Feathers dance across my vision, and I want to g
Sarah Funyak
Sarah Funyak
Jul 26, 2014

Feathers dance across my vision, and I want to gather them all up and store them inside of me.

Maybe they will make me float.

We're two feathers from the same bird,
Kasey Shores
Kasey Shores
Apr 22, 2014      Apr 22, 2014

We're two feathers from the same bird,
tail and wing.
You can't tell when we're floating together
Which fell first, and which followed
Or even
What happened to the bird.
All we know is that some young thing will grip us in his tiny hands,
Pick us up from the dirty ground
And hold us together in-between two pudgy fingers
Imagining he can fly because of us.

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2 days ago      2 days ago

I'm left with just a
feather , reminding me an
Angel took your breath

I remember when my brother died my sister kept seeing white feathers , so this  is where my haiku was inspired  from x
#pain   #lost   #angel   #feathers  
Feathers played in the heavens

They were of the air
Floating, clinging to
The currents, in unison
Was their movement.

Slender upon the nothingness
That held them, they danced
Upon invisible strings dancing
To natures music of the wind.

Feathers played in the heavens
light upon nothing, but flying
Higher than the winds would
Play. They would caress the
Winds and wish to never be
Apart, to let this never end.

#play   #air   #wind   #strings   #feathers  
Soft like angel feathers
Lorena Lamas

Soft like angel feathers
I wish that we could change for the better
No story-tellers ever,
The answers in us all

So maybe there is something wrong
And I've been singing the same old song
Lying in bed all day

And maybe it feels like an act
If I get up and brush my hair back
Like there's nothing to say

Angel feathers
I wish that we were something better
There's fault within us all

Love you anyway
Why won't you let me love you anyway?
Do you not need the attention?
Is it weird, like an obsession?

Vulnerability  and tension,
Life's a constant crawl

I want to find your core
Don't let me bite the sweetness only
My teeth sink into you
That inedible center, for me too

Something to plant
And grow anew

I don't have passion
Without the center:
No expansion

I need your every calm romance
I need your every chore

Soft like angel feathers
I wish that we could predict the weather
"Storm coming, baby stay inside."
Then with me you could never seek to hide

Feathers float down
Jul 24, 2014

The thoughts crowd me
Scratch at my mind,
A thousand crows fly around
It rains black,
Feathers float down
In slow motion like snow
Each different, unique,
They continue to fall.
My mind confused the feathers
Bloat out light of thought
Am I losing my mind
I see a mirror dive though
Like after a storm,
The thoughts that scratched
Now flown away,
All that is left is a single feather,
A reminder that thoughts
Can claw, scratch at your mind
Consume you in darkness,
But wash it away,
And all that is left is you and a clam mind.

#dark   #rain   #mind   #confusion   #calm   #unique   #feathers   #diffrent   #serine  
Their purest white *Feathers*
Nov 21, 2014

Upon the wings of doves it was pure
Their purest white Feathers
Its clearness, Its symbolic touch
Upon my yet to be woken heart,
For this beauty showed what was
In front of my eyes,
Feathers did come down like snow
Not only touching mine,
Sprung forth, emotions were flowering
My heart was touched
By a feather of purest love,
That is when our eyes meet, I saw a feather
Caress your loneliness and we
Were transformed from
To hearts that were now awoken,
The true feeling stirred from inside,
To love at first sight,
We were like the feathers
Our hearts had taken flight,
We were in love as white feathers fell,
The symbol of love had opened our hearts
To what was always Within our now flourishing hearts.

#love   #solitude   #true   #sorrow   #sight   #hearts   #flight   #feathers   #doves   #stirred  
His feathers fluffed, my scales standing on edge.
Aug 11, 2014      Aug 11, 2014

You see, I know this guy,
with bright and gentle eyes—
sunflowers against blue skies . . .
A true angel in disguise.

He’s known since before he could fly
that he wasn’t like the other guys,
or the him in their minds, that decoy,
that never dreams of kissing a boy
for the purest joy. . .

No, he’d have to strengthen those wings
not to tangle in the strings
that sting, and cling, and sling,
to save his prince—
his king.

A feathered, armored knight,
he soars with grace and might.
In a weary world of fright,
he’d invite any height –
loyal beyond first light.

And you see, there I was, drowned in muddy water,
with gills choked on death’s slobber,
damned by the wave’s merciless slaughter
of hope, that bled and foamed atop the marauder,
and lost like the sea king’s youngest daughter,
I, a merman bobbed below the knight’s shadow.

He saw the faintest blush
of my lost soul and rushed
to grace me from my grave, flushed
and bathed me amid the rainbows in the waterfall, hushed
my toxic tears, that cursed and gushed,
and pecked my lips, as sweetly as a thrush.

His feathers fluffed, my scales standing on edge.
I nested in the angel’s white down hedge
till my heart and soul was nursed to fledge.
Our skin taught with tingly warm bumps, an intimate pledge.
I a he fell in love with he a him, and love became our kedge.

So you see, while my worries ebb and flow like the moon’s tide,
bringing questions of where a bird and fish can reside,
I trust in him I can confide, never to hide, but cast my fears aside.
We’ve already broken the surface where the air and water collide,
we need not the world far and wide,
we need only to carry each other inside
our arms, and together glide,
feathers and scales side by side.

A tale of feathers and scales.
#love   #angel   #knight   #prince   #him   #he   #king   #feathers   #scales   #merman  

She’s not a raven
her talons are merely fingers
bony and unsure, plucking at your ribs
playing songs that your heart doesn't know the words to
luring lovers like sirens
through saline swirls of her oceans
where you’ll drink and thirst for more
to the cliffs of her collarbone
where your body will break against her sharp edges
She’s not a raven
her feather are scales
cool and dulled before shedding
basking in the sun so you’re fooled by the warmth of her touch
tracing lines into skin
speaking languages in forked tongue
that you’ll struggle to speak, but never master
hypnotized by eyes and changing colours
you’ll build shaky futures on promises that reptiles can fly

#love   #song   #ocean   #birds   #teeth   #bone   #feathers   #raven   #scales   #tallon  
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