Kaitlyn A Warnken
Kaitlyn A Warnken
Feb 19, 2015

"Prosper our strength, Step before fear."

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Patrick N
Patrick N
Oct 29, 2014

We prosper by our connectivity
it permits us influence and involvement
which invokes within us a feeling of usefulness
a sense of purpose that allows us to believe,
we are worthy of being beloved

Trip Through Time
Jun 11, 2014

Lies! Money is greed, greed is money,
Credit is given to the wrong types of people.
The stupid ones who were not taught
How to behave with their newfound freedom
And systems of fake income!
Don't spend what you do not have,
But they believed they had everything.
Love. Money. Sex. Fame and fortune, the world
Was in their hands!
Until it all crashed down in 1929

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Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Oct 23, 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

I've struggled a lot,
And I've suffered a lot,
I've been through a lot pain,

until you came along

I've made up a lot,
I've created a lot,
Wishing it would rain,

with you in it tonight

The love I possess, there's a possible guess,
That I'm feeling you too,
If you would stay,  my heart will not be decaying,
At unstoppable use,
Better be glad I didn't grab a noose,
If i didn't think about meeting you,
Enjoying the luxury of different kind of virtues,
But the love in you shall prosper.

#love   #words   #hate   #power   #wish   #luxury   #virtues   #prosper  
there is much prosperity alive in each of our lives, in each of
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Feb 27, 2015

{Sometimes when moments of reality invade my existence, I am left wanting more, so I create.}

I look into the realm of the invisible and conjure this most amazing
and enthralling scene:

the day dawns bright and sunny, the sky is a brilliant blue, the grass
an emerald green

and the birds sing gaily in greeting just because they are overjoyed that
I am within their midst,

that I have arrived to share their realm, to bask in the immense pleasure
and joy
that they sing of so eloquently--

Looking around, I see no pain, I see no sickly and needy members of humanity

for all are welcome, all are glowing with the most illustrious and prime brilliance of health and wellbeing--

there is much prosperity alive in each of our lives, in each of our hearts and souls--
for here in this most marvelous of realms, prosperity is synonymous with LOVE--
and beauty here is laced so intricately with LOVE, as well--

any and all who have LOVE are richly blessed and want for nothing
for LOVE is all sustaining and easily fills all cups to their brims;
no cup is ever empty, for should one cup get spilled or lose it's precious and most valuable reserve even a tiny bit,
all who are near will rush with joy to share the immense and unending prosperity of this LOVE that each carry so jubilantly within their hearts, souls, lives here in this most amazing of realms...

...and in every direction, upon each inhabitant's lips
are words echoing the immense love
and gratitude, appreciation--
indeed acclamation
for all that is Now
and all that ever will be...
This immense and most precious of Gifts:
Prosperity which is synonymous
with LOVE...

and then the day starts all over again...

dawning so bright and sunny, the sky a most brilliant and amazing blue,
the grass a rich and vibrant emerald green,
the songbirds singing with jubilance and joy as never before heard
in any other realm
and each beautiful soul living here
with a prosperous heart filled to the brim
with that most precious and beautiful commodity:


©Pamela Rae 2.27.2015

This is what I envision whenever things get a bit rough in the real world and I have no doubt that this place does indeed exist...(I'll be there one day!)
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May 11, 2015

Prosper and grow, now let the whole entire world know, that it's now time, to prosper and grow, now, here is your biggest show to prosper and grow.....Everyday is a show, so put on your biggest and baddest smile, and let your teeth show.........

Thrill for life StayPositive RemainInsane

Written by
{2000 ~~ 2015}
~©~ Protected & never neglected.
You’re prosperity, I’m wisdom.
Sonia Thomas
Jan 29, 2016

You’re prosperity, I’m wisdom.
I could count.
You could walk into my castle of dreams.
I write you out.
You fill my life with the riches of your eyes.
My words may not live long.
But, love, your eyes will never die.
The way they have become the sunshine outside my window never will.

Wisdom and Prosperity.
If we’re fools, we’ll part.

This was written based on the meaning of my name and the meaning of The Boy's name.
First published here - https://lookingfornirvana.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/such-fools/
#love   #wisdom   #fools   #prosperity  
Feb 4, 2015

Let fire consume the world
the it wash away your soul
let it burn you away like coal
let it prosper
let it spire
let it burn you away
like fire

#fire   #world   #soul   #coal   #prosper   #spire  
Mo Frederickson
Mo Frederickson
Jan 29, 2014

Your interest is piqued
By we the people,
The prosperous poor.
Pacified by things
As simple as passion,
We push,
And punch
Our way to the peak.
You're puzzled
By our paedarchy
Where the puerile rule
For they are the prudent.
We are the prosperous poor,
The pauperized children,
Packing our hearts
With dreams of progress
And thoughts of prodigies.
Poor by birth,
Prosperous by personality,
We are the prosperous poor.
We, the children of poverty
Who have been pure only in heart
Will proceed
To prove that the poor
Are prosperous at heart.
The prosperous poor
Are only prosperous
Because they have felt the pain
Of the poor.

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