Fine feathers and beads
Apr 21, 2015

I have in my possession
A collection of
Fine feathers and beads
Of pretty colors
So wonderful to see
My collection of
Fine feathers and beads

A feather
gently pats the broken roof tops
in hopes of
Clinging to the suburban warmth
of illuminated glass.
I can see that this feather
(For a single second)
subtends by the chipped door
But even time is not strong enough,
For slowly that feather
falls prey to the enchantment of
A breeze.

feathers so beautiful
Dominique U
Dominique U
Apr 24, 2014

I find
feathers so beautiful
I guess
it's because they are so light
That sense of lightness
Makes them so pretty
That sense of lightness...
I envy

#beautiful   #light   #sense   #envy   #feather  
feathers shimmering golden
Dec 12, 2015

crowd of tiny black birds
one of them prettier than the rest
feathers shimmering golden
but when his brothers and sisters fly
it remains below
because you can't fly with wings made of gold

William McLaughlin
William McLaughlin
Apr 13, 2015

Feather Fall
and show us all
how weightless life can be
Feather Fall
and let us all
watch as you float free
Feather Fall
come teach us all
how to be at peace
Feather Fall
point out our flaws
as you touch the trees and leaves

#poem   #peace   #fall   #humanity   #lesson   #teach   #feather  
Feathers dance across my vision, and I want to g
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth
Jul 26, 2014

Feathers dance across my vision, and I want to gather them all up and store them inside of me.

Maybe they will make me float.

May 9, 2014

Easy as a feather,
I'm falling down the sky.
Slowly, peacefully, and beautifully.
Because nothing and no one can blame the feather.
Innocent and light as it is.
Stroking you chin, stroking your cheek.
Because that's what a feather should be and do.

#peace   #beautiful   #rhyme   #white   #slowly   #light   #innocent   #blame   #feather   #cheek   #chin  
Feathers played in the heavens
Poetic T
Poetic T
Apr 8, 2015

They were of the air
Floating, clinging to
The currents, in unison
Was their movement.

Slender upon the nothingness
That held them, they danced
Upon invisible strings dancing
To natures music of the wind.

Feathers played in the heavens
light upon nothing, but flying
Higher than the winds would
Play. They would caress the
Winds and wish to never be
Apart, to let this never end.

#play   #air   #wind   #strings   #feathers  
Raven feathers sprouted out of me.
Skadi Snow
Skadi Snow
Apr 16, 2014

The Raven Feather was a gift.
I told you to look at this feather
whenever you're longing for me.

I couldn't stay.
The master was calling.
Haunted me in my dreams.
Commanded me to return.

So I turned around.
Raven feathers sprouted out of me.
And I flew into the dawn.

I still haven't forgot you..
I'm just waiting
for the opportunity
to run away
to defeat the master
to break the curse
to fly over borders into life.

Until then
Remember me.
I shall return!
Remember me.
When you hold the Raven Feather in your hand.

Inspired by "Krabat" by  Otfried Preußler (German Author)
#love   #remember   #curse   #magic   #haunted   #raven   #feather   #master  
We're two feathers from the same bird,
Kasey Shores
Kasey Shores
Apr 22, 2014

We're two feathers from the same bird,
tail and wing.
You can't tell when we're floating together
Which fell first, and which followed
Or even
What happened to the bird.
All we know is that some young thing will grip us in his tiny hands,
Pick us up from the dirty ground
And hold us together in-between two pudgy fingers
Imagining he can fly because of us.

#love   #fallen   #young   #birds   #fell   #children   #flight   #tail   #feathers   #wing  
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