Jul 17, 2015

Oh darling, help me find my temper
'Coz I can't bear it any longer
My patience is running thinner
I'm becoming a wall wrecker
Hope this swollen hands will heal sooner
Don't tolerate me with this anger
So, please help me find my temper
Don't make me suffer forever.

Lost: My patience. If found, please return preferably wrapped in an ice cold bottle of beer.
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In the absence of temperance,
Kimberly Gillespie
Kimberly Gillespie
Jan 30, 2011

In the absence of temperance,

I indulge in you.

Submerging myself into the depths of your being,

With an insatiable thirst for your flesh.

Drinking your essence with my lips,

Becoming intoxicated,

Dominated by the power of your skin.

A servant to your body.

I worship you.

In the absence of temperance.

#lips   #sex   #skin   #body   #flesh   #indulgence   #worship   #indulgent   #temperance  
Zyanneh Frazier
Zyanneh Frazier
Nov 6, 2015

Trying to control it
but these demons keep on
testing me... waiting
for me to snap knowing
I'ma later regret it
black out within seconds
because I be fed up
wishing that all this
pain would just go away
having a mindset filled with nothing
but hate because I
can't seem to stand the
words loyalty and trust
because people starting
to disappear from the list
of people I once called my best friend
maybe its because of
my temper...

By Zyanneh Frazier

Just speaking my mind
Aug 7, 2013

Temper rises when revelation is found.
Temper advances when changes are bound.
Temper decreases when understanding is crowned.

Temper temper
Got most killed
Temper Bravely shouts when most keep quite
Temper kicks down closed door they kept Shut

I punish
They suffer
I flourish
They Parish

So much Flair
From their Fear
So much pain
From my slain

Temper has style
Temper has direction
It goes where its needed
Its safe for those who respect it

Temper has Flair
Temper is Fair

Lucrezia M N
Lucrezia M N
Jun 14, 2016

How is it? That leaves
over another night
are not to last,
but to survive the frost,
and the traffic lights flood,
of slow and fast temper,
Is the closest to fuel
the red-blooded marrow breathes.

To be continued... or better, the other things I have to say, that at first I wanted to put in one write, need a little longer incubation...
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*my current temperance
Dec 1, 2015


My former addiction
is proof of damage...

my current temperance
is proof of REDEMPTION.

(C) 12/1/2015

I am not proud of my
former addiction nor actions

... but i am unashamedly a believer
upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sydney Ann
Sydney Ann
Jun 26, 2015

Lights will flash
Tempers will stir
Beauty will dance
Days will blur
                           Until life ends.

#dance   #days   #beauty   #flash   #temper   #lights   #blur   #stir  
Elissa Gregoire
Elissa Gregoire
Jul 17, 2014

Too many times
I have been a
Soul of worthy
Intentions but
Faulty temper

#good   #soul   #humor   #intention   #mood   #temper   #faulty  
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
Feb 18, 2015

Eyes empty as promises




Through the rhinestone glamour
And the gleaming twilight.

Predatory desire




Snuffed by fickle hearts
And volatile tempers.

I left this unfinished awhile ago and rediscovered it tonight, so I decided to finish it. :)
#love   #desire   #lust   #affair   #mistress   #mister   #temper   #fling  
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