Life: Noun: Uncountable: Plural: *Lives*
Sep 21, 2014      Sep 23, 2014

Life: Noun: Uncountable: Plural: Lives
The ability to have: Abilities
Period of time filled with: Adjectives
With many opportunities to seize

Life as punishment: Contract/prison/love
Life as enjoyment: Contact/comfort/love
Love: Meaning: Affection. Also used above
Love: For idiom see also: Turtledove

Life: Antonym: Death: What comes after life
The leading cause of death on Earth: Neglect
Example: None cared the child had a knife
The leading cause of life on Earth: V-necks

Cheat: Suicide: Lessons on life not learned
Antidote: No cure has yet been confirmed

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Life is a path.
Feb 17, 2014

Life is a path.
That once you take,
It disappears.
Every step you take,
Is a step towards your goal.
You cannot step back.

Life is a pen
Swiftly moving.
Never stopping.
Once you make a mark,
It's permanent.
You cannot erase.

Life is a Pandora's Box.
Full of surprises,
Full of excitement.
Once you open it,
Your life begins.
You cannot close it.

Life is a path.
Life is a pen.
Life is a Pandora's Box...

That you can never forget.


My Life In Poetry
My Life In Poetry
Jun 28      Jun 29

I have started to realise how important it is to find happiness within yourself, and not from other people.
The worst thing you can do is place expectations upon someone that isn't yourself.
Because believe me, you will receive nothing but disappointment.

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I will lose a life of a patient and will be glared at a to
Sep 13, 2013

Their greasy hair sticking to their faces,
Hanging their heads down in sadness.
I dream to help those homeless people,
And to see their faces lit up in gladness.

I dream to change the lives of many people,
By explaining to them we are all human,
And we should help the ones in need.
When they ask, "Who can help?" I will reply, "You can."

My dream is to become a doctor,
Feeling trusted, watched, depended on.
For if I make one mistake,
I will lose a life of a patient and will be glared at a ton.

I dream to fly one day,
To touch the clouds one by one,
To feel the cool breeze,
Noisy brothers, noisy sisters, nope there are none.

I wish to fly far enough,
To go to a quick visit to heaven.
To feel my grandma's cozy embrace,
And to tell her I have turned eleven.

Dreams don't have to be possible.
They are still very important.
I will keep on dreaming no matter what,
Because I want to dream until the moment.

The moment my dreams come true.

Sep 24, 2014      Sep 25, 2014

I am made of flesh, blood and tragedy

There will be life*
Beneath my willow weeping

There will be dreams
There will come pain
There will be love
There will come sadness

Yet there will be wonder
As great as anything
There will be tears

And there will come rain
But thats only to wash them away

There will be hope
There will come mourning
There will be joy
There will come loss

There may be redemption
As long as we don't stop
There will be life

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How bittersweet life is! Here, let me give you happiness.
My Life In Poetry

No one makes me happier
And no one makes me sadder
Than you.

How bittersweet life is! Here, let me give you happiness.
But know at the back of your mind that it won't last forever
Sadness is around the corner
Constantly threatening your soul.

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the world I live in for the rest of my life*
Jun 10, 2014      Jun 11, 2014

The world I live in now
With you
Will be the world I live in for the rest of my life

And then I woke up to reality.

I had the sweetest dream
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A life is made of moments
Jun 12, 2014

A life is made of moments
Of both good and bad
In your present,
On your lips

All our conversations linger

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As I travel through life on my reckless journey, I hope to never
My Life In Poetry

As I travel through life on my reckless journey, I hope to never find my destination and just wander.
Because isn't that what life is about? To explore, to never settle down, to jump off cliffs not knowing where or if you will land. To walk into a roomful of deep unknown blind, to fall in wild and careless love, to laugh and get drunk with total strangers, to cry until you feel your heart crush under the weight of your own sadness. To believe in the magic of new beginnings, to dance under the stars until your legs ache, to question absolutely anything and everything and ponder at 3AM.
Don't just live. Be alive.

A few days ago, someone with a very beautiful soul passed due to leukaemia. She was seventeen years old, the same age as me, and it broke my heart to realise how little she got compared to what she deserved. It opened my eyes and made me realise that you never know when God will come and take you. Live each day like it's your last, because you never know when your last day on this earth is.
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