Folorunsho Obalugemo
Folorunsho Obalugemo
Dec 1, 2012      Dec 1, 2012

The wise  head becomes a fool sans money,
While the goon with quids around to throw
Assumes a sage--the mayor of phony county.
Why should the prince of letters anyhow
Be in want--lacking in substance great,
Flourishing instead in some wretched state?

Yet the politicians who run down the economy
And men of baser thoughts that make heaven's
Hallowed eyes drop tears by their steamy
Smut businesses and those of unholy deals,
Do seem to prosper much in this awkward
World,with those that vaunt at the

Sarah Mareow
Sarah Mareow
May 12, 2012

Unprovided -- the pleasure of pleasing
is, after all, a painting that resolves
the irritating swings of a taxed evolution.

It seems that energetic trainees
of the future keep firm invitations
on the list of approved measures.

Yet living is not a guesstimate, reality
is attached by humor to the document
that simply reads "I'm not sure."

Imagine civilization as eight-years-old.
By want, business drains, not one laugh,
but the replacement of being one's own.

Shaped, the body is wary of the
counselor and satisfied by the character
of a farmer and time away from scorn.

Hang a map of sensibility in the kitchen,
where bare eyes can respond -- tokens of
action are the door prize for motivation.

The lessons not yet learned are musical.

Samwise Schofield
Samwise Schofield
Mar 25      Mar 26

Sawed-down trunks
And wings dripping with oil
Lie tossed
Alongside carelessness and greed
On mounding piles and pools of spoil.

Our plaguing touch
And monuments to gluttinous reach
Belch smoke
While, with our feet, turning sand
Over half-buried waste on the beach.

We cover the cost of our richness of existence, hiding behind the pleasures that we live swirling in.
ed clarity will not bring uninterrupted prosperity.
JA Hadden
JA Hadden
Apr 18, 2012

Uninterrupted clarity will not bring uninterrupted prosperity.

poetic prosperity
Kaitlin Romero
Kaitlin Romero
Aug 5, 2013

poetic prosperity
pathetically pleading
pleasantly poised

*For prosperity reasons we will ask that you ignore the
BK Barnes
BK Barnes
Apr 5, 2012

For prosperity reasons we will ask that you ignore the treason of the seasons

For prosperity purposes we will ask the seasons to ignore our treason of reason

I await the day of clear prosperity
Jan 17

I await the day of clear prosperity
when the sun shines and the sky is blue.

I await the day of clear prosperity
when the guns cease and the peace overflows.

I await the day of clear propensity
when the child can thrive and the family lives.

I await the day of clear prosperity
when the hate blows away and the love conquers.

prosperity that

I have no complaint
prosperity that
the golden Muses
gave me was no
delusion: dead, I
won't be forgotten

Emily Dickinson


Could Hope inspect her Basis
Her Craft were done—
Has a fictitious Charter
Or it has none—

Balked in the vastest instance
But to renew—
Felled by but one assassin—

Losing all proof of Prosperity
K Daniel Little-Paw

Losing my trust in Charity
Losing all proof of Prosperity
Losing my strength in Sanity
Losing all hope in Humanity

She is gone now...
Everything else has lost it's meaning.

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