Life: Noun: Uncountable: Plural: *Lives*
Sep 21, 2014

Life: Noun: Uncountable: Plural: Lives
The ability to have: Abilities
Period of time filled with: Adjectives
With many opportunities to seize

Life as punishment: Contract/prison/love
Life as enjoyment: Contact/comfort/love
Love: Meaning: Affection. Also used above
Love: For idiom see also: Turtledove

Life: Antonym: Death: What comes after life
The leading cause of death on Earth: Neglect
Example: None cared the child had a knife
The leading cause of life on Earth: V-necks

Cheat: Suicide: Lessons on life not learned
Antidote: No cure has yet been confirmed

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Secret life
Secret life
Oct 22, 2014

My body has seen been through so much. The pain, the lies, the hurt, but I still am strong. I am who I am don't judge me based on my past but who I am now. My cuts and bruises make me strong , i am strong so I spread my wings and learn to fly.

the life part of living
Life's Jump
Jul 13, 2014

i know that i'm not alone
missing someone
maybe it's you
in my hope to get to know the real you
and you
my favorite girl
not broken
stems hold on for this
i can't
to hold every thorn
the dying  
the sound
the life part of living
not the rest
for you
i am.

life rings
Life's Jump
Jul 27, 2014

hardly a harbor to anchor
the sea will decide what
in the debris
a note floats
to the sound of a heart
that is pouring
into a bottle
left bobbing on the
coldest wave big
life rings
and rope brings
a way to extract
you from this crash
saving you not from
the bottom of this wreck
but your pen to write
what's left

a matter of life or death
Life's Jump
Jul 26, 2014

i am not angry or important
a matter of life or death
just a complicated need
with a life half left

not sassy or new
vindictive or true
just walking in
memory of you

i belong not on or
around right from wrong
in your picture

lonely and afraid
passionate and sane
calling the pen
to shore my soul

not good or bad
owned or loved
but better news instead
of a life worth living
to a life half lived

*A tomato thinking about life*
A tomato thinking about life

Considering the tomatoes
Sunshine turns the grapes to wine
We have 27 tomatoes standing in a line
Waiting to be burnt and blushing to the sun

But too much sunshine makes me taste too sweet
But if I jump now I will lose my green feet
You have got to be mature enough to be squeezed
To juicy sour and loosely sweet

For I am a tomato,
A tomato thinking about life

A life is made of moments
Jun 12, 2014

A life is made of moments
Of both good and bad
In your present,
On your lips

All our conversations linger

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Sep 24, 2014

I am made of flesh, blood and tragedy

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