting ties and knots in my hair with what I had been killing myself over for the past year.

she had got a haircut but it had changed nothing. she was sti

she had got a haircut but it had changed nothing. she was still trapped.

men and women walked through rotating doors to malls like animals with cage madness. the world's radars were occupied. people were listening intently to the static with their brains at the knees.

"i'm going to have a shower," she thought. but she knew that things would be the same.

Under my shortest haircut.
Claire Askew
Claire Askew
Apr 30, 2011

The wind is suddenly
So interested in
My neck.
She took a long razor
And cream, scraping
And slickly scratching
Under my shortest haircut.
I walk home with worn shoes,
Old music, and skin that’s never
Seen this part of the sun before.
Sheared, it shows
Its fuzzy filaments twisting
And spiraling as the air
Gives it pause.
I think of hands
Pulling back hair for lips.
Pale, quick hands today.
Sweet, dry lips.

Leah Melton
Leah Melton
4 hours ago

i had another dream about you and

i miss our nothing

you called me at 7am
and i still don't know why

~i tried too hard~

ajit peter

Strands of hair unruly way
Hair cut an adventure of the day
Scrolling through the models on book
pictures in mind to decide the look
Hair cut an adventure of the day
Through the times in a different way
young ones cry of the barbers scissor
A grim look of teen in the mirror
every hair cut in the heart a terror
Good or bad an haircut is an adventure

thinking of this in a saloon
The New Kestrel
The New Kestrel
Sep 3, 2013

"A new person.
And she used to be

Her hair is shorter..."

I've always wanted to be different.
I got sick of being compared to
Other girls that all acted and looked the same.

I CRAVED being different.
I craved being the weird one.
I craved doing something unexpected.

Because the world needs a splash of color.

And with that splash,
A ripple effect will come.

It's been my dream to influence others to be themselves,
To be different.

And this is my chance.
At least...

For now.

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