Feathers dance across my vision, and I want to g
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth
Jul 26, 2014

Feathers dance across my vision, and I want to gather them all up and store them inside of me.

Maybe they will make me float.

We're two feathers from the same bird,
Kasey Shores
Kasey Shores
Apr 22, 2014      Apr 22, 2014

We're two feathers from the same bird,
tail and wing.
You can't tell when we're floating together
Which fell first, and which followed
Or even
What happened to the bird.
All we know is that some young thing will grip us in his tiny hands,
Pick us up from the dirty ground
And hold us together in-between two pudgy fingers
Imagining he can fly because of us.

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Feathers played in the heavens
Poetic T

They were of the air
Floating, clinging to
The currents, in unison
Was their movement.

Slender upon the nothingness
That held them, they danced
Upon invisible strings dancing
To natures music of the wind.

Feathers played in the heavens
light upon nothing, but flying
Higher than the winds would
Play. They would caress the
Winds and wish to never be
Apart, to let this never end.

#play   #air   #wind   #strings   #feathers  
Fine feathers and beads
Apr 21

I have in my possession
A collection of
Fine feathers and beads
Of pretty colors
So wonderful to see
My collection of
Fine feathers and beads

Feathers float down
Poetic T
Poetic T
Jul 24, 2014

The thoughts crowd me
Scratch at my mind,
A thousand crows fly around
It rains black,
Feathers float down
In slow motion like snow
Each different, unique,
They continue to fall.
My mind confused the feathers
Bloat out light of thought
Am I losing my mind
I see a mirror dive though
Like after a storm,
The thoughts that scratched
Now flown away,
All that is left is a single feather,
A reminder that thoughts
Can claw, scratch at your mind
Consume you in darkness,
But wash it away,
And all that is left is you and a clam mind.

#dark   #rain   #mind   #confusion   #calm   #unique   #feathers   #diffrent   #serine  
Soft like angel feathers
Lorena Lamas

Soft like angel feathers
I wish that we could change for the better
No story-tellers ever,
The answers in us all

So maybe there is something wrong
And I've been singing the same old song
Lying in bed all day

And maybe it feels like an act
If I get up and brush my hair back
Like there's nothing to say

Angel feathers
I wish that we were something better
There's fault within us all

Love you anyway
Why won't you let me love you anyway?
Do you not need the attention?
Is it weird, like an obsession?

Vulnerability  and tension,
Life's a constant crawl

I want to find your core
Don't let me bite the sweetness only
My teeth sink into you
That inedible center, for me too

Something to plant
And grow anew

I don't have passion
Without the center:
No expansion

I need your every calm romance
I need your every chore

Soft like angel feathers
I wish that we could predict the weather
"Storm coming, baby stay inside."
Then with me you could never seek to hide

Meant to be, as two feathers
Poetic T

Awaiting that moment, was it
Meant to be, as two feathers
Floated upon a last breath.

White as if from heaven, landed
Settled upon the left eye.
Seeing, searching the mind of
All the good that was done.

Dark as night a feather as ominous
As night itself fell upon the right.
Seeing, searching the soul for
All that tainted through life.

Barbs did seed upon the flesh,
and all that was known was now
Learnt, nothing hidden all was
seen from within.

Each rachis did fill, leached from
The body of what was drawn in,
Soul, heart, mind now emptied
in to each feather filled.

The quill did drip, with all that
Was taken, the feathers had fallen
Earthbound each partaken upon the
Gateways of the soul.

What did it find within, as a drop
Fell from each upon the lips, and
A last word spoken from each.

But only you will speak these words
Once the feathers fall and see all
Within. One white, one black which
One will carry you, where will your
Afterlife now begin.

#words   #death   #black   #white   #afterlife   #feathers   #tip  
p;     and bones of feathers;
Sarah Isabelle

I am paperwhite,
                a delicate bird,
                                  thrashing and ensnared.
             and bones of feathers;
                                  light and airy.

I fly,
         fly away in the ceaseless night sky.
Snowflakes stick to my face,
                                  my eyelids,
                                               my garments;
That are knit together too big on my frame, draping over
My winged shoulders and shielding me,
like a wall
Protecting a delicate feather from windy skies.
Running, fleeing.
                             Gasping, dying.
Blood starts flowing,
                                and rushes down my forehead,
Thin, the kind of flow that won’t stop.
It flows over my eyes,
                                       down my chiseled face
And pools in my collarbones creating a lake.
I look into the distance;
                                         staring back at me are ashen eyes.
I am homesick for somewhere I’ve never been.
Longing, longing,
                               flying, running.
Running home,
                                              running far.
Reaching with open arms,
                                        Reaching closer.
Reaching out,  
                          breaking the cage keeping me.
A mucky ocean of dirt and sediment,
Clears into an open water,
                                      a clear oasis,
                                                          a path.
Folded like paper, flying like a bird.

#poetry   #black   #white   #and   #bones   #feathers  
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